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Considering to buy TikTok followers is becoming the talk of the Internet due to the emergence of TikTok in the recent years, especially after the platform announces that creators can start to monetize from their video’s views through the Creator Fund program.


The TikTok Creator Fund program

Since TikTok launched the program attached with several requirements based on the number of views and followers, many providers of this “service” have risen up recently to meet the creator’s demand of increasing credibility on TikTok and making money.

As a result, this is just about the law of supply and demand. So many creators out there have searched for the TikTok growth’s service in order to make the most out of their content as quickly as possible. Some of them, indeed, have been successful way more fast and way more prosperous.

On the other hand, things don’t work out for the others, due to many consequences such as TikTok removes all the fake accounts or the number of views potentially decreases and so on.

Now, if you’re looking for a shortcut to join the TikTok Creator Fund, read this post before making any decision.

Why should you join the TikTok Creator Fund?

Fundamentally, Tiktok created this fund in order to keep users participating in the platform and wanted to accelerate the number of videos available.

Gen Z’s social network

While the Millenials (Gen Y) is characterized by selfies on Facebook, Gen Z – a generation raised among social networks, has undergone certain changes. They like social networks that are less “saturated” and give them more space to unleash their creativity, express their personality without being considered “weirdos”.


TikTok – the social platform for Gen Z

Generation Z loves to follow and care about people who have knowledge, experience in a certain field or have a profound influence. But not so that they aspire to become those people. Generation Z has always wanted to create its own creative products.

Consequently, TikTok are doing a good job in appealing to Gen Z due to the platform’s main characteristics: mainly focus on vertical, short-form video content, easy to use and viral on the app than other social media platforms.

It also perfectly fulfills Gen Z’s desire to prove themselves and express their  creativity. Besides, TikTok’s editing tools are advanced and approachable, from which users can create more content.

A program to prove TikTok’s status

TikTok is now an extremely hot social networking site with worldwide coverage, besides it is an application that helps individuals and businesses profit from operating on this platform, through some popular forms such as receiving advertising, affiliate marketing, etc.


TikTok status on the Internet

Therefore, finding a strategy to pay creators is quite important for a long-term existence for a platform like TikTok. Giving money to keep popular users is important, because think about it, apart from money, is there anything else that prevents them from jumping to other platforms?

Certainly, it’s too early to tell if TikTok’s fund will work with the trick of success, but it’s a good sign the company is actively figuring out how to treat its biggest assets – the creators.

A new challenge for the creators

Not only the Creator Fund program is a move against other social platforms, especially the most common video site Youtube, it’s also a new standard from TikTok for creators in terms of content quality, despite conflicting information about the safety of participating in this program.


Popular influencers on TikTok

In fact, there’s actually a very specific reason behind the launch of the Creator Fund and TikTok itself also emphasizes it to the public. The platform is really trying to do its best to reward the creators who are constantly contributing original content (both images and audio) and bring valuable information and entertainment to the Internet users.

Also in this current situation, there’s a lot of stereotypes, dramas, issues related to the TikTok platform in general and the Creator Fund in particular (like the about-to suspension of TikTok since the former President Trump was still in office, many creators complained that they can’t make much of money while being the fund’s partners,…).

Due to all of those problems, TikTok is doing its best to improve to establish itself to be an appropriate, potential and significant mainstream social networking site. What we should do now is to give the Creator Fund more time to cultivate its systems.

Besides, after joining the program, our job is to make more content to serve our needs of being free in conceptualizing ideas, providing precious knowledge, and also give TikTok more data to test new features.

This is just a win-win relationship, so you’d better prepare to take part in the TikTok Creator Fund right now then enjoy the creative process.

What will happen after you buy TikTok followers?

The current popularity of TikTok is staggering, only after nearly 4 years of international development, from 2017 to 2020 (developed in China in 2016). Tiktok has become the one of the largest social networking platforms in the world.


The pros and cons of buying TikTok followers

Currently, TikTok has reached 800 million active users per month, 1.2 billion installs per month and 20 million videos uploaded every day (this is the average estimation in 2020).

