How should you calculate to reach 4000 watch hours on Youtube?


Do you need a tutorial on how should you calculate to reach 4000 watch hours on YouTube? Perhaps this article will give you the answer you need to know!

YouTube’s algorithm is increasingly sophisticated and unpredictable. 

Therefore, the use of tools or proxies to increase YouTube watch time as well as the factors that YouTube often relies on to evaluate videos are no longer available.

If you want to develop a channel, you have only two paths left to consider. The first path means that you need to do all the manual steps yourself to increase watch hours organically.


4000 watch hours on youtube

The second path is to choose a service to buy long retention views high. The second path is easier to walk than the first.

But regardless of the path, you still have to face certain difficulties differently. For example, how to answer the question of how should you calculate to reach 4000 watch hours on YouTube

First, you need to know why so many YouTubers are interested in the phrase

4000 watch hours on youtube? Requirements to enable monetization for YouTube channel

If you want to make money from YouTube, you should know that you need to go through the criteria that YouTube sets to enable monetization and enable new monetization features like Super Chat. 

Currently, you are only eligible to become a member of the partnership program when the following conditions are met:

  • YouTube partner program applies in the country in which you live
  • Your channel must have had more than 4000 watch hours in the past 12 months
  • Your channel must have more than 1000 subscribers
  • You will need to create content that is consistent with YouTube Program policies
  • You linked your official AdSense account

YouTube’s calculation is not the same as a normal calendar year. YouTube typically counts views for the last 365 days on individual channels. 

Or to put it another way, when your channel has a high duration in phases, it doesn’t make any sense anymore when it reaches the 12-month milestone. Because no matter how the total watch time fluctuates after that, YouTube only recognizes 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers during the watch period of the last 365 days of the individual channel.

You already know the importance of 4000 watch hours, but do you know when your channel reaches 4000 watch hours and monetization is on? 

Please continue to explore!

How do I know if your channel has reached 4000 watch hours?


VidIQ software

The easiest way you can tell when your channel reaches 4000 watch hours is you can install VidIQ software. 

VidIQ allows you to know and easily monitor the actual view volume in the right pane of the YouTube page on your computer browser. 

If VidIQ shows the total duration of the channel as 3,100 hours in the past 12 months, you see yellow, which means the channel has not reached 4000 watch hours.

When your channel reaches 4000 watch hours, the number will turn green. You wait until the channel reaches 5000 watch hours, the number will automatically disappear.

VidIQ also helps you in the process of tracking the number of subscribers. You can move the mouse over the graph icon to see all the analyses of the channel.

If you are approaching the 12-month milestone and you have not reached 4000 watch hours, what to do?

One question that many YouTubers will ask when they have not reached 4000 watch hours is what they need to do without reaching 4000 watch hours to enable monetization. 

There are two options you can consider. For the first choice, you choose a reputable clean and organic view and subs providing service like 

This way you can be sure of more time and quality. At the same time, once traveling with AudienceGain, your channel can speed up development to a dizzying rate. 

Your video has just improved SEO, but your reputation also spread through the Promotion Campaign of AudienceGain.Net. 

It can be said that the fast speed and stable performance are the critical appeals of this approach to today’s YouTuber.

You can also choose a more rugged route and not sure if you will reach 4000 watch hours in 12 months. That is keyword research holistically aimed at SEO YouTube. 

This approach emphasizes speed and professionalism. Video SEO is like fixing channel flaws and making the channel visible to many other potential viewers on the market today.

Let’s not talk about the process of creating content and editing video so that it is professional before uploading to YouTube. 

We will discuss an easy, fast, and effective solution to reach 4000 watch hours quickly before reaching 12 months.

Method 1: You use manual keyword suggestions from YouTube

If you type in the YouTube search bar, you’ll see a YouTube search that lets you see popular phrases displayed below the topic phrase you’re typing. 



Sed on the phrases and its variations you can know which keywords have a high number of viewers and regular interest. 

From there, you can apply related keywords to elevate the video’s position in the search toolbar.

Method 2: You use statistics from Google Trends

As you know, Google Trends is considered a tool to help many business people, marketers, and YouTubers to grasp the trending trends today. 


Google Trends

Google Trends through 5 search means to statistic data according to the unique needs of each person. These are web search, image search, news search, Google Trends shopping, and YouTube trend search.

Before accessing Google Trends, you should install “feature” as well as “language”. 

Then, through Google Trends, you can capture relevant keywords that are being interested in many people on the topic you intend to make a video on. 

Through useful and diverse keywords, you can optimize video descriptions, tags as well as video titles. 

This is an effective tool to help you attract the interest of many people and reach 4000 watch hours quickly in 12 months.

