Beginner’s instructions of requirements for monetization

Youtube has tightened their rules of the requirements for monetization and here is our detailed information about what you should and should not do to adapt. 

Let’s think of Youtube as a content factory. Also, it is obvious that for a factory to function effectively, it will have certain standards that you, as a product maker must meet. Once these products meet the output standard, they are allowed to be distributed in the market.

Moreover, this “content factory” will be carefully evaluated and examined  by the “algorithm”, which is constantly changed and improved, to have quality products that are valuable and suitable for certain age groups.

In this post, our team – AudienceGain will present to you some important actions to meet the requirements for monetization on Youtube. Or in other words, what you should do to survive Youtube’s tight regulations on uploading videos on Youtube, in order not to be demonetized.

Our company, AudienceGain is a Social Media Marketing company which dedicates to support content creators to develop and promote their videos, brands and products across social platforms, especially Facebook and Youtube.

Before digging in, learn more about this to open other golden tips for a channel eligible for monetization.

Youtube Partner Program Requirements

Youtube has these following key requirements for monetization:

  • The channel needs to at least have 1000 subscribers
  • All videos generate 4000 watch hours in a consecutive amount of time of 365 days
  • Users comply with all Youtube’s policies and guidelines
  • Register an Adsense account. 

You need to meet these basic conditions of Youtube Partner Program, or YPP for short.

To begin with, 4000 Youtube watch time and 1000 subscribers often go hand in hand. To reach 1000 subscribers, you probably reach these conditions in 12 months easily. So to say, 4000 watch hours would be your biggest struggle.

Youtube channel

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If you are still confused with this, let us explain that. 4000 public Youtube watch time is calculated by the amount of time of video viewed on your channel from people worldwide.

Additionally, those are all the hours of video people have watched on your channel over the last 12 months (since any given date).

That’s what’s worth mentioning. You may get 4,000 watch time hours over the life of your channel, but the last 12 months have not been counted for YouTube Partner Program requirements.

In addition, there are a few other things to tell you about Watch Time. Firstly, non-public videos count towards that total. Secondly, Live streams count towards that total. These videos will quickly increase this standard watch time for you. 

However, if you delete any videos, that Watch Time will be removed from the “Watch time”  on your channel.

Additionally, if you have taken part in the YouTube Partner Program and if your watch time falls under 4,000 hours, YouTube won’t automatically remove you from the partner program. But if things keep going worse, they can do that.

Youtube’s algorithm will quickly figure out what leads to a monetized channel decrease in the views and subscribers. Maybe it is because your content is no longer relevant to your audiences, or other errors while uploading that you don’t even notice. 

To reach 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers is already hard, but keeping up with the content trends and stabilizing your performance is even harder. 

How to survive the requirements for monetization?

Besides the above mentioned four gold conditions, these are the things you really need to avoid for your youtube channel to operate safely and effectively: 

Copyright infringement

It can be said that Youtube infringement is a very heavy penalty. In case you violate this serious act, Youtube is not merely removing videos and setting certain limits, but also deactivating and deleting your whole channel from this platform. 

requirements for monetization

Copyright Infringement

There are two basic cases of copyright infringements here:

Image copyright

If videos of a Youtube account uses an unauthorized protected image, the videos and channel can be removed by Youtube. And moreover, Youtube has a system of image analysis which is detailed to each frame, so it is difficult to surpass.

Sound copyright

In terms of  audio piracy, if the video contains registered music tracks, the video will not be posted immediately.

Of course that is when the video is protected by Youtube. At the same time, the victim must also have sufficient evidence to show that his copyright is being stolen. At this point, the infringing video channel can be suspended, or removed completely depending on several cases. 


To put it in short, spam is a form of irritation to others, which is constantly repeating certain actions on the Internet, but it’s worthless and not helpful. The platform will be able to remove videos if users/organization is continuously spamming. 

To be honest, to get more Youtube views and subscribers by spamming is such an inappropriate act. 

Here are 3 main forms of spam, listed on the top of Youtube.

Video spam

requirements for monetization

Video spam

This type of spam is when users violate the principle of posting a huge number of worthless videos and boring contents on the platform. They change the thumbnail images to show different visual video’s identity to make the curious audiences clink on, but the videos are still the same. 

Comment spam

requirements for monetization

Spam comment

This happens when users post repeated comments on the comment section. In addition, users who aim to entice viewers to leave their opponents’s channel and subscribe to theirs, then that contents will be listed as spam errors. 

Traffic spam

requirements for monetization

Traffic spam

This is the abusive use of tricks by individuals to increase views, likes, comments and subscribers, or some automated systems to circumvent the rules. Those are commonly known as bots, proxies, tools.

Youtube algorithm is able to indicate these unprofessional actions in a blink of an eye so you’d better be careful. In conclusion, all such actions will be reported by Youtube. 

Misleading descriptions

Misleading descriptions are the acts of inappropriate title placement, as well as tags, captions and thumbnails that are irrelevant to the video content. Basically, the above content is only used to add information to the video, in order to increase the interaction and appeal to the viewer.

But in fact, most individuals and organizations when joining Youtube will use this feature to optimize the search algorithm of the platform. Inadvertently, this will confuse the viewer, and at the same time, Youtube is going to delete your videos and warn your channel.

Likewise, the misleading images here could be thumbnail images that just showcase the video but related to the content. Specifically, when the individuals and organizations choose the wrong thumbnail image, the video will be reported and deleted in some heavy cases. 

It is also impossible not to mention the fact that many Youtubers are always deliberately selecting thumbnails of pornography to attract views. In general, such fraudulent acts will result in the video being deleted and age-restricted viewers.

Okay now, without beating around the bush, here’s our guidelines to meet the requirements for Youtube monetization.

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Q1: How many subscribers does an already monetized channel have?

Answer: A monetized Youtube channel you decided to purchase would have at least 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers to be considered as a part of Youtube Program Partner, but the channel is already approved, so you can freely increase the views and audiences in your way.

Q2: Which videos are not eligible for monetization?

Answer: Apart from sexual, consensual and violent content (completely banned), cover videos and commercial sound recording such as instrumental recording and live performance are not eligible for monetization. 

Q3: What actions resulted in the deactivation of monetization? 

Answer: All of the consequences infringe the YouTube monetization policies, AdSense Program Policies YouTube spam policies, or YouTube Terms of Service. can lead to the delay of payments. 

Q4: How many times can I apply for the Youtube Partner Program?

Answer: At the beginning of 2019, there was an update change from Youtube saying that a creator can apply for the YPP only 2 times.

So take a serious note of this! You have only 2 chances for monetizing and it would be such a big hassle if you miss both of them. 

Q5: How many days does it take the application to be approved?

30 days maximum!

And besides, take another essential note. If Youtube does not accept your first application, you will need to wait for another 30 days for a new request. 

Now head on over this service right now!

Final thoughts

There are unlimited considerations for you to seriously take into account. Besides, after you finally own yourself a monetized Youtube account, it will also take you extra time and effort to make quality videos that match your YouTube requirements. 

In short, to survive and thrive in the “Youtube demonetization”, choosing our service is definitely a safer route. 

If you have any questions on our product, please leave us a comment on the section below and contact us for further information: 

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