Buy 4000 watch hours – Thing you should consider before giving up making money on Youtube


Because you know, it’s a hard obstacle to break through even if you’re so confident with your certified skills in your niche, and you’re willing to showcase them to the Youtube community. On the other hand, buying 4000 watch hours may give you a trouble-free head start.

buy 4000 watch hours

Buying 4000 watch hours for a smooth start

In other words, we want to talk about the objective problems you inevitably encounter on your path to becoming a successful creator. While you have unique ideas and impressive video-producing capabilities, you are not the only individual on this platform with such qualifications.

That being said, Youtube has 2 billion logged-in users, people upload 500 hours of video every minute, 70% of what people watch on YouTube is determined by its recommended algorithm,… And more. These metrics are the “objective matter” we cover, especially when you’re trying to get 4,000 watch hours to join Youtube Partner Program (YPP).

So, what are 4000 watch hours and the possible issues you may have? Check them out right in this article!

What are 4000 watch hours?

Basically, “4000 watch hours” is the total number of viewing hours you have to get in a year in order to meet the requirements for being a Youtube partner. As a result, you are allowed to monetize from your video uploaded on your Youtube channel. 

buy 4000 watch hours

4000 watch hours – condition to make money on Youtube

The “Watch time report” in Youtube Analytics tools is the key indicator you really need to monitor. Watch time reports aggregate data from your YouTube channel, individual videos as well as any commitments from YouTube mobile apps.

After you go through this threshold (along with at least 1000 subscribers you have), you need to send a “monetized application” to Youtube. Afterwards, the platform takes 30 days to review and evaluate your content to check whether your channel is eligible to make money or not. 

If things go smoothly, you can turn on the monetized mode and start to receive profits (obviously, not much). You will start to gain revenue from the video’s views, as well as from the ads that are distributed randomly on Youtube platform by Google (through Google Adsense). 

From now on, you need more effective and strategic plans for increasing views and subscribers in order to get access to other monetization features. 

And that’s it! That’s the rundown so you can briefly understand how you can make money on Youtube. 

The objective matters

The statistics of Youtube mentioned above also show the attractiveness of the game “start-up Youtubers” with many people.

In recent years, many stories about young individuals and groups investing in the production of successful video clips published on YouTube and making billions of money have stimulated many young people to take part in. 

The big stars on Youtube

First of all, we can’t help but mention Pewdiepie, can we?

buy 4000 watch hours

PewDiePie – biggest star on Youtube with inspirational story

Among the enormous statistics from Youtube, this Swedish guy Felix Kjellberg emerged as the Yotube’s most successful phenomenon since its opening in 2005.

The job that brought Pew to fame sounds crazy: he filmed himself playing video games, making humorous and sometimes sarcastic comments. The videos were edited and uploaded on YouTube daily, and he did all the “content production” on his own: from scripting, setting up gear, editing post-production and of course, starring in his own videos.

Consequently, his videos have gradually become the favorite “food for the mind” of many youngsters and adults who seek out unique experiences from games with his innate sense of humor.

Now his channel has reached over 108 million subscribers and although he did not reveal his existing assets, according to some random news, this famous Youtuber certainly has more than $ 20,000,000 worth of wealth.

buy 4000 watch hours

Dude Perfect – the kings of trick-shots

Moreover, there are also other inspirational creators. For example, in terms of children’s content we have Ryan Kaji, Stacy Tasya, Cooking (Gordon Ramsay, Tasty,…), Make-up (Michelle Phan, Jeffree Star,…) and others like Dude Perfect, David Bobrick, Liza Koshy,…

On top of that, many comedians or professional gamers can also earn thousands of dollars a day from YouTube. And recently, many YouTube channels were established by a group of young individuals, specializing in making music videos, short films, product promotional videos … and posted regularly on a fixed schedule. Some press agencies also exploit this social networking platform for increasing revenues.

