Buy 4000 Youtube watch hours – Do Youtube Short count to public watch hours?

As you probably know, Youtube has changed its requirements for monetization based on Youtube channel watch time: a channel must have 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers within 12 months to meet the conditions for monetizing. 

Obviously, many creators will be very discouraged when facing this threshold, but there is no other way. This is a compulsory condition and we must prove to Youtube that our channel has quite potential to participate in the Youtube Partner Program, therefore making money from their advertising.

Recently, Youtube has been testing a new feature for the user experience on the phone – Stories and Short video shelf. The platform announced that this is a running experiment to showcase vertical videos, and it works pretty like Facebook and Instagram Stories. 

buy youtube channel watch time

Does Youtube shorts count to watch time? – 4000 Youtube watch hours

As a result, since Youtube shorts are still a on-the-run feature, the platform will be looking forward to our feedback. Therefore, AudienceGain has tried out this very new tool and would like to share with you in this post.

And, the most important question, does Youtube shorts count to your views or watch hours?

Let’s dive into it, shall we?  

What are Youtube Shorts? 

YouTube Shorts are a newly launched service from YouTube, which is expected to become a rival of TikTok in the near future. On the other hand, it is not an exaggeration to say that TikTok is becoming the “hegemony” of vertical video-making platforms, as TikTok is so prevailing over the world, with a constant increase in the number of users.

buy youtube channel watch time

Youtube Shorts vs Tik Tok – which one gonna win? – 4000 Youtube watch hours

Therefore, YouTube does not want to ignore this “lucrative” field, when it itself has an advantage of 2 billion monthly users.

YouTube is currently testing YouTube Shorts first in India. The platform officially announced the launch of Shorts in this country in the late of 2019, where they are looking to fill the market gap due to the removal of TikTok in the country.

Basically, YouTube Shorts will also help you create videos about 15 seconds in length, along with lots of tools to edit videos as well as interesting filters and sound effects.

In particular, the application also has a Stop Time feature for the phone to automatically stop the video recording mode, without you having to press any action.

On top of that, YouTube Shorts will give you about free 100,000 background music (and more in the future), in addition to the option to control the recording speed and a countdown timer feature to start recording video.

Users can also access Shorts videos via a tab on the YouTube app to watch new videos, similar to TikTok. To quickly create Short videos, you tap the plus icon at the bottom of the menu bar of the application.

Currently, YouTube Shorts are still in the testing process to implement many other exciting features. It is also an alternative to TikTok, as the platform is currently banned in certain countries.

How does Youtube Shorts work? 

According to Youtube, since the feature can only create “vertical videos”, Youtube shorts only operate on phones. 

buy youtube channel watch time

On-the-run feature for vertical videos – 4000 Youtube watch hours

So, scroll down on your Youtube newsfeed a little bit, you will see a line of recommended vertical videos like this.

When the option is available, the clip in Shorts is on the front page of the YouTube app, via “Shorts Shelf”-a screen that scrolls the side of the clips in the main newsfeed.

Content creators have access to Shorts Camera, via the “+” icon on the bottom bar, which includes additional quick editing functions such as speed controls, timers, customizations, music as we mentioned above.

However, Youtube claims that “Right now, creators in India can use YouTube’s latest short-form video creation tool, the Shorts camera. All other creators are encouraged to upload short vertical videos (up to 60 seconds in length) and include #Shorts in the title or description (if applicable) to get started with Shorts.

As a result, there’s still no word on when YouTube will launch Shorts in all regions, but with development going on you can expect it to come soon. 

How to upload a video on Youtube Shorts? 

Step 1: At the main interface of the Youtube newsfeed, click on the symbol “+” at the bottom of the screen.

Step 2: Next, click on “Create a short clip”.

Step 3: Tap the circle icon to start recording Youtube video with a duration of 15 seconds.

Step 4: Insert background music and adjust audio for video.

Step 5: Finally, click Upload Video to upload the video to your Youtube channel.

A deeper insight of Youtube shorts on Youtube channel watch time

Now, for more information about Youtube shorts, we are going to see how this feature is performing on this platform. 

The standard characteristics

Just like Facebook and Instagram Stories, the “Short Videos and Stories” of Youtube show up on the Watch page ( and only visible on mobile app). Each vertical video has up to 60 seconds, some can be less than that, based on the user’s purposes. 

When you click on a video, and finish watching it, another recommendation will be automatically scrolled up (just like Tik Tok). Besides, you can freely scroll to another one if you want to.

You can hit the like button, as well as leave comments just like regular videos.

Nevertheless, the videos on Youtube shorts are still not equipped with custom thumbnails, and instead use a random freeze frame. 

The main advantage

First off, let’s talk about how “vertical” videos have a big impact on the current virtual world. Most Internet users use their phones to surf social networking sites, so it can be said that vertical videos are more “visual and approachable” for them when they are looking for something to entertain (unless they want to watch Netflix).

buy Youtube channel watch time

Vertical videos – a new trend for ads promotions – 4000 Youtube watch hours

In addition, the close angle of vertical videos is also a positivity, as the main objects in each video are captured closer and in more detail. 

