Buy 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers – detailed instructions

This article helps you to really understand what it means and how you can buy the highest value “4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers”

First, you need to understand how youtube works

YouTube plays an indispensable role in our modern lives. We daily use it as a mean of entertainment, a tool for studying or a way to satisfy our children’s curiosities.

You can find anything on YouTube such as sport games, music, instruction or just a motivating video to make your day. 

YouTube pays a lot of money for the creator that has good number of views and subscribers as it can advertise on their videos. This is the reason why there are more and more people desire to be YouTubers. 

From this social site, they can not only earn benefits but also gain popularity and opportunity for future career.

You don’t have to be a musician, an influencer or an artist, you can be better than them if your channel has better content. 

However, making money from YouTube is not as easy as you thought. You need a fully-equipped learning and working process for a long run.

But for the first move, your YouTube channel needs to meet the minimum requirement of YouTube policy.

You no longer have to worry about it, because we have a plan to help your channel reach conditions quickly.

buy 4000 hours on youtube

              How Youtube works

What is YouTube watch hours?

Youtube watch hours is the total of the number of hours that Youtube users watch your videos. It is also called watch time.

Simplifying, different from Youtube views that show how many times a video has been watched, watch hours on Youtube reflects how much total time people spend watching your videos. 

Watch time is also a crucial metric in ranking Youtube videos.
When more people tend to spend more time watching your video, there is a big chance that your video will be noticed by Youtube, therefore giving your video a great promotion.

If you want to become a Youtuber and make money on Youtube, monetization rule is a must-read. One necessary rule is to have at least 1000 subscribers and a minimum of 4000 watch hours on your channel over the last 12 months.

Many of you must have been discouraged when facing this rule, but rule is the rule, this is the first step, to prove YouTube that your channel is potential for the monetizing advertisement program. 

You have to create good content videos to attract organic viewers to watch and subscribe your channel until it  reaches 4000 hours of viewing and 1000 subscribers.

It will take you quite a long time to meet that requirement as creating a video is very time-consuming but waiting for the viewer is even longer. It could last for months to reach the number. 

4000 hours sound like huge number for a new Youtuber who doesn’t have many subscribers as well as views on Youtube videos. That’s why many YouTubers are tend to increase their performance by buying YouTube watch hours.

And that’s why we are here to help. With our marketing technics, you can achieve the best result using less time and energy.

Benefits when purchasing YouTube channel viewing 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscriptions

buy 4000 hours of watch and 1000 subscribers

Buy 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscriptions

#1 Save time and energy.

Do you afraid of not getting enough views on your videos on time? Want to get monetized on Youtube in a short time? You must try our watch hours service? There are many benefits of buying watch hours beyond your imagination.

This service will save your time and energy. You don’t have to brainstorm to figure out a great way to boost your video. We will take the work of marketing your Youtube channel.

Therefore, you can pay more attention to video production. Creating high-quality content is what you only need to do. 

#2 Rank up your channel.

When you purchase watch hours, views on your video will dramatically increase. Moreover, your video is more likely to be recommended to others on Youtube, and may even show on Google Search Result Pages. 

With a higher ranking on Youtube and Google Search Result pages, Youtube recognizes your video as a high-quality and potential one and wants more people to see it in this case.

Your video will reach more audiences and get more organic Youtube views, subscribers, shares and Youtube comments. It’s more like a domino effect.

With more organic views and Youtube subs, your video will get a higher ranking, thus increasingly growing to achieve long-term development.

#3 Quickly get paid by YouTube.

If you want to get paid on Youtube fast, 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscriptions is a necessary and golden rule to follow. The more watch time you buy, the quicker your channel can achieve monetization.

With our reliable service, making money from displaying Adsense Ads on your YouTube Channel is no longer a challenge.

Pay for youtube watch hours can surely decrease the gap between you and other YouTubers and speed up your path to earn money.

Many people are using this marketing technic to make a good start on their Youtube career. You can be the next popular Youtuber!

