How to Earn Fast on YouTube in 2023


How to make money fast on YouTube? If so, this article outlines all that you need to know about earning money on YouTube from scratch. We start from YouTube’s monetization eligibility, including how much they pay per view. We also highlight what factors influence monetization on YouTube and how YouTube pays its content creators or businesses. The article also gives you some essential tips and tricks to make more money on YouTube in 2021.

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YouTube Monetization Eligibility

There is a threshold that one needs to cross to monetize their Youtube channel as a content creator or business. For example, in 2021, one requires at least 1000 subscribers on their YouTube channel. And, you also need 4000 hours of watch time in the last year to qualify for YouTube’s monetization eligibility. Therefore, YouTube’s monetization eligibility depends on the number of subscribers and watch time primarily. Other factors such as total likes, views, and comments on videos may affect monetization indirectly through their effects on your following growth and time management.

After getting YouTube’s monetization eligibility, your status on your YouTube Creator Studio account would change to eligible for monetization. If you have already asked to be notified when you cross the eligibility threshold, then you’ll receive a notification from YouTube congratulating you on your feat! Otherwise, you can turn on monetization for your account. 

Your next step should be signing up for the YouTube Partner Program. The Youtube Partner Program is a subdivision of the YouTube family. It provides content creators with the same features and resources available to YouTube’s Creator Support team! 

YouTube’s Partner Program allows you to monetize on YouTube through advertisements and many more features!

The Youtube Partner Program provides content creators with the opportunity to turn on in-stream ads for their videos. This is the easiest and most popular method to make money through one’s YouTube channel. However, you would have to create a Google AdSense account to avail of this option, and you could start earning from your content.

How much does YouTube pay per view to content creators in 2021?

These days, the most heated argument about YouTube is concerned with how much YouTube pays its content creators per view. In late 2020, a series of reveals by renowned content creators on YouTube shook the world with new information on how much famous YouTubers earn in 2020-2021. 

The amount paid by YouTube to its content creators in 2021 is dependent on the cost per mille and revenue per mile. These are measures of the costs covered by the advertisement companies for in-stream ads and payments generated for the content creators, respectively.  

YouTube categorizes its costs and revenues based on a measure known as the ‘mille,’ which is Latin for a thousand. The mille implies measuring an advertisement company’s total costs (for in-stream ads) or a YouTuber’s revenue based on a thousand views on their content. Since the eligibility criterion for monetization on YouTube is 4000 hours of watch time per year, this only makes sense.

Based on big reveals by popular YouTubers on how much they earn, we averaged for various factors such as type of content, content niche and country, etc. The estimated RPM for content creators in 2021 was US$7.56 per 1000 views. However, to understand what the amount mentioned above means for content creators in terms of salary stability and earnings per month or year, one would have to delve into the details of what the two measures, cost per mille and revenue per mille, signify. 

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CPM (cost per mille)

The CPM is the cost incurred to advertisement companies for a particular advertisement included in videos by content creators on YouTube in the form of in-stream ads. Therefore, the cost per mille is based on how much advertisers are willing to pay a particular content creator to target a specific type of video, niche, or audience. The cost per mille is usually calculated per video with 1000 views.

Of course, the cost per mille would then be dependent on a range of factors. These include the popularity of the content creator in question, the type of content or niche, and the type of audience. Perhaps this could explain why finance and insurance companies pay a lot for in-stream ads to content creators who post about topics ranging from making money fast online to videos on health, life, and educational insurance.

This is sharply contrasted to how firms such as food and makeup companies do not pay as much to content creators who may post cooking videos or makeup tutorials, respectively. This is because the financial and insurance industries are generally high-paying and high-earning compared to the makeup industry. So, it should not be surprising to you that YouTube videos on making money online have the highest CPM, earning the most in 2021!

RPM (rate per mille)

After taking its cut, the revenue per mille measures the amount paid by YouTube to YouTubers for their content. This is why the CPM and RPM also exist as separate entities. So gear up for this interesting fact that many individuals wanting to make money on YouTube are unaware of! YouTube takes around 45% of the CPM for a particular video as the cut for itself. This means that the RPM is simply 55% of the CPM for a specific video, per 1000 views for that particular video. In that case, it is not staggering that the same factors that affect the CPM also affect the RPM and, therefore, also affect a content creator’s monetization capacity on YouTube.

Factors Affecting Monetization on YouTube in 2021

Henceforth, the CPM, RPM, and an eligible content creator’s monetization capacity depend on many critical factors outlined below for your information. Therefore, to learn how to make money on YouTube fast in 2021, you must be aware of all the following factors that may impact your monetization capacity once you’re eligible to turn on in-stream ads and start earning from your content on YouTube. 