And while taking this advantage, Tik Tok is now a very famous social networking site with viral vertical videos. And Youtube will never pass this opportunity.

So with that being said, Youtube’s algorithm may partly widen a channel’s popularity by showcasing its “short videos” on the “Short Stories and Shelf” of other channels. 

Basically, Youtube is actively promoting more content to watch, and it works just like free advertisement. 

Also, it is surprising how many infamous Youtube channels can get lots of views for their regular videos thanks to the strong and effective promotion of Youtube short videos. 

Moreover, with the tools specially equipped for Youtube short such as background music and effects, these vertical videos will become more attractive and appealing to viewers.

60 seconds seems too little for a creator to convey the content they want. But in return, the little amount of time can arouse the curiosity of the audience then draw their attention to the contents. This is also the core purpose of all YouTubers – more traffic to their channel. 

Youtube Shorts and the YPP requirements 

So, with a promising advantage from Youtube Shorts, should we completely switch to recording short-and-vertical-video style?  

buy youtube channel watch time

Youtube Shorts & Youtube Partner Program – 4000 Youtube watch hours

On the one hand, short videos can really be a great tool to enhance video-posting competition on this platform. With a video limited to 60s with editing tools available, you won’t have to spend too much time, effort and money, to create viral videos.

But on the other hand, pay attention to this. This is Youtube we’re talking about. The second most searched money-generating platform in the world with 500 videos posted per day. And all of them are long, horizontal videos of standard sizes.

It’s not obvious that Youtube is such a powerful video-producing platform. The main point here is that people choose to watch Youtube is not to watch, say, pet memes for entertainment, but for more permanent and valuable purposes, such as education, consultancy and evaluation.

Last but not least, this is also bad news for Youtube channels that are struggling to apply the requirements for Youtube Partner Program – Youtube watch time from Youtube Shorts  will not be counted in that of regular videos. 

For your information, Youtube claim that: 

“Whether Shorts are found on the Shorts shelf or through the short video player, ads won’t be served on them, and they won’t generate YouTube Premium subscription revenue.”

“Shorts also don’t contribute to YouTube’s Partner Program eligibility, but subscribers gained from watching your Shorts still count toward the eligibility threshold.”

“As we continue to experiment and improve the Shorts experience, there may be opportunities to monetize Shorts in the future.”

Therefore, Youtube shorts can be seen as an effective tactic to promote your channel, but not to make money from it. This feature is still new and in beta. You absolutely can incorporate the Youtube Short feature and regularly upload quality videos to develop your channel.

So whether Youtube has officially integrated this feature or will design another new app for it? We are not so sure. But let the future answer. Regardless of whether there’s a new app or whatever, we can’t deny the fact that what makes Youtube “Youtube”, are high-quality content in the form of standard horizontal videos. 

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Is Youtube Shorts available in every country? Answer: Not yet!

The Youtube Shorts feature is still in beta in India. All other creators from other countries are encouraged to upload short vertical videos (up to 60 seconds in length) and include #Shorts in the title or description (if applicable), then they can start to experience it. 

Can I include background music in my Shorts? Answers: You can totally browse and choose music for your short videos. 

You have freedom of choice from an ever-increasing catalog of 1000s of tracks in many languages to enhance your short video by clicking “Add music feature”. 

Take a note of this. These music tracks are for non-commercial use. If you post short videos you’ve created anywhere else, assure that Youtube approves any copyright-protected material for your use. If you use copyright-protected material without getting appropriate rights, you could end up with a Content ID claim.

Can the short videos be viewed from computers? Answer: No!

As we said on the post above, the Youtube Shorts feature can only be visible on the mobile application, in the Short Videos and Stories Shelves. This is because the feature is designed for user experience on mobile phones, and all of them are short, as well as filmed by phones. 

How can I make the viewers quickly see my Shorts? Answer: Well, you should remember to include #Short in the title or the description for a better opportunity at being shown on the Shorts shelf. 

Will my channel get banned if I purchase Youtube watch hours? Answer: Not at all!

As we mentioned, AudienceGain promotes your videos by our PromotionProgram. We basically showcase your video on multiple social platforms and you will eventually get more Youtube watch hours, which means more views consecutively.

And this progress takes time to complete. Please don’t be too impatient to look for “free Youtube watch hours” from shady providers. These are fake watch hours and easily detected by Youtube’s algorithm. That’s the reason why Youtube is going to terminate your channel.

In a nutshell

Well, what are your opinions on Youtube Shorts? Will you incorporate this promising feature with your strategy for monetizing on Youtube?

If you want to take your Youtube channel to the next level, remember to sign up for us right away for more profound insight of Youtube channel growth. 

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