What do you need to know if you want to buy a YouTube channel in 2021?


Buying subscribers and buying watch time both sound too ordinary for YouTubers, but have you ever thought to buy a monetized YouTube channel? Is it possible to have a monetized site by paying money?


Can I buy a YouTube channel?

Nowadays, the number of content creators with the aim of making money on YouTube is increasing. Therefore, to control the quality and the quantity, YouTube is tightening its policy on its partners and increasing requests for channels/content creators, forcing them to meet certain requirements to make money.

A YouTube channel must have more than 4,000 hours of video viewing in the previous 12 months and have at least 1,000 followers. At the same time, the channel has to deliver value to the user. It can be a daunting task for beginners and busy people, so they have a more accessible option: buy a monetized YouTube channel

What about the old YouTubers? They are too familiar with the operation of this video-sharing channel, so doing business with many sites at the same time will not be a problem for them. It not only saves time and effort from the start, it also does not require sequential steps, owning another monetized Youtube site can double or triple their income. 

There are several benefits if you buy a monetized YouTube channel.

YouTube Multi Channel Network

Multi Channel networks (MCN) are the third-party companies that associate with multiple YouTube channels to provide services. They are the affiliate partner between the content creators and the copyright side. Or they are the owners and operators of many channels. The MCN provides support to increase the number of viewers, build content programs, manage the digital rights for monetizing and selling particular products.

To be more specific, when all channels are subject to YouTube monetization policies, and copyright issues are strictly controlled, using a popular trending song as the background music in your video is not that easy at all. The MCN can deal with copyright on YouTube as it is a direct relationship channel.

Moreover, joining this network gives you the opportunity to coordinate with other content creators. The considerable facilitating work on the platform is a win-win combination.

Saving the cost of time when building a channel

As mentioned above, setting up YouTube to make money is a process that takes a lot of time and effort. You define your goals, you buy props, you test and practice making videos. There are a lot of steps that you must follow gradually.

But having a website that can instantly make money is an optimal choice for busy people in the current 21st century.

Saving the cost of buying YouTube views and watching hours

Many newcomers are easily frustrated in the first steps: having enough views and subscribers to achieve the monetization right from YouTube.

Buying views and followers is now quite simple, but you still have to wait a while to receive a response from YouTube. There are some instances that YouTube even refuses to grant you monetization rights because it violates certain laws.

In this case, buy monetized YouTube channel is more feasible because it saves both money and time, so you can start developing your ideas right now.

Increasing YouTube views quickly

Since it is a channel that already has a certain number of followers, attracting viewers is not a problem in this case. Your new video or the suggestion to your channel will appear more often on the search results. 

Moreover, you can take advantage of what’s already on that YouTube channel for further development. Expand and deploy them in a direction that you find potential.

Build up solid brands for individuals and businesses

For those who have just visited your channel the first time, seeing your impressive subscriber number will enhance their trust in your content quality. Another point is that people tend to click on a video with a high view count and these videos also receive a higher rank on the search bar according to the YouTube algorithm.


Video with billion view count is quite impressive and important

Moreover, when you already have a strong subscriber base and interesting videos with a significant number of views, connecting with other partners to confirm your name is what you can quickly achieve. 

Foster self-development

As the number of followers and views boosts up, at the same time the income level gradually increases from low to high. That is the nonstop motivation giving every YouTuber the strength to keep moving forward.

The situation of mid-term quitting occurs quite often with the newcomers. So persistence is extremely important to anyone who chooses YouTube as a place to grow. Impatience will not bring perfect results if you do not put all your energy into it. 

In fact, YouTubers need a certain amount of time, usually 6 months, to evaluate a channel before planning its development. It is the time to learn and improve yourself: researching competitors, shaping content, identifying potential audiences, etc.

How to buy a monetized YouTube channel?

Research carefully to find a the best place to buy YouTube Channel monetization.

Finding a third party that sells a youtube monetized YouTube channel for sale is not difficult if you research well. There are many ways to get the key points: searching online, getting information from forums, consulting experienced people, etc.

What do you need to consider?

Before making the final decision and paying money to own a monetized YouTube channel, you should ask the channel owner a few questions about its value and price.

  • How many subscribers does the channel have?

This necessary information needs to be clarified first.

  • Is the channel monetized yet?