If you also want to get 1000 YouTube subscribers. then buying a YouTube monetized package is highly recommended.

You can also buy a YouTube channel that already has 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscriptions at Audiencegain, and then apply for monetization. Both are the quickest way to get monetized and earn money on YouTube!

How to buy YouTube channel viewing hours and subscribers on Audiencegain?

There are many sites you can use to purchase for your watch hours and subscribers with various levels of price and qualities.

If you are a careful person, you should choose Audiencegain as the best choice you have. Here are the instruction to buy watch hours on Audiencegain. 

STEP 1: Access and have a conversation with our experts for the future plan.

Our online chat box works 24/7 with real experts in running YouTube channels.

First, you can ask some questions about your channel’s current conditions so the experts can analyze and create a best plan for your channel.

Then you can choose which plans is the best for your conditions at the moment. It can be 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscriptions

STEP 2: Activate a plan for your channel

After having chosen a plan to be implemented, you can pick a payment method to proceed to checkout your cart.

You can apply a coupon code to get discounts for the plan.

After finishing the purchase, your plan will be activated in the shortest time. 

STEP 3: Boost your channel

Once you have purchased you watch hours. The views of your videos will be dramatically increased.

More significantly, your video is given opportunity to be promoted by YouTube, helping your videos be highlighted above others. 

Why choose Audiencegain?

audiencegain's rating on trustpilot

AudienceGain’s rating on trustpilot

Quality Services

At AudienceGain, we focus primarily on the real value, professionalism, and quality of the service that our customers will receive. Your success on the market will be the proof.

AudienceGain is a social media team of experienced marketing experts.

With the deep understanding of the Youtube and policy, our team knows the best way to grow your Youtube channel.

We also are one of the very few service providers that offer high-quality Youtube watch time hours.

Our products are tested multiple times before launching, so we guarantee you the best quality and real hours of watch time on Youtube in the market.

And We guarantee that watch time will be delivered to your Youtube analytics, helping your channel meet the Youtube monetization requirements.

Natural Growth

We will focus on the key factors that help your channel grow in the most natural and comprehensive way.

Main purpose of helping your videos maximize their potential recommended by YouTube.

Secure Payment

We allow Paypal as the main method for all services because it’s the safest and easiest one for clients.

Popular payment methods such as Bitcoin, Skrill, Perfect Money, Westen Union, Payoneer, are supported as well.

Money-Back Available

Customer satisfaction is always our first priority. Refund at 100% without asking anything if the service is not completed as committed.

Legal & Safe

We choose Social Media for most of our promotional strategies. Your YouTube channels will not get penalized for using our service and we operate with privacy, security, and strict confidentiality.

100% safety and privacy assured. We do not need your personal information; only your video link will work. So you don’t have to worry about information leakage.

Dedicated Support

Our dedicated Support Team with years of experience in YouTube that can help you quickly and professionally in any case.

We are available 24/7. If you have any questions about your package, order or video, don’t hesitate to contact us, we guarantee to solve any problems.

Tips for developing your YouTube channel after purchasing watch hours.

Recently, YouTube has been in the headlines, but not for the most positive reasons.

On the back of controversy over brand safety and influencer wrong-doings, brands might be reconsidering how to navigate this increasingly confusing channel. Here’s a few tips for promoting your YouTube channel.

  1. Be consistent

One characteristic that the most successful YouTube channels share is consistency. The most obvious way being how often videos are posted, with big brands typically posting every couple of days or even every day.

However, consistency does not necessarily mean having a highly populated channel. Instead, brands can create consistency in terms of format, meaning that they post the same style of content.

This can also come through featuring the same people or coming back to a recurring theme or topic.

The overarching benefit is that viewers get to know what to expect from a channel, with familiarity helping to build loyalty over time. 

Be consistent with every aspect of your YouTube workflow, whether it’s the way you film, the scripts that you write. How you present on camera, how you edit, the custom thumbnails you create, or the titles that you write – aim to improve on your previous content by 1% or 2% every time.

