Should content creators buy TikTok followers?


Tik Tok, a video-sharing platform similar to YouTube, is capturing a lot of attention from young people in general and the content creators community. Therefore, the question about how to buy TikTok followers is also a burning issue recently.


To buy TikTok followers is a promising choice.

The rapid spread of TikTok today is undeniable. The ease of use and many cool viral features of TikTok have attracted many people to join this community network. Its special feature is that the length of every video is in the range of 15-60 seconds, and you can record a video with TikTok itself without uploading the video from another source.

The number of TikTok followers and its importance

TikTok has emerged as a phenomenon, and the content creators see it as an effective platform to share their ideas. Therefore, anyone wants their TikTok account to receive as many likes and followers as possible. 

Followers for Tik Tok accounts have brought several benefits to TikTok users by increasing account interaction and greatly supporting online business activities. Here are some of the visible benefits of having multiple TikTok followers.

The popularity

The more followers you have, the more popular your TikTok account is on the searching bar. Your video will have more chances to reach more audiences.


Prediction about the number of TikTok users in the UK.

The number of followers also contributes to the audience interaction improvement. It will be a stepping stone for approaching people who have not followed your account. The obvious fact is that a video with lots of hearts, comments, and impressive content will smoothly attract viewers.

Channel development

As you might know, YouTube is a productive platform for making money, and one of many ways to promote your channel is by sharing or linking with other platforms. In this case, TikTok can coordinate well in branding your YouTube.

If you already have enough confidence about the video quality, plus the fan base on TikTok, your YouTube income will be confirmed to rise.

What should you know to increase TikTok followers?

  • Know your niche

It is a must for anyone starting to build their own channel for business purposes. Surely you cannot be Mr. Know-All, who can dance, cook, and lip-sync at the same time. The wide range of focus refuses to bring lasting growth to your channel, and viewers find it hard to point out your specialty from the short clips.


Lip-sync is a potential trend on TikTok.

First, you should learn about the market and trending topics on TikTok. If you have not yet identified the trend to follow, you need to know about the TikTok channels with the highest number of followers. Then, it is a great idea to research and study from those competitors to figure out your lessons.

After that, choose a niche that you are quite confident about and start with high energy and patience. The first try probably could not avoid difficulties, but you would surely learn a lot of experience for yourself.

  • Know your customer perfectly well

TikTok is not only the most up-to-the-minute social media platform to Z Generation, but it is also quite popular among previous generations. And the content that attracts each age will vary.


TikTok demographics in Japan (2019).

For example, teenage audiences are often very interested in the dynamic movement clips promoted by their idols. The adults tend to pay more attention to the clips that introduce or review products. 

If you want to know more about the interests of the audience you are targeting, you can do quite a few research with feedback on your content. The critical point is you need to keep a certain level of interaction with your audience.

  • Know your strengths and weaknesses

After clearly defining the direction of your channel and the audience you will target, you also need to value your capabilities.

When planning a long-term development campaign, you need to estimate the time to produce an exclusive clip that can catch up with specific trends on TikTok. If you miss that time, your video will miss the chance to shine as well.

So it is necessary to understand without any doubts about your capacity, then you would find ways to overcome it. For example, your weak point is you do not know what types of music you should add to your product review video, which leads to the result that it doesn’t get as much views or likes. One solution is to find and watch the clips with the same content of famous product reviewers on TikTok, you would learn some tips from them.

Is it possible to buy followers on TikTok?

Of course, you can get TikTok followers just like buying YouTube subscribers. Although TikTok has only been used widely in recent years, its influence is extending significantly. The more followers you have on TikTok, the more your reputation is confirmed, which opens the door to many opportunities for growth and profit.

Mainly, TikTok’s management mechanism has not been as strict as YouTube, so it is pretty easy to get the number of TikTok followers you want. But what you have to remember is that buying followers is not only paying money to get people following your channel. It has to go with effective advertising campaigns.

Pros and cons of buying TikTok followers

The advantages

  • Many choices, many types of offers

As you can see, there are plenty of providers that give you the service of selling followers, and this is a time-saving method to help your channel grow considerably. For example, tik-boost offers fair-price TikTok followers and likes packages, TiktokPalace can give you the number of followers you desire, etc. 