Method 3: You use the Keyword Tool is an extremely popular keyword research site that you should consider. 

This tool suggests users full of relevant keywords on many platforms such as search engines or social media like Amazon, eBay, Bing, YouTube, Google. Now this tool also adds a play store for you to develop marketing on mobile apps as well as Twitter, Instagram, …

Method 4: Analyze YouTube SEO keywords from competitors

Analyzing YouTube SEO keywords from your competition allows you to take a quick and effective shortcut. 

Instead of spending thousands of hours researching keywords carefully, you can choose the “videos tab” and then filter with “most popular” to know what’s cool about popular videos. 

Go to each video to learn from the experience of placing keywords in the title to the description they use to gain a lot of interest. If you want to know their tag, it takes a little trick. 

Normally YouTube hides the tag data of videos by default. You can select “view page source”, ctrl F and type the word “keywords” and press “enter”

You will jump to the nested keywords section where their videos are of great interest. Keywords are often placed in quotes.

Method 5: You use an Extension that popularizes all YouTubers who love to use VidIQ

It can be said that VidIQ is a very powerful tool when analyzing the details of a video on YouTube. This tool helps you to score SEO for videos, description tags, tags, channels, and social seeding information, … 

It also works effectively in checking keyword competitiveness and monthly searches for information. 

Exactly from YouTube of the pro version. VidIQ also analyzes video recommendations and helps you to know which source your / or competitors’ videos are suggested from, which channel, which website, …

Method 6: You use TubeBuddy


TubeBuddy software

TubeBuddy has tools for professional video creators who want the most complete top video SEO. This tool evaluates the overall SEO standard of the YouTube channel. 

If you invest in the long term, you should invest in Pro. Some excellent features of TubeBuddy such as suggest related to tag, bulk copy annotation/cards, bulk replace metadata, thumbnail generator, the best time to publish, tag explorer, …

In addition to the above 6 ways, you can try using AudinceGain.Net‘s secure view and subs provider service. You do not need to do everything manually, but you can still ensure performance and speed of view. 

The views provided by AudienceGain are 100% real and consistent with YouTube’s monetization regulations. 

AudienceGain’s delivery time is very drip-feed. AudienceGain understands your concerns and worries when developing your personal YouTube channel. Therefore, if you have any questions and concerns, you can find AudienceGian’s team of experts to discuss and make the correct policy

As long as you provide the channel’s link, AudienceGain.Net will give you a lot of choices with a commitment to bring real efficiency. 

If you are not satisfied when the order is not as described, you can ask them to get the money back. The condition of cooperation with AudienceGain.Net is that the video on your channel must be at least 30 minutes. You can choose a service package for 3 10-minute videos or 2 20-minute videos, depending on your needs. 

It can be said that instead of calculating to reach 4000 watch hours on YouTube, you can minimize effort and time through the Promotion Campaign of AudienceGain.Net.

Expert strategies are always relevant and secure for your channel.

After using the service of AudienceGain, nothing is too difficult to understand, your video will receive views, real subscribers from a variety of sources as well as increase video rankings quickly.

After reaching the milestone of 4000 watch hours, what should you do next?

Maybe many of you will be quite confused because I do not know what to do after calculate to reach 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers on YouTube. The truth turns out that there are many channels without waiting for 12 months that have reached 4000 watch hours and monetization are enabled. YouTubers who have monetization turned on often have more anxiety. 

They don’t know how to continue to maintain their respective watch hours. All you need to do now is stop worrying and keep creating and posting videos regularly. 

As long as your channel is still working well, even if it drops 4000 watch hours, you will still be on the member list of the YouTube partner program. After reaching 4000 watch hours, you can consider long-term and sustainable development options such as affiliate marketing, personal branding from advertising contracts or self-employment, super chat payment from fans,… 

Once you have identified a certain direction to make money, you will increasingly foster your knowledge of making YouTube videos and have more experience in pulling traffic to your channels.

If you’re still having trouble increasing your watch time, you can check out these tips:

Final thoughts

According to statistics from Jumpshot, YouTube is the second search engine in the world. This helps many people gradually see YouTubers as a serious job and invest to make money in the long run. 

Thus, you can see with the strong growth and fierce competitiveness of YouTuber’s today if you do not go ahead, it will back down. 

You know how to calculate to reach 4000 watch hours and turn on monetization is not enough. You also need more knowledge and creativity to constantly refresh the channel to attract viewers. 

During that arduous process, do not hesitate to let AudienceGain.Net lend a hand and go further on the path of long-term channel development, okay?

For more information, please contact AudienceGain via:
Hotline/WhatsApp: (+84)70 444 6666

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