Therefore, you will probably be cornered by these strong opponents. Youtube stars, or other creators can inspire you on your journey to become a prominent creator, but also form a formidable opponent if you’re trying to get 4,000 watch hours.

Requirements to get access to monetization features

Not only attaching ads and receiving direct money from Youtube, there are still many ways for YouTubers to build a supplementary income for themselves, maximizing the benefits generated from the channels. 

Youtube Premium

Youtube Premium

This method is a privilege for the audience, since they will not be bothered by any ads, as well as are allowed to download videos for offline-viewing when they pay a subscription fee for the Premium package.

However, the channel owner needs to live in a supported country by Google to be valid enough to attract fans to subscribe to Premium.

Channel membership

buy 4000 watch hours

Channel membership for a specific number of fans

This monetization feature is only enabled when the condition of having more than 30,000 subscribers is qualified. At that time, the audiences can choose to pay to become a loyal member of the channel, enjoy several additional benefits such as a badge next to the account name, comments with their own emoji, some priority on the channel’s content and so on. 

Merchandise Shelf

buy 4000 watch hours

Selling your own branded merchandise

If you have more than 10,000 subscribers and also manage another external business store related to your video content itself, Youtube will allow to display the merchandise sales on your channel (also must be valid through moderation). In other words, this is merely a tool that allows you to promote your own signature brand and earn extra income and Youtube does not actively pay you for these products.

How Youtube distributes profits

Frankly speaking, you’re not going to make lots of money when you’re approved to take part in YPP.  In a nutshell, if you are a channel’s owner with monetization enabled, your video will be featured with ads from affiliated brands (which partner with Google) and profit accordingly.

Nevertheless, Youtube here will act as an intermediary, providing everything for you to post the video and for the other brand to find, so they will take part of the value obtained.

buy 4000 watch hours

CPM – Cost Per Mille

Furthermore, say now you own a newly monetized channel, you have no control over what types of ads formats, or which ads’s contents are there, to be displayed on your videos. 

Normally, 45% of the total advertising revenue will go to Youtube, the rest 55% belongs to the creator’s pocket. Consequently, don’t be confused with the number listed in Youtube Analytics because they may not be able to subtract half of the amount to be divided to Youtube.

buy 4000 watch hours

CPC – Cost Per Click

Moreover, the statistics related to the generated money are equally important and you will have to keep an eye on them.

  • CPC (Cost Per Click): The price paid for each time the audience finds it attractive enough to see and click on the ad to the original page introducing the product.
  • CPM (Cost Per Mille): The price paid for each 1000 impressions of the audience viewing the video advertisement. These views must be longer than 30 seconds when viewing the ad to be counted, usually applied to the ad type appearing at the beginning of the video.

To be more detailed, on the same channel, CPM and CPC rates vary by country, region, topic and content related to the video. On top of that, they can be applied in parallel depending on the video’ contents, in addition to the subject of ads promotion from brands partnered with Google.

Why should you buy 4000 watch hours? 

So to say, even for creators who already make money, not everyone maintains a strong and continuous video production process. Creators have to deal with heavy mental and psychological pressure, from the fame, the continuously prominent ideas of video, instant engagement with fans, financial status. 

So buying 4000 watch hours can be an optimal option to give you a smooth start. The journey is the reward, so don’t be stressful about it!

In Audience Gain, we would like to introduce you to our service of “buying 4000 watch hours” to give you the approval for YPP within a couple of days. 

Well about how the service works, let’s say you’re an advertiser, and you hire us to help you with the promotional product campaign. 

We’re going to promote your videos on Youtube through the ads format, as well as share your videos on other social media and private groups. Next, you can get the watch hours you want to make money on Youtube. 

On the same token, this method is completely legal and safe, your personal profile is totally secure and no one can tell you bought watch hours. 

Well, without beating around the bush, learn how to succeed on Youtube right away by communicating with our support team immediately for more useful information on how to buy a monetized Youtube channel

Comment on the section right below to let us know your opinions on money-making methods on Youtube. 

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