Is Free 4000 Watch Hours For YouTube Channel As Difficult As You Think?


Are you looking for a direction to develop your channel and increase free 4000 watch hours for your YouTube channel? Don’t worry, you will have all the answers to your questions after reading this article!

Society is increasingly developing, making human needs stronger. People have always preferred to watch videos over the news. 

Therefore, it is not difficult to know that YouTube is the 2nd ranked platform worldwide with the highest number of users searching. You can use YouTube videos to advertise products as well as increase your viral load. 

You can become a fan if you know how to attract attention and increase interaction with the audience.

Currently, in addition to using fake view tools such as bots or proxies, there are too many risks, many new YouTubers want to develop a sustainable channel, so they quickly choose a safer path. 

In it, there are many tips to increase the free 4000 watch hours for your YouTube channel that you need to know.


4000 watch hours for your YouTube channel

Why need to increase 4000 watch hours?

YouTube once again tightened its policy with channel owners wanting to make money on their platforms, after a series of recent scandals.

YouTube is tightening policy on its partners and increasing requests for channels/content creators, forcing them to meet certain requirements in order to make money.

With immediate effect, to enable monetization (and video ad attachment), a monetized YouTube channel is required to have more than 4,000 watch hours within the previous 12 months and at least 1,000 subscribers.

YouTube will also apply this mandatory policy to video channels available from February 20, 2018, meaning channels that do not meet the requirements will not be able to get reviewed for the monetization program.

Previously, YouTube once tightened its monetization policy, requiring the channel to have over 10,000 views. The new policy will, without a doubt, make it harder for new or small channels to monetize the platform. 

YouTube said this is an important step to give them more time to control their platform, eliminating “bad actions”. It can be said, 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers is a milestone that is not easy for YouTubers. 

YouTube has introduced this rule to ensure YouTubers are serious about creating interesting videos while filtering out poor quality channels.

Through the above criteria, YouTube can evaluate and decide whether your channel is eligible for monetization or not. YouTube no longer relies on views for payment as before.

How to increase free 4000 watch hours for your YouTube channel


How to increase the free 4000 watch hours

Make copies or subtitles for your video

Copy for your video is one of the controversial free 4000 watch hours for YouTube channel today. However, the way you make a video copy can have many different purposes.

For example, there are many videos for people with disabilities or there are subtitles for international audiences. 

If you expand the audience market from domestic to international, your channel will be more easily known by many people. 

If you are a person living and working in Asia, in addition to your mother tongue, you can create another video serving people with disabilities like the blind or create an exact subtitle for European or African viewers.

Create playlist

Creating a playlist not only makes it easier for viewers to find videos on the same topic but also helps videos spread out even more engagement. 

For example, if you watch video A but see a video B in the playlist with a related topic, of course, you will want to click instead of looking for a video of another YouTube channel. 

Besides, if you want to reach many viewers of your channel, you can set it to auto-play so that the videos follow each other without clicking. You can embed playlists to increase it to 4000 watch hours in just 12 months.

Make your Thumbnails catch the eye


Make your Thumbnails catch the eyes

Thumbnail avatar is a measure to increase free 4000 watch hours that many YouTubers apply in the age of information technology development today. Through free photo editing software, you can own many interesting Thumbnails and stimulate the curiosity of the viewer. 

Thumbnail Avatar is a free trick that you should take notes quickly when you want to increase free 4000 watch hours

Using Thumbnails avatars, you should apply to add popular keywords in the video title, video description, and tags. 

In general, if you fully satisfy the content and form of SEO for a video in your channel, increasing free 4000 watch hours is an option at your fingertips.

Create unattractive content

The process of creating compelling content is not as difficult as you think if you know how to apply keywords related to hot videos trending. 

You will be like digging for a gold mine if your video is in the “Recommended Videos” section of the sidebar after the user has finished watching any video.

Currently, YouTube’s algorithm can help you in making suggestions about the trending video-related videos. 

For example, if you have just watched the video of Taylor Swift’s “August”, the sidebar will appear with reactions from East to West about that song by Taylor Swift. 

Once you have become curious about the video content it is sooner or later.

Creating engaging and relevant content on trending videos is the best way to increase your free 4000 watch hour for your YouTube channel. 

You can combine the creation of top trending keyword related content with a better presentation.


The tag will take full advantage of it if you know how to adjust the keywords that are in the top trending so that the YouTube tool will improve your video’s ranking


Youtube tag

Using tags, you can promote other content in your videos. Through that, your viewers and subscribers will be more and more popular.

You can also use tags to encourage users to poll and encourage access to your other less viewed videos. Human behavior analysis tools Viewing will give you more necessary information and keywords than you think.

Exchange YouTube views

Sharing YouTube views is no longer a strange trick for many skilled YouTubers. You just need to find a site that gathers many YouTubers with the same needs as you and uploads the link of the videos you need to exchange. 

You also need to re-engage their video after they’ve interacted with your video. Through intermediate channels, you can meet many people and exchange views for free. 