In order to achieve consistency, it is vital that brands build a content plan or strategy, mapping out when and what videos will be created and posted. 

  1. Build a community

While ephemeral video can be effective for capturing the attention, it tends to create a passive user experience (where the viewer is simply watching rather than interacting). 

In contrast, the beauty of YouTube is that it creates a sense of community for brands, with each channel having the potential to build a loyal and highly engaged audience. 

There is the common understanding (from both creators and viewers) that comments are expected and appreciated. Brands should therefore be ready and willing to respond in order to build a relationship with the audience alongside a cycle of communication and interaction.

  1. Encourage action

Again, it is important for brands to prompt users to leave comments, but there are also a number of other ways brands can help to build an audience and promote loyalty.

YouTube cards are one simple tool – they are pre-programmed notifications that pop up in videos to point viewers elsewhere (in a shoppable video, for example, a card might link to a featured product).

End screens are also a valuable tool. These allow brands or creators to promote up to four elements at the end of a video, such as another video, playlist, or an external website.

This lets the viewer know that they can take further action, which could help to keep them within the channel walls rather than clicking away elsewhere.

  1. Optimise for search

While success on YouTube is bolstered by features like quality content and consistency, it’s still important for brands to ensure tat videos are getting the maximum exposure possible.

So, how can you get your video to rank highly? There are a number of simple things you can do to help your content, such as including a major keyword in the title, using relevant tags, and a lengthy and well-crafted description. 

If you are still looking for the best service provider, look no further because we guarantee that you will get satisfactory results from Audiencegain.  

The above article is a synthesis of all the information to “buy 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers” on youtube of Audiencegain referred to you. Good luck!

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22 January 2021

YouTube 1000人 4000時間 – ンが多くのユーチューバーの夢になったん

YouTube 1000人 4000時間. 他のチャンネルより魅力的だと思う動画を作成できますが、視聴回数やチャンネル登録者数が少ないです。 面白い動画がたくさんありますが、なぜ他の人と同じように多くのお金を稼ぐことができないだろうか?それとも、なぜ、現在、多くの人がユーチューブ 1000人 4000時間というマイルストーンを達成する夢を抱えていますか?すべての答えはこの記事にあります!   1. YouTube 1000人 4000時間: ユーチューブで収益化を有効にするための変更と手順 これまで、ユーチューブパートナーになるには、ユーチューブに直接登録するのと仲介パートナー、あるいは、ネットワークを通して登録するという2つの方法があります。 ユーチューブに直接登録すると、絶対に登録でき、1つのAdsenseアカウントを通じて動画の広告から全額を受け取ることができます。 ネットワークに登録すると、大きなコミュニティに参加し、ネットワークからのサポートをよくもらえますが、支払いはネットワークによって20〜30%に分割され、Paypalを通じて支払いを受け取ります。 1.1 ユーチューブの収益化を有効にし、AdSenseアカウントを通じて支払います ユーチューブが収益化チャネルに提供している現在の条件は、12か月で4,000回の視聴、1,000人のチャンネル登録者を達成することです。さらに、ユーチューブチャンネルでは、ユーチューブの収益化に関するすべてのポリシーを確認する必要があります。 あなたの動画は版権やポルノ、血まみれの暴力、戦争を扇動するなどのコミュニティガイドラインに違反してはなりません。 また、ユーチューブパートナープログラムが提供する地域または国に住んでいる必要があります。さらに、収益化を有効にし、チ・ーブ広告を許可するには、毎月22日に支払うためにAdSenseアカウントが必要です。 そのように、ユーチューブでの収益化を可能にすることであるユーチューブ1000人4000時間性。 このマイルストーンは成熟度を示し、正しい方向に進んでいるかどうかを反映しています。ユーチューブ1000人4000時間に達しない場合、ユーチューブパートナープログラムのパートナーとしてYouTubeに受け入れられません。 これは、ますます厳しくなっているユーチューブの状況を反映しており、ユーチューブクリエイターは自分の選択について真剣に取り組む必要があります。 1.2...

22 January 2021

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