How To Increase Subscribers On Youtube Channel With 12 Up-To-Date Tips



Youtube is a famous application that allows users to watch videos of many different fields and can post their products. This application also offers many attractive benefits to channel owners based on the number of subscribers.

Therefore, Youtubers often find many ways to increase their fan base. This article may let you know how to increase subscribers on youtube channel with 12 up-to-date tips. Don’t miss this useful information!

Why Do Youtube Subscribers Matter?

The more subscribers, youtube will offer more benefits for you (Source: tubefluence)

Subscribers play an important role in the growth of your YouTube channel. They are people who care and feel your content is relevant to them. As a result, they choose to subscribe to stay engaged by getting the earliest content notifications.

In addition, when you have many subscribers, Youtube will also start opening more benefits. Some of them include:

  • 100 subscribers: custom URL
  • 1000 Subscribers: Youtube Partner Program and Channel Membership Offer
  • 1000 subscribers and 4 hours of cumulative viewing: ad revenue from image ads, overlay ads, and video ads
  • 10000 subscribers: the right to provide branded goods to viewers on the channel
  • Etc.

You may also achieve the silver, gold, or diamond button as certifications for your effort. But actually, the more fans follow you, the more you get.

How To Increase Subscribers On Youtube Channel

Set Up Your Professional Channel

It is the first step you can think of when building a professional Youtube channel. By filling in its Branding and Basic Info tabs, you give your viewers a better overview of it. Some sections you should not leave blank like:

  • Profile picture: picture of you, company, organization, etc
  • Banner image: located on the top of your main page, you can create it with available tools
  • Video watermark: for viewers subscribing
  • Description: answer the question about what your channel is and the types of its content
  • Links to the other social network: announce your new product as it goes live
  • Contact info: for people who want to work or cooperate with you

The platform also limits some of your customizations. But you can unlock them by verifying the phone number and/or text message.

Customizing your channel may help viewers understand what the channel is about (Source: Search Engine Journal)

Think Of The Viewers’ Experience

It would be best to consider what you want your viewers to experience. It is closely related to their watch time on one of your videos. Some cases may happen following:

  • Stay in video or/and continue watching your other products: Youtube may keep suggesting your product and channel to users.
  • Stop watching and choose another one’s video: this application may limit your product suggestions and push the other one more.
  • Stop watching the video and also Youtube: the platform may limit or let your product seem to disappear from search engines.

Therefore, you need to think about the viewer experience to keep them for as long as possible and produce more videos with similar content so that they increase the experience time in your channel.

Create Curious Titles

Titles are words that summarize your product’s content and purpose. Whether the audience clicks on it depends a lot on the title. Some tips to make it more attractive are to turn it into a question, top list, or insert some trending statements, etc., to arouse curiosity.

Create Engaging Thumbnails

The purpose of a thumbnail is to briefly summarize a video’s content through a single image, the video’s display image. While it’s not as powerful as the rest of the tips, it can get viewers to click on the video first.

You should present the thumbnail with a good resolution and properly represent the content inside. Images that are just meant to draw viewers in and irrelevant, can drive viewers out, lowering your channel’s credibility.

Display A Trailer

As a pre-release movie needs a trailer, your channel also needs a video. It is your chance to briefly share your videos with viewers, like main content, video release time, interesting points, etc. All will be the reason for them to choose whether to receive notifications by subscribing or not.

Create Consistent Content

Consistency is the guideline for you when entering content making on this platform. Viewers are often loyal to their favorite content, and that’s why they sign up to receive notifications. If your videos don’t have consistency or specialize in a topic, it will be hard to keep them.

Besides, you can reveal a bit about your following videos, so they have a reason to keep looking forward to it. And because they don’t want to miss out, they’ll find a way to get notified as soon as possible.

Create Ideal Playlists

A playlist helps viewers experience more content on the same topic more quickly (Source: Stack Overflow)

Video playlists are a testament to your consistency and continuity when it comes to a topic. Viewers can learn about related issues or feel more meticulously guided.

By grouping related videos into one playlist, you save your viewers time by not having to search for the next or related clips. Then, they will subscribe to receive permanent notifications.

Engage With The Audience

Creating a bond between you and your fans can make them even more loyal to your products. You can ask a question on your video and pin it to the top of the thread. Then, potential subscribers will answer it or state their point of view.

Alternatively, you can take a moment to read the comments and answer their questions regarding the content. You should also pay attention to avoid negative and malicious comments not to affect your mood and health.

Make Email Lists

You can have longer and deeper conversations with your fans without any limitations. The email lists are the bridge connecting you with your fans who want to hear more from you. 

Then, when you intend to build a business, your revenue may come from them, these potential and available customers.

Promote On Other Social Media Profiles

Posting new videos on another platform is a great promotional opportunity. If you already have a following, they can watch your product and subscribe, and vice versa.

Collaborate “Win-Win” With Other Creators

The “win-win” cooperation is an effective way to help you thrive. You can collaborate with other Youtubers who tend to do the same content as you.

This way, not only can you learn more from them, but their fans can enjoy your product or vice versa. And the number of subscriptions will also increase when the audience of both does not want to miss any video.

Constantly Keep Moving

Making Youtube is a long way for you to develop yourself and your products (Source: LearnEnglish Teens – British Council)

A quality Youtube channel may attract many subscribers. Because of it, you need to persevere in learning, practice, practice, learn, and develop. They are a process that you must iterate over throughout your YouTube career.



So, this article answered the question, How to increase subscribers on youtube channel with 12 up-to-date tips?. You may summarize all the tips as follows:

  • Build a full Youtube profile
  • Proper each stage of the product
  • Regularly interact with viewers,
  • Use social work effectively
  • Enhance cooperation with other YouTubers
  • Never stop self-training and developing

Hopefully, this article has provided useful information and helped you plan your YouTuber career better.

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