Here is also an important thing to be confirmed and attested at the beginning. You need to check whether the channel has been approved for monetization by YouTube.

  • If it is not monetized, has the monetization approval process been started?

If the process has not been started yet, it may take a long time to complete it.


YouTube monetization review process

  • What is the monthly ad revenue of the channel?

With the monetized channel, it already has monthly ad revenue, and you should know about this amount to have the most proper payment for it.

  • Under certain circumstances, what is the monthly revenue from the affiliate sales?

If the Youtube channel you buy has product review content, you should know about the affiliate commissions. To make sure that you are giving the right price.

  • How old is the channel?

This question may sound unnecessary but it is partly essential if you want to gain audience trust. Older channels tend to be more authoritative and trustworthy than younger accounts. An old account is still worth more than a new one, even if both receive the same level of active engagement from the subscriber.

However, there can be a drawback as the old YouTube channel has not posted new videos for a long time. Most subscribers might not remember you and your content.

  • Has the channel received any YouTube copyright strikes?

If that YouTube channel gets through all the YouTube monetization requirements, channel removal will only happen if your content violates the copyright law. But fortunately, your channel has to stop monetizing if you have three strikes within three months. So getting one strike is still manageable.

  • Is this YouTube channel tied to a particular person’s image? 

If the channel has stuck to a specific person on the video, subscribers may find it unacceptable if the owner is replaced by someone else. It can lead to a significant decrease in the number of subscribers.

After clarifying the above issues, you should consider all the pros and cons to offer the most suitable price.

What should you require from the providers?

  • Make sure the video is 100% original.

The main aim of this action is to prevent the YouTube channel from demonetization. As you may know, after receiving the channel, you will change the owner information. Therefore, YouTube will re-check this channel again, and the most important thing to test is whether the video transfers real value to the viewers or not. If YouTube detects the content is reused, your new channel would probably be banned. So your first request for the supplier is the videos on the channel have to be completely authentic. Not all providers guarantee video uniqueness, so you should filter the best place to buy monetized YouTube Channel, that would help you avoid losing money.

  • Support safe way to change Google Adsense.

Similar to checking the content of the channel, YouTube will check the Adsense account again. Most likely, YouTube would turn off the right to use Adsense after the new information is updated. So you would need providers to guide you in getting back access and use in this case.

  • Instructions on how to secure the channel.

For security reasons, YouTube has designed a lot of regulations to ensure the safety of information for users. That’s a good thing, but it’s a problem for buyers who get monetized YouTube channels for sale. After being given the right to use, the user will log in the account on a new IP, easily leading to YouTube temporarily banning this account for strange activities. You need to ask the providers to give you a clear and detailed instruction on how to safeguard the channel.

  • The support team is always available to help.

After buy a YouTube monetized channel, many unexpected cases are likely to happen. So users would always need the assistance from those who distinctly understand the service to develop long-term channels.


Service supporters should be active 24/7.

Some risks that you might encounter if you buy a monetized YouTube channel.

It is against YouTube’s terms of service.

Currently, YouTube is strictly controlling monetization rules. When buying a monetized channel for sale, you may encounter the following situations:

  • If the channel you buy does not meet all the legal requirements, the possibility of being deprived of the monetization right is very high.
  • If the channel has re-up videos continuously, and YouTube received some reports on this issue, your new channel may be locked up (for the copyright) at any time.

Maybe the existing followers might not like you.

If your ideas are inconsistent with the previous content on the channel that you buy, the existing subscribers might find it hard to keep following your channel. They quickly lose interest when another one replaces the topic they like.

You may encounter fraudulent buying and selling websites.

When buying channels on online groups, the likelihood of getting cheated and not receiving a genuine channel is relatively high. They will have quite a few tricks to make you believe in the effectiveness and legality of the service.

Revocation or retrieval of YouTube channels via gmail is also possible. The sellers can take advantage of the email recovery function to get back gmail and retake the YouTube account. Therefore, when buying youtube with Gmail, you should carefully review and change all information. Choosing  the best place to buy monetized YouTube Channel is extremely important because it helps you  avoid all of these risks.

Where is the best place for you to buy monetized YouTube Channel 2021?

Buy a monetized YouTube channel has several benefits. It is a time-saving way to earn money, but there are some risks that you may encounter. So you need to think carefully before choosing to buy YouTube channels for monetization.

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