Before the TikTok Creator Fund program, the platform’s revenue comes from helping businesses, organizations and individuals display ads to the user community. In addition, Tiktok also helps businesses create ads from videos, promote images and profit from it.

The creators who are involved in the above promotional activities can also receive money. Up to now, besides this method, joining the Fund is another way to expand their income and they start looking for the fastest ways to qualify for the requirements. One of those is to buy TikTok followers.

The pros of buying TikTok followers

In fact, there are plenty of providers out there who offer a range of social platform growth services and you can totally rely on them in terms of the high level of follower’s authenticity as well as dedicated support.

TikTok is emerging

TikTok is almost 5 years old and it is still on the rise. The increasing number of users and video content is also a motivation for platform operators to think about how to improve the algorithm and advance the system.


TikTok hashtag challenge

The platform is in the beta phase of a lot of new features and this can be seen as a huge opportunity for creators. TikTok’s level of saturation is still not much significant compared to YouTube or Instagram, so the recognition of a certain creator on the For You page will probably be more easily accessible.

Besides, one of the factors that help TikTok go viral today is the hashtag challenges, when many creators follow the same trend and post similar content. They still get a lot of views and followers while the effort and cost will be much lighter.

Targeted audiences

Another benefit of buying TikTok followers is that the providers will help your account target a potential audience based on the content you produce.


Target the right audiences

Only when your followers are really interested in you will your content be appreciated for the authenticity in TikTok’s eyes. On the other hand, for instance, you bought 10,000 followers to join the Fund, but the videos only show a few dozen views after that, this will greatly affect the credibility of your TikTok account.

Those are fake viewership from inactive accounts. Therefore, you should consider thoroughly understanding how providers work for such a large audience before making any decisions.

The real engagement

As a result of the above factor, targeting the right audience will increase engagement rate for your TikTok channel. Obviously, this will be highly appreciated by the platform, whereby the recognition of your videos is also grown.

The cons of buying TikTok followers

All the downsides of buying TikTok followers come from the shady suppliers.


The insecurity from shady providers

With the aim of quickly increasing views and followers for those in need, many providers can use a variety of tricks to earn poor engagements, such as using automatic softwares like bots or profixies.

Views that do not match a large number of followers will cause your account to be noticed by TikTok and there is a high chance of it being disabled or deleted permanently.

Our takeaway: Should you buy TikTok followers?

A very reputed TikTok growth service is what you need to look for right now when it comes to buy TikTok followers, and you can find it at AudienceGain.

Our service is probably what you need, while there are so many unscrupulous providers out there on the market. Furthermore, these transactions are through online, or in other words, you are exchanging your personal information and accounts with a third party. So please be careful not to take any risks about your information security.


Information security tiktok

At AudienceGain, you can have complete peace of mind on this issue because we have a team of information specialists with dedicated support. The information you provide will always be confidential and we only require the minimum amount of information in order to launch a promotional campaign relevant to your niche.

Speaking of promotional campaigns, it is easy to fall into the dilemma of quick bots for a large number of inactive followers without any effort. However, just buying followers will not get your account noticed and will really destroy your reputation.

As a result, the potential followers we have will come entirely from our social media campaign to bring you the most honest views and followers (This campaign work almost like Google Adsense). This also ensures for stable  future interactions after you join the Creator Fund, which the number of views will increase reasonably compared to the number of followers.

In addition, targeting audiences who are interested in your content will also ensure the safety of your TikTok account as well as avoiding the eyes of TikTok’s algorithm

Another advantage of running ads to increase followers is that this method is completely legal and complies with TikTok’s policy. Even the platform itself is experimenting with a number of advertising features to help creators and brands increase their identity. However, running the ads will take time so don’t worry too much while you see the numbers are not improving at all.

Last but not least, when you decide to make any purchase, those TikTok views and followers only help you enhance your popularity on the platform. The remaining tasks depend entirely on you, the style of your content, and your efforts to ensure a lasting growth in the future.

So to say, if you have any other questions on the article, sign up for us right away and leave a comment right below to let us know.

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