How to buy a monetized YouTube channel in 2021? 


Are you thinking of deleting your YouTube channel because you are ineligible for monetization? Have you ever considered buying a monetized YouTube channel?

This article outlines monetized YouTube channels that could help you make up your mind to buy one. In addition, it highlights the legality of the matter and details the advantages of purchasing a monetized YouTube channel.

Is it legal to buy a monetized YouTube channel?

A common misconception amongst people is that it is illegal to buy a monetized YouTube channel in 2021. However, if one follows YouTube’s guidelines and policies, purchasing an already monetized account is perfectly legal. This is because most YouTube channels evolve into businesses, and therefore, you are simply buying your business. Think of it as an investment.  

How would buying a monetized YouTube channel help?

Monetized YouTube channels have several advantages when compared to YouTube channels that are not eligible for monetization. First, they must have at least 4000 hours of watch time in the last year and 1000 subscribers.

Freedom in content creation

The first obvious advantage is that you have much more freedom in what you want to post on your channel. This means having more freedom in content creation as compared to when you start from scratch on YouTube.


Having an already monetized YouTube channel allows you greater freedom in what content you create and post because you already have a subscriber base.

When your channel is not monetized, your content is heavily scrutinized by anyone that views your videos. This is because your channel has low credibility.

However, with a monetized page, you may post anything that does not violate YouTube’s community standards and policies.

Freedom in choosing content niche or themes 

Additionally, buying a monetized YouTube channel also implies greater freedom in choosing your content niche or themes. This is especially helpful if you are not sure of your niche yet. When you start from scratch on YouTube, audiences may reject your content niche and you may never get to the point of monetization.

However, with an already monetized page, you will still get views and sufficient user engagement regardless of your content niche. Moreover, you can utilize the monetized feature to increase your thoughts and likes through in-stream ads and sponsors, etc., to promote that very content niche of yours. You could also take time to decide your content niche and still not suffer heavily in terms of views, likes, comments, and thumbs up/thumbs down ratios.

Greater credibility on YouTube

Another significant advantage of buying a monetized YouTube channel in 2021 is that monetization significantly increases your channel’s overall credibility. This is beneficial as it attracts advertisers and sponsors, opens up opportunities for paid memberships, and attracts audiences to buy any branded merchandise you may sell or crowdfund your projects.

Monetization greatly increases your channel’s credibility which means more people would be able to view your content in the first place!

Greater visibility on YouTube

Finally, buying a monetized YouTube channel would allow you greater visibility on YouTube and Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other popular search engines. With a monetized page, you would have certain credibility that would push your content to the top on searches, and you could increase this visibility by optimizing your content for SEO and increasing your channel’s watch hours, user engagement, and subscribers by making content with famous content creators on YouTube in duets.

Where to find monetized YouTube channels for sale?

However, finding monetized YouTube channels for sale from authentic websites is indeed a challenging task. Most third-party entities selling monetized YouTube channels do not take your concerns into account. Moreover, they may even be fake many times. That is why it is essential to buy monetized YouTube channels from credible websites or trustworthy sources with good reviews by past buyers. 

AudienceGain provides you with the distinct opportunity to buy monetized YouTube channels at an incredibly reasonable price of $500. We also provide you with the guarantee that you will not face any demonetization issues later on. Moreover, we also ensure the uniqueness of your channel and guarantee real views and subscribers. A free Google AdSense account for your country is also included in the package available. 

In Conclusion 

To sum it up, if you’re thinking of deleting your YouTube channel or are dissatisfied with your current user engagement, then there’s a solution. Buying a monetized YouTube channel in 2021 can help you fulfill your dreams and start earning on YouTube now without having to go in loops for months trying to get your channel eligible for monetization. 

However, if you may have any additional questions about buying monetized YouTube channels, do not hesitate to sign up for our services!

For more information, please contact us via:

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