How To Buy Low Price 4000 Watch Hours And 1000 Subs Has The Best Effect?


Have you ever wondered how to buy 4000 watch hours and 1000 subs have the best effect? Maybe after reading this article you will have a convincing answer for yourself.

Make money online thanks to the already-familiar YouTube channel with monetization mode. But if you want highly automated money then you need to invest a lot of effort, time, and money. 

You also need a certain amount of engagement and channel loyalty. However, it can be said that the time to start a YouTube channel is not as ideal as you dream.

You have to spend a lot of things to turn on channel monetization. One of the methods to bring the fastest number of views and sub subscriptions used by many YouTube is to buy YouTube views and subscriptions.

First, let’s explore the reasons why you need to buy 4000 watch hours on YouTube.

Why should you consider buying YouTube 4000 watch hours?


Why buying youtube ads views

When you shoot a video and edit it, it takes a lot of work. After posting, you think your video will be well received by viewers. But life throws cold water on you and keeps you awake. 

It seems that your video has a few viewers. Up to this point, do you have a lot of wonders and thoughts in your mind? That is the problem that millions of YouTubes have, not just you. 

Ways to increase YouTube watch hours

You have many options for improving the above problem. First, you can find and combine organic ways to naturally increase YouTube watch hours. 

The second way is that you can find ways to provide reputable view services today. It can be said that stemming from the difficulties of the majority of YouTubers, the service of providing views was born. 

Therefore, you are not the first YouTuber to struggle and need a service to provide views to save the difficult situation of the channel.

Let’s approach the reason that you should buy 4000 watch hours from a different angle! 

Some people think that buying YouTube ads views is illegal and disrespectful to your video. Even they think that the act of buying YouTube’s view is not too meaningful. They need honesty in building channels instead of spending tons of money to buy “fake views”. 

In other words, they found it not worth it.

However, the truth proves that buying a YouTube view is effective for the process of building and developing a channel. Buying views helps you to build trust from unfamiliar viewers around the world. 

When they see a high number of views, they will more easily click to see. According to YouTube statistics, videos with views below 1,000 are often not respected by viewers and they will ignore them when possible. 

Do you want to be a leader?

According to the law of psychology, people don’t want themselves to be the leaders, they just want to be followers. 

High YouTube views mean many previous viewers have experienced and responded well to the video. Your video of course becomes a more attractive and better video in the eyes of many people who have not seen it.

So you need a more effective marketing strategy instead of just sitting still and waiting for the viewer to bite. Your video can’t just satisfy organic view-boosting factors like interesting thumbnail images, catchy titles, but also basic views.

Another reason you should consider buying a YouTube view is to help improve your video’s search engine rankings. Users tend not to click on videos located on the 3rd page onwards. 

Therefore, if you want the video to be popular and enhance your reputation, you should take advantage of the practical benefits of buying YouTube view when necessary

When the views are high, your YouTube watch hours will also be improved. This leads to many other positive results. For example, likes/dislikes, comments will increase when the follower sees too many previewers interacting with the channel owner.

Once a video of you helps viewers, they’ll also be willing to subscribe to watch your upcoming videos.

In general, you can say that to buy 4000 Watch hours is like blowing the wind to spread your channel on fire and be more popular. You don’t need to worry whether your YouTube channel will be drowned in thousands of videos. 

Because at the very least, you already have a fair amount of views as a stepping stone to development.

Why should you consider buying YouTube subs?


Why you should buy youtube Subscribers?

Buying YouTube subs is just as important as buying YouTube views. Because when you see a large number of subscriptions on your channel, more viewers will feel more confident and persuasive than other channels.

Another reason is that channels with a high subscriber count are easier for the video SEO process. You know, this action is the act of indirectly boosting your video to the top of the search engine. 

From there, your channel communicates with today’s diverse community of viewers. It can be said that if you invest in a reputable subs provider service, the result you get is easy SEO manipulation and practical results.

4000 watch hours – Earning conditions

There is a very necessary reason to promote you to buy another YouTube sub that is the regulation to enable YouTube’s monetization from 2019 onwards. 

You need to receive 4000 watch hours within 12 months and 1000 subscribersDoesn’t sound easy, right? Because to overcome many obstacles in terms of time and effort, the service of providing YouTube subs was born. 

YouTubers can rest assured to invest more time in improving video quality instead of waiting for the channel with many subscribers to qualify for monetization for the channel. 

The purpose of many YouTubers when buying YouTube subs and buy 4000 watch hours is to shorten the time to turn on making money from YouTube.

Today, YouTube increasingly tightens the regulations on turning on monetization for the channel as well as paying money to YouTubers. The main reason is that the number of YouTubers is increasingly crowded and there are more and more tricks to increase virtual views. 

So if you want to increase your income, you need to meet some of the above requirements.

Video content

The prerequisite that you need to meet is that video content must never violate YouTube’s guidelines and policies. Specific examples are hateful, frustrating, controversial, or degrading other people, pornography for sexual purposes, … 

You need to consider whether the topic and content of the channel are in the topics and content that YouTube prohibits or not. Besides, you may not copy other people’s videos either. 

According to the regulations that YouTube applies to the Fair Use law of the US, you can only extract from 5 to 10 seconds of other people’s videos, view it as a document. 

In other words, from images, videos to audio in the video, you must build and create and not stick to content that is copyrighted by others. If you use content that is copyrighted by others, their consent is required or you must confirm in advance whether the video contains free content.

Duration of view

In terms of watch time, by 2020, YouTube requires that the channel must reach at least 4000 watch hours to enable monetization for the channel.

Videos and duration included in the watch duration must be public for 12 months.

Community Principles

In addition to the above well-known principles, YouTube also has a community principle dedicated to YouTube channels. 

With the ambition of building a healthy and fair community, YouTube systematically introduces community guidelines to include subscription channels and posting videos. 

You are not allowed to post scam videos or scams to other social networks. Because like that, Google / YouTube can be listed in the spam link list. 

One “implicit” rule that you need to know so that the waiting time for the channel’s monetization does not pass in vain is that your channel needs to create useful value for the community. 

This means that your YouTube channel cannot be too poor in terms of quality as well as quantity. The waiting time for YouTube to approve to turn on the monetization is usually from 15 to 30 days. 

Therefore, to avoid wasting time, from the very beginning when building a channel, you should invest in video quality to attract loyal viewers and subscribers of the channel.

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How to purchase YouTube subs effectively?


How to buy YouTube subs effectively?

Buying a YouTube sub requires you to ensure that the content that you put on your channel is completely quality in advance. 

Only that, when buying subscribers for the channel, can viewers easily trust and be persuaded to click to subscribe. Making an impression and enjoyable for your audience is extremely important. 

That is why many people say that constant thinking and non-stop innovation is a must for YouTubers. No one wants to stay long with a channel that is both poor quality and lack of creativity.

The repetition of the channel’s initial success formula can also be a fatal disadvantage that causes the YouTube channel to “die” suddenly. 

Therefore, to avoid investing in ineffective views and subscriptions, you should invest right from the start and videos to conquer the audience. 

Make viral content to spread your energy and hot news to the community. Besides, you can also run ads through Google Ads and YouTube Ads. In addition to investing in video quality, you also need to grasp the tips for channel SEO such as optimizing the title, image, channel description, tags, … 

The size of the video

You even need to pay attention to the size of the video when uploading. 

The standard sizes that you should refer to are 1280×720, 2560×1440, 1920×1080, … 

Be careful and meticulous about the video optimization practices for both form and content! Because the more meticulous you are, the sooner you will enjoy the fruit and complete 4000 watch hours quickly.

If you meet the requirements needed to attract viewers, you can both build a good personal brand while pulling traffic from other channels easily. 

Therefore, if you choose to buy 4000 watch hours and subs, it is a long-term investment and for the future.

Why choose AudienceGain?

Many services provide YouTube views and sub in the world, but not all services can meet your timing needs. Therefore, look for fast and reputable viewing services like AudienceGain. 

Truth, AudienceGain is at the forefront in improving service quality as well as ensuring that channels after buying view or subs are operating effectively. AudienceGain’s views or subscriptions are 100% real, not fake with tools or bots. 

This dispelled the doubts of many YouTubers when they first learned about AudienceGain. AudienceGain has a team of professional experts and a dedicated customer care support team. 

Therefore, if you have any problems or problems, just contact AudienceGain’s team to get the most sincere and helpful advice possible. 

AudeinceGain also ensures to enhance the personal brand of the channel through the Promotion Campaign. The videos on your channel will be spread evenly instead of having too many videos and too few videos. 

Spreading the video evenly takes a lot of time and effort. Therefore, if you look at AudienceGain, you can both shorten the time and achieve the best quality in the process of building and developing a YouTube channel.

Guidelines for buying effective YouTube watch hours and subscriptions at AudienceGain

AudienceGain is a view and subs service that is trusted by many YouTubers. Increasing YouTube watch time with views, subscriptions, comments on AudienceGain is not as complicated and steps as you think.

You can refer to the following steps to buy low price YouTube view and subs has the best effect:

Step 1: Go to AudienceGain’s Website (  and register for an account. You just need to click the “Signup” button to get started.

Please enter full personal information such as Full name, email, password to ensure your interests. Please note that AudienceGain does not accept email registered accounts with a plus sign or a period inside.

Step 2: You start to top up your AudienceGain account to buy a sub for campaigns promoting your channel.

You should click on the Deposit location and when the window pops up, enter the amount you want to deposit into your account. The minimum amount for each deposit is $ 10. You can pay by Visa or MasterCard.

Step 3: After you have registered for an account and deposited money into AudienceGain, you will buy a YouTube sub through the “YouTube Subscriber” section. You are free to choose the price and quality of service that suits you.

The order you created will quickly show up. Therefore, copy the channel link to the link position and enter the sub number you want to increase. The amount you need to pay will appear shortly thereafter.

Click on “Add Submission” to have the system send the order to the AudienceGain account and deduct the money you have loaded. Once your channel gets the desired followers, the transaction ends.

Buying a YouTube view is similar to buying a YouTube sub on AudienceGain. Therefore, if you want to buy low price YouTube views and subs has the best effect, you should pay attention to compare each service and choose the package that best suits your needs. 

AudienceGain also has unbelievable discounts and discount packages so don’t wait to sign up for an AudienceGain account today to get the best deals!

In brief

Buying low price YouTube views and subscriptions is only really the best effect to complete 4000 watch hours

Therefore, if you still do not know how to optimize your video, do not hesitate to go to the experts of AudienceGain! 

You will learn countless useful things and enjoy great deals when choosing AudienceGain today!

For more information, please contact AudienceGain via:
Hotline/WhatsApp: (+84)70 444 6666

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