Where to Buy a Facebook Page in 2021?


Are you wondering where you could buy likes for your Facebook page because it’s not working out? Well, have you tried to buy a Facebook page instead? If you haven’t, we’re here to help. 

This article outlines all you need to know about Facebook pages sold online, including the benefits. Moreover, it also compares buying a Facebook page to buying likes for your page. 


If you buy a Facebook page, you wouldn’t have to start from scratch on a page that is not eligible for monetization!

What are the advantages of buying a Facebook page?

If you have never considered buying a Facebook page, you should give it at least a thought. Purchasing a Facebook page can help you considerably in your overall reach as a business or content creator.  

Building brand loyalty

The primary advantage of Facebook pages for sale is the ease with which you can start building brand loyalty and credibility. Of course, this involves frequent and valuable interactions and engagements with your fans. 

A Facebook page for sale already has a certain number of likes, comments, shares, and views already. 

When you use this as a foundation to build your business you will find it much easier to reach a larger audience. 


It becomes easier for you to monetize Facebook’s 1.88 billion daily active users and build a larger audience for your brand if you buy a Facebook page.

Additionally, you can take advantage that Facebook now has around 2.85 billion monthly active users and about 1.88 billion daily active users. This means you have an enormous potential to reach people via Facebook already. With a Facebook page, you buy, you will already have a certain degree of credibility and visibility. Now it’s up to you to utilize this user foundation and expand your audience and reach,

User engagements for new posts 

Secondly, you can use the page as a base to reach a larger audience via the content you post. Since the page will already have a certain number of likes, your job won’t be as tricky as a new page. 

The content you now post will undoubtedly have a faster user engagement rate than a new page with fewer likes. Now you should utilize your content to reach a larger audience with exciting and valuable information. 

The increased credibility and visibility would help your new posts reach a larger audience and build your brand loyalty. Now it’s up to you to make content that increases your user engagement rate even more. 

Monetization eligibility 

Moreover, another significant benefit of buying a Facebook page is the monetization eligibility for Facebook pages.

You require at least 10,000 followers and 600,000 total eligible minutes viewed in the last 60 days.

However, most Facebook pages for sale are already eligible for monetization. This is perhaps the most crucial help you’ll get in terms of starting on a purchased Facebook page. Trying to cross the eligibility mentioned above on your new page would be very difficult and could potentially take years! 

With a monetized Facebook page for sale, however, you would not have to worry about the Facebook page monetization eligibility.

Buying a Facebook page versus likes

Now you might be wondering whether buying likes for your original page could be a better idea than purchasing an entire page.

There are several critical advantages of buying a Facebook page compared to purchase likes for your original Facebook page. 


Buying a Facebook page does not cause Edgerank to decrease your overall visibility, which is an issue that usually arises after you end up buying fake likes for your page.

Firstly, it may cause Edgerank, Facebook’s algorithm, to make your content less visible to users. The algorithm may detect instability in your user metrics as soon as you buy several likes for your page. If the likes you buy for your Facebook page are fake likes by bots, the chances of this happening are more likely. 

Secondly, buying likes for your page with few views on your videos and few likes is not a very good idea. 

Having a large number of page likes with weak metrics such as few likes is bad. It gives your page an unstable, sketchy, and untrustworthy image in the eyes of not just your audience but also Edgerank and potential advertisers and sponsors. 

In Conclusion 

Conclusively, you’ve probably realized how you could benefit if you buy a Facebook page instead of trying to make it on your original Facebook page. In addition to increased credibility and visibility that would allow you to build your brand loyalty more effectively, your new posts would have good user engagement metrics. You would not have to wait to get eligible for monetization. 

 AudienceGain is committed to aiding you in your journey as a business or content creator on Facebook. For additional queries on Facebook pages for sale, you may sign up for our services to receive our expert opinions. We have also given you some insight into why buying a Facebook page is more advantageous than buying likes for your original Facebook page.! Moreover, sign up now if you’re convinced that you want to buy a Facebook page.

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