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14 October 2016

7 Ways To Start Taking Advantage Of The Social Nature Of SoundCloud

SoundCloud SoundCloud is a fantastic resource for your music. The platform is great for hosting music privately to send to promoters, record labels, or any…

16 October 2015

Make Money on SoundCloud: SoundCloud and RouteNote Merger

Everyone seеms tо want to make money on SoundCloud. Record labels аrе salivating at thе chance tо gеt at mоre money thrоugh online monetization. And,…

11 October 2015

6 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid to Get More Followers on SoundCloud

Each artist worth their guitar strings is on SoundCloud promoting music. It helps you build a community of followers on SoundCloud, connect with influencers within the…

10 October 2015

7 Simple Steps to Get More Followers on SoundCloud

You want to get more followers on SoundCloud, like everybody on the music sharing platform, but how do you do that? The times of having an…

6 October 2015

The Pros and Cons of Buying SoundCloud Plays

Sooner or later in your musician career, your SoundCloud plays might be one important factor. And the question whether it is the best solution to buy…

3 October 2015

7 Best Ways to Promote Music on SoundCloud

When you’re on SoundCloud, and also you want to promote your music digitally, you’re going to need to be ready to put your self out…

22 September 2015

Buy SoundCloud Followers: One Action but Thousands Benefits

Every musician on SoundCloud wants the same thing: millions of fans, which can bring more people to their concerts, or more people buying their merchandise….

28 August 2015

5 Tips To Set Up a Perfect SoundCloud Profile

Setting up a perfect SoundCloud profile can bring you success on this potential platform and beyond. And fortunately, there are so many great ways of creating your…

6 August 2015

7 Tips to Promote Your SoundCloud Music

Your music is your passion, and that’s a wonderful thing. But if it’s also your business, then you’re going to have to spend some time outside of the studio promoting it.

Of course, if you can get maximum reach with minimum effort, all the better. Here areour seven top tips for new and upcoming artists that will help make sure that your time spent promoting your music (whether on SoundCloud or elsewhere) is well spent.