This helps you quickly achieve free 4000 watch hours for your YouTube channel.

Currently, many sites allow the exchange of views on YouTube like Addmefast.

But the way of exchanging views is only really suitable for newly created channels. 

Because if you overdo the way of exchanging YouTube views, once you get noticed and discovered by YouTube, your channel will quickly be locked. 

Although the way of exchanging YouTube views is quite economical, it still arises unnecessary risks in the process of channel development.

Some tips to increase views you may be interested in:

Use the call-to-end

A call in the description or at the end of the video makes it easier for viewers to engage and subscribe to your channel. 

You can use stimulating phrases like “Subscribe to the channel if you want to discover great things at…”, “If you see it or don’t be afraid to give a like button and subscriber…”,… show off your ego as well as increase interaction with viewers. Once you increase engagement, your video gets to the top very quickly. 

If you apply the call at the end with SEO methods on YouTube, increasing the free 4000 watch hours for your YouTube channel will be as easy as eating cake.

Use Marketing software

A video on YouTube needs to be received by many viewers, it needs to have high views. Videos with only a few hundred views and too few comments will never get to the top of the search. 

Do you know what popular YouTube channels need to do? What you need to do now is to use Marketing software and have knowledge of Digital Marketing.


Use Digital Marketing software

For newly established YouTube channels, increasing engagement and subscribers is extremely important. 

Your task is to market your channel to easily increase 4000 watch hours.

Buy view

Criteria to meet when buying view

One of the top requirements when buying views that you need to know is finding a good source of views and avoiding channel banning.

You need a place to sell reputable views and after you unsubscribe from the next turn, you will not be deducted from previous views or subscribers.

You absolutely must not be interested in a cheap view, but remember to take “any money”. The best thing you need when you buy that view is not only suitable for the price but also to pay attention to the quality. 

If you buy cheap and poor quality views, then being careful will be blocked by Google.

The unnaturally increased view will get Google top attention. Therefore, if you buy a view, you should pay attention to some criteria to achieve as follows:

  • Good and dedicated customer support service
  • The view is affordable, not too cheap
  • Define the responsibility of the view provider in case you are locked out of the channel unintentionally
  • Note should only buy from 1 thousand views per video to avoid YouTube attention
  • Choose a service package that offers diverse views depending on your usage needs
  • Please turn off the function of making money when buying views to avoid being locked out of your account

You should go to Analytics to check if the view you buy is effective or not. 

One of the notes that you need to keep an eye on when buying that view is that you must first go through Analytics to check whether the views are stable or abnormal.

Then, you need to determine which country the source of the view comes from and how fast or slow the view is. 

If you find that the view quality of the provided service does not meet your needs, you can compare it with other services. Choose a service that provides a view where they accept comments as well as allow you to change services when the service is no longer quality. 

You should respond to a reputable view service if you feel satisfied or unsatisfied with the quality.

AudienceGain – the perfect choice for many YouTubers

Many YouTubers are politicians, artists, or celebrities who are all applying AudienceGain services. AudienceGain fully qualifies for a quality, reputable service and a guarantee of refund policy if the customer is not satisfied. 

You just need to provide your own needs and video links. When you quickly sign up for AuienceGain, AudienceGain will base on your channel’s current situation and provide advice. 

The views at AudienceGain are high quality and real, not fake views easily discovered by YouTube from tools, bots, proxies, … 

The advantage that AudienceGain grasp is much greater than pages other service providing views and subscribers through the Promotion Campaign. AudienceGain not only has a dedicated and professional support team but also increases brand awareness and trust in businesses on YouTube. 

Improving the number of followers and YouTube watch time will stimulate and improve the channel’s ranking on the search engine bar. 

The safety of your channel will be guaranteed. Besides, AudienceGain does not request access from you either.

Before buying, you only need basic qualifying videos posted on YouTube that do not violate the regulations such as containing sexual or violent content, … Each service package is assigned to you promptly within 1 to 3 days of your registration.

Instead of increasing YouTube watch time for free, you should promote the quality and safety of the channel’s development path. These free services also come with many consequences. 

So, instead of using free tips you should check out how to increase YouTube watch time organic way by AudienceGain. 

Besides, you can also exchange channel development directions with AudienceGain’s experts and identify the need to buy views or subscriptions.

Buying YouTube watch hours is not as illegal as you think. It is a fair transaction between the buyer and the seller. 

If you are not satisfied with an AudienceGain product that is not as described previously, you may get a refund. 

So, what are you hesitating to do without trying the experience of owning YouTube without wasting time and effort and still achieving 4000 watch hours as desired?

Final thoughts

After all, are you familiar with how to achieve free 4000 watch hours? The view and subscribers’ increased process reflects the perseverance and effort you put into it. So, if you want to develop a sustainable channel, then the best option is to choose a view and subscriber service from AudienceGain. 

You won’t miss a perfect choice like AudienceGain to help channel your channel to the next level?

For more information, please contact AudienceGain via:
Hotline/WhatsApp: (+84)70 444 6666

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