What Are The Advantages If You Buy Real YouTube Views?


Nowadays, to buy real YouTube views is no longer a rare method used by creators. A Google search for “buying views” can yield hundreds of sites promising “quick” and “simple” ways to boost a video’s views. But will the results be utterly accurate from every service provider?

Fake views and Real views

There are some differences between fake views and real views. 

Real views are recognized when viewers watch YouTube videos realistically and rationally, without randomly hopping from video to video and watching each for only about 30 seconds. Unfortunately, fake views are obtained mainly via the use of bots or scripts that game the system, resulting in an excessive number of views.

Fake views sound pretty tempting to spend a few dollars to get hundreds of eyeballs, but they have more dangers than you think. 

Fake view causing short term development 

Views generated by a bot cannot gain real audiences for your channel. It can be understood simply that the number of views cannot be equal to the number of your subscribers. Not building a huge fanbase leads to a lack of audience engagement. 

Thousands of views of each video only work for one, and it has no lasting value. So every time there is new content, you will have to rebuild the plan from scratch, and maybe you will have to repurchase YouTube views.

Fake views violating the YouTube terms of service

The practice of inflating views is against YouTube’s terms of service, and you can be banned temporarily. It is a warning that the YouTube algorithm gives to any YouTuber. If you continue to game the system more than once, your videos may be permanently deleted, or your channel may be terminated entirely. 

Many suppliers promote their services as safe, but they don’t claim to commit to the end. So it’s likely that your channel can still get hurt, leading to the reputational risk of your own channel. 

Benefits of Buying Real YouTube views

The obvious disadvantages of fake YouTube views might make you consider more about buying real views instead. And actually, it’s more beneficial than you think.

High ranking on YouTube

YouTube uses one of the most powerful video processing and analysis technologies in the world to rank videos based on hundreds of different factors. And YouTube reveals its discovery about the ranking system by stating that high engagement is the key ingredient to effective video SEO. To be more specific, the amount of views is the factor that algorithms mainly pay attention to.

YouTube always highly appreciates videos that can keep viewers on the platform as long as possible. That is why more video views can give you more visibility to the audiences. It is also a way for your channel to have more reputation on this platform. YouTube is in the business of selling authentic views to advertisers. And if advertisers feel impressed about your thousands of views, they will see you as a potential partner. Then, you can have long-term cooperation with a prestigious and profitable contract.  

Attract more viewers

People tend to be very socialized, so they are influenced a lot by the general trend outside. When searching for content on YouTube, from the very beginning, people subconsciously evaluate the number of views a video has, the number of followers for that channel, the release time of that clip, etc. Partly based on that information, they decide whether to watch the video or not.

So once you buy real YouTube views, your video is fully capable of having quality interactions. That is the positive news to attract fresh viewers to your content. Although it is expected that videos that are seen quickly would be ranked higher in the short term, the quality of the views that make up the total number of video views is also essential.

High competitive potential

What would happen to some particular videos or your channel if you buy real YouTube views? YouTube algorithm would give you a wider audience reach. If compared to people who purchase fake views, your channel will knock them out.

When a video gets more than 60% of viewing time, the YouTube algorithm would confirm this engagement is from authentic users, and the content you have brought is more valuable. So YouTube will recommend your videos to more people due to the quality of your videos.

Find a trustworthy provider to buy Real YouTube views

It’s not difficult to find a third party that provides real views with reasonable prices if you research carefully and focus on the following aspects.

Getting Organic Views Safely

Many YouTubers find it challenging to get real views and quality customers due to their content. They might have spent several hours and money on improving the quality of the videos but still struggle to get the attention of actual viewers. A reliable company can handle this problem. 

Since the inception of YouTube as a real business, monitoring services have been divided into organic and inorganic. Although many different platforms provide these two types of services, which have a substantial price difference, the quality of watching platforms is the option of individuals who wish to develop their channel in the medium to long term and reach more people.

Buy organic YouTube views if you want to grow your channel’s subscriber base, acquire millions of organic views, and turn it into an income stream. Therefore, buying real YouTube views at AudienceGain is certified as safe and private. Moreover, it can give you some comfort to know that such monitoring is at the heart of many of today’s most successful channels.

The Cost to buy real YouTube views 

If you do a quick Google search, you can get different results. You can see various companies who are trying to take your dollars in exchange for views or subscribers. It can get you excited because growing a YouTube channel is a slow process, and taking a shortcut to buy real YouTube views can boost your ego. 

However, you still need to be alert when choosing the service. A lot of companies grab your attention when they charge very low fees and claim fast results. Unfortunately, many things are cheap but are not of high quality, and many things come quickly but do not last long. 

Buy YouTube views if some of your videos that has not getting the proper attention. A 5% or 10% increase in the purchasing price will shield you from numerous algorithm issues while also giving you two to three times the efficiency of inexpensive monitoring.

So do some research on the market first and see if the price they ask for meets your needs. The important thing here is not finding cheap tools, but you should focus on the service that meets your needs at a suitable price.

The Commitment

When looking for the best site to buy YouTube views, you should evaluate how trustworthy the company will be with customers. 

The first thing is how the provider engages to get to know your problem. These services are frequently used by people who are new to the channel and want to advance quickly. But using the service alone cannot help in the long run. If targeting to get organic views, service providers have to plan to reach the right audience.

Secondly, it is about payment consistency. Before buying the service, you should check over the things related to the payment to make sure what you spend is worth it. 

Caption: Ways of payments for buying views from the third party.

Long Term Support

And one thing that you cannot ignore is whether the supporting staff would always be willing to assist their customers. Many unanticipated events are likely to occur after buying real YouTube views. In that case, users will need help from people who have a thorough understanding of the service to build long-term channels.

In conclusion 

To buy real YouTube views is a fast way to develop your channel and also has several benefits. This time-saving method can quickly earn money, but there are specific hazards involved. As a result, you should consider carefully before purchasing this service for monetization.

And AudienceGain should be one of the first choices for any customer to think about. Buying real YouTube views from our company helps you target the right audience worldwide, making it easy to get highly recommended by YouTube and improve your channel’s popularity.

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