Buy Youtube subscribers cheap and fast? – We doubt that!


Buying YouTube subscribers is a compelling deal, especially for new creators. With a relative amount of cost, you can pull out 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers in a couple of days then you can focus on creating content to make money on Youtube.

Frankly speaking, increasing subscribers is really a tough challenge for all YouTubers. A few hundred new channels appear on Youtube every day, you can’t just turn on the camera and expect everyone to notice your existence on the platform.

However, there are risks while looking for this service and comparing the prices, because you really know about the supply and demand of this market and you are not sure if it is worth your money or not?

This article will analyze the factors worth considering before you go to the services, as well as give a few potential options to increase Youtube subscribers.


Should I Buy YouTube Subscribers Cheap?

Is it bad to buy Youtube subscribers free?

To tackle this concern, we will analyze the pros and cons of buying Youtube subscribers from the view providers on the market.


Should I Buy Subscribers on YouTube? Pros And Cons?


With a service of hiring the third party to increase the number of subscribers for your channel, it would help you quickly qualify to enable monetization, which is the threshold of 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers.

Besides, you have an opportunity to become “ a social network phenomenon” and receive the attention from many Internet users, as a result accelerating your channel’s growth.  

On top of that, especially for new creator’s channels, the high number of subscribers gains them the channel credibility. If you see a Youtube channel with 100K subscribers, chances are you will also subscribe to that channel.


In fact, there are some reasons why you shouldn’t buy Youtube subscribers. As we mentioned many times in our previous posts, buying subscribers from third party services only bring you the level of reputation. 

To be more detailed, even if the channel has 100,000 real subscribers (which are bought), you won’t be able to earn any likes and comments, because no one is really interested in your video.

In other words, the purchased subscribers, in a way, come in handy only for drawing the attention from the other “real and potential” audiences, thus you can optimally start to build an authentic fanbase for your Youtube channel.

And on the other hand, looking for reputed subscribers is also a bit of a challenging task since you help to spend time searching on Google (mostly the services function online), as well as work on a budget and compare the price range, how many subscribers are appropriate for the current channel’s performance. 

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Our giveaway buy youtube subscribers

Now after reading to this point, perhaps you may think “Well that’s too risky!” or “ Maybe I should stop considering the cost to buy more subscribers” or even “Should I quit making content?”

That’s not to mention the risks of your channel being striked or suspended from Youtube since its algorithm can find out the fake subscribers with the speed of light, just like how it detects the views from inactive accounts (and other automatic metrics like VPS and click farms). 

The majority of subscriber trading services currently use fraudulent forms, which violate YouTube’s community policy.

it’s time for our explanation (or an excuse or whatever you see it is). So what does that mean of the series of “cons” while buying Youtube subscribers? Are we telling you that this is too risky and yet we do business on this trading?

First of all, we are earning these subscribers by running ads, just like how we can get views. Besides, we certainly follow terms of service on YouTube.

This process of doing research to profoundly understand Youtube policies, build a community to help sharing to gain subscribers as well as run ads takes a huge amount of time because we dedicatedly make sure that the subscribers we deliver to you are totally safe and legal. 

If you still don’t believe us, get access to our website and read the feedback and you’re going to be surprised!

On top of that, we’ll also provide you with effective channel development strategies and answer any questions about this giant platform’s policies.

The price range


The price range

Nevertheless, if you still decide to do this, that you want to indirectly build a real community of your audiences from the “irrelevant subscribers”, well it’s possible, but only if you find a reliable provider to support you with this. 

The purchased subscribers can be not your targeted audiences, but they’re real since these subscriptions generated from running ads for your video contents through Google Adword and the cost may not be much pleasant, but you should give it a try. 

Normally, The cost to increase subscribers will normally depend on whether you want this process to take place quickly or slowly, but it will range from $250 to $350 for 1000 subscribers.

Other options to increase Youtube subscribers

These are the things you should do after buying Youtube subscribers. Currently, the number of subscribers you have is completely “alien” to the topic of your channel’s content and you need to search for potential audiences.

Use Power Playlist


Use Power Playlist

This is a more optimized feature than the regular playlist. On the one hand, a power playlist will normally be a series of videos that involve broader objects of a niche. For example, if your channel is all about food and cooking recipes, you could add a playlist for “breakfast dishes”

On the other hand, the power playlist is more specific, like the 3-ingredient breakfast recipe, something like that.

This way, you will make it easier for your audience to notice and follow your content.

Optimize video while uploading

  • Concise description: including both the content-related main keyword and the sub-keywords. 
  • Captivating title (contains the main keyword): very essential in the first 3 seconds glance at the YouTube results showing which video viewers will want to watch. Remember to avoid misleading title
  • Outstanding thumbnails:  Images are also key factors determining the likelihood of viewers clicking on your videos to watch. Plus, if your visual design skills are sufficiently good enough, it will create professionalism for the channel. 
  • Tags: about 7-8 tags would be suitable

Contact other channels to collaborate

You can actively communicate with other YouTubers by commenting below their videos, but bear in mind to not do it too much, because no one likes spam, including Youtube: 

  • Avoid words that entice viewers, leading to reverse effects.
  • Do not spam too much, take a long time to comment.

If you’re lucky to be able to feature in their videos, more audiences can approach your content and click on the subscribe button. 

Focus on the current number of subscribers


Focus on the current number of subscribers

Finally, respond to every comment whenever you have time, it’s the easiest way to get more subscribers.

Furthermore, the algorithm can find a clear interaction between you and the audiences, from which you will become more prominent in the eyes of viewers, and YouTube always appreciates human-to-human communication in its ecosystem.

FYI: How much does Youtube pay per subscribers? 

Youtube earns revenue from clicks and ad impressions (CPM and CPC). So it will only pay you based on your video views after you are allowed to monetize as a Youtube partner

Besides, the requirement of 1000 subscribers is only for Youtube to ensure that you have a certain community and a sufficiently wide popularity so that Youtube can display ads on your videos

Therefore, Youtube will pay any penny for subscriptions.

Want to know more about how to have more subscribers? 

All in all, we just want to remind you that “you get what you pay for”. Moreover, things haven’t been done yet after you buy Youtube subscribers, you still need to plan more tactics to focus on your content for a longer run.

So to say, you can sign up for AudienceGain right away to know more about us, in addition to more articles on how to make money on Youtube.

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