  • Enhance the real engagement

With the real audience, you will always have a deep connection with them. The engagement is built. Your popularity will be spread by word of mouth, reinforcing the quality of your content.


Real engagement does matter.

If your video gets negative feedback from real audiences, this case would be considered as a memorable lesson for you to fix your mistakes.

  • Grow your income

With a significant number of followers, you can make a lot of money in many ways: promoting the third party’s brand or your brand, linking your TikTok account to other social networks (YouTube, Facebook), selling the products, receiving donations from followers via livestream, etc.

The disadvantages

However, the number of websites that sell followers is infinite though, finding a reputable site for long-term cooperation to develop your TikTok is not easy. There are some risks associated with content creators when buying TikTok followers.

  • When you do not understand the algorithm

TikTok works similar to Instagram, which is not as tough as YouTube’s rule. So the action to buy TikTok fans does not seem to be subject to any strict regulation. Frankly, it may make you think that if you only have many followers, you will be famous and have many opportunities to earn money. 


TikTok algorithm.

However, not understanding the regulations exactly makes you spend money and not get anything in return. With a follower purchase service without commitment, you cannot grow in the long term. You may find yourself needing to buy more, and dwell on that loop that doesn’t show any results.

  • When you have not identified your goals yet

Do not be easy to compromise with the plain thought mentioned above: more followers, more chances. Followers are just the “tools” if you specifically want to extend your reach and get beyond any algorithm. 

Defining the main aim is a crucial step because you will have to choose how many followers to buy. Quantity also affects quite a lot because buying too little is not enough and buying too much is quite a waste of money. Moreover, the quality of your content also has a huge impact on the difference between an engaging following and a considerable following.

  • When you, unfortunately, work with an untrustworthy provider

When choosing a low-cost service, you easily get fake followers. So the number of followers does not last long, which leads to the lack of engagement. It would be hard to have honest reactions or connections from the audience if all you have is fake followers. Your TikTok will forever be frozen in the starting point without interaction with your audience. Fake followers will have no effect if the purpose of your videos is to educate or spread the message to everyone. 


Fake followers cause some problems.

Moreover, you cannot grasp the customer’s insight if the followers are fake. Insight is the basic information of the people who follow your channel. Depending on different goals, we choose and develop the account with the proper insight. So with fake followers, you cannot be able to know about the improvement of your TikTok or whether you have achieved the goals or not. Even more, you would find it hard to decide with certainty about the future direction for your TikTok.

So don’t let the phrase “buy TikTok followers cheap” fool your vigilance.

Why do content creators buy TikTok Followers from AudienceGain?

After looking through all the information above, you probably already know quite a bit about buying TikTok followers. One possible conclusion is that you should find a provider that can truly accompany and help your TikTok account grow in the long run. And among the top picks, AudienceGain is a potential candidate. Many content creators choose AudienceGain with the feedback that this is a worthwhile and long-term investment.

TikTok growth service

AudienceGain is known as a leading site that brings 100% real TikTok followers to their customers. It confirms the safe and fast engagement suitable for TikTok Creator Fund – a monetization program for TikTok content creators.

An organic growth method is a key of success that AudienceGain always aims at. It takes advantage of particular criteria to find the target audience for each video content based on the niche that the customer is focusing on. This approach will never exceed the limit of the TikTok algorithm.

Absolute commitment 

With beginners, difficulties are easy to encounter. AudienceGain offers you a lifetime warranty. After getting TikTok followers, if you run into any trouble, you can contact us at any time.

Enthusiastic supporters

The AudienceGain’s supporters are always active 24/7. The team of experts understands how TikTok works so they can give valuable advice to customers, such as:

  • Optimizing the videos to setting hashtags.
  • Supporting the increase of followers.
  • Giving details on how to analyze TikTok’s features.
  • Researching opponents and planning the long-term development strategy.

So do not hesitate to register with AudienceGain immediately to have the best experience when using TikTok!


For more information, please contact AudienceGain via:
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