The foremost factor impacting monetization on YouTube is the content niche. There is a huge gap in the revenue per mille for some content niches on YouTube compared to others. Based on reveals in 2020 by famous YouTubers, this article has outlined how much various content creators from different content niches were estimated to earn on YouTube in 2021, per every 1000 views on their videos. These are as follows:

  1. Making money online: $13.85
  2. Finance: $12.35
  3. Social Media Tips: $7.55
  4. Cooking: $7.20
  5. Technology: $6.50
  6. Fitness and health: $4.72
  7. Photography and video: $4.39
  8. Self-improvement: $3.22
  9. Vlogs: $2
  10. Music: $2
  11. Beauty: $1
  12. Parenting: $1

Making money online is ironically the top niche for making money on YouTube.

From these estimates, you can gauge that the highest-earning industry or content niche on YouTube is making money online. In contrast, the lowest-earning niches include the beauty industry and parenting videos. This means that your niche has a pivotal role to play in how much you can earn on YouTube in 2021. So, be careful when it comes to choosing your particular niche. It is also imperative to stick to the exact niche for all or most of your videos on YouTube so that the YouTube algorithm and advertisement companies would both better classify your content niche for the effective monetization of your channel. 


The CPM, RPM, and monetization capacity of a content creator on YouTube are also heavily dependent on particular countries’ views. This implies that for the same 1000 views for the same niche or video, viewers from certain countries tend to earn you more per view than viewers from other countries! The top 10 countries with the highest CPM in 2021 are as follows:

  1. The Netherlands
  2. Ireland
  3. Germany
  4. Norway
  5. The United Kingdom 
  6. Switzerland
  7. New Zealand
  8. Canada
  9. the United States
  10. Austria 

Moreover, the country with the lowest CPM in 2021 was Bangladesh.

This facet is very significant in terms of earning fast on YouTube. Ideally, it would help if you focused on audiences in the highest paying countries to monetize better on your views. Focusing on a specific niche, language, culture, or theme could garner views from a particular high-paying country which could help you earn a lot even if your content niche is not making money online!

Many YouTubers with low-paying niches can make the same amount of money as content creators with high-paying niches by optimizing their content for a specific target audience in a particular country or set of aforementioned high-paying countries. Therefore, an essential tip would be to try and target audiences in these countries by utilizing trending topics and popular themes in these countries in your content videos. You could also research how to produce more country-specific content and target audiences in merely the first or first two highest paying countries if you want!

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Watch Time

The watch time is also a primary factor affecting your monetization capacity on YouTube. A longer watch time means more excellent opportunities to include in-stream ads, which unequivocally makes you more money. Furthermore, based on the YouTube algorithm, if your videos make viewers stay on YouTube for longer, you could potentially earn a lot in general. This leads to a classification of your channel as a significant channel that increases YouTube’s overall watch time, as per the algorithm.

#How many in-stream ads?

However, it is also imperative that viewers view your video content to the end as this determines how engaging your content is in the first place, for viewers to stay till the very end of your videos. Moreover, an update to YouTube in 2021 now allows content creators to add in-stream ads to videos of longer than 8 minutes. This used to be allowed only for videos that were 10 minutes long or longer.

This would mean that many YouTubers would increase their video length to add more In-stream ads. Moreover, in 2021 most videos posted by famous content creators that are 8 minutes long (or longer) earn roughly more than three times compared to videos of a shorter length. 

In-stream ads are the ideal way to earn fast on YouTube in 2021.

However, adding too many in-stream ads is also potentially very harmful. It carries the risk of being annoying to audiences, thereby leading to many viewers not watching your videos to the very end. Therefore, if you consider posting videos longer than 8 minutes, be careful to add in-stream ads to your content in moderation.

Having too many in-stream ads in all your videos would unequivocally suppress your views, comments, and likes. It could also potentially get people to unsubscribe from your channel if they find the in-stream ads too annoying! For that very reason, most successful YouTubers recommend around 1-2 in-stream ads and 3-4 total ads for videos that are 8-10 minutes long. 


Sponsors are perhaps one of the most significant ways to monetize your YouTube channel. This is because YouTube does not take a cut from the money that sponsors provide to content creators to mention or reference their products or services in their videos/content. This feature makes sponsors desirable to most content creators, and sponsors tend to pay much higher than advertisement companies. Therefore, sponsors help you earn fast on YouTube in 2021 even without many subscribers.

Another advantage of using sponsors to earn money fast on YouTube is that you can try to look for sponsors even without many viewers and subscribers. For example, suppose your content is popular even to a specific target audience. In that case, if you manage to find sponsors, you could earn quite a bit even without being a celebrity, an overnight YouTube sensation, or a renowned content creator. However, suppose you do have a strong following with many subscribers and a credible reputation as a content creator on YouTube. In that case, you could even contact marketing firms or sponsors yourself to sign apt deals with you.


Merchandise is also a great way to earn from your YouTube channel. You can sell anything from customized/branded T-shirts, bags, shoes, etc., to stationery, stickers, etc., if you have a strong following and high popularity rate for your channel on YouTube. 

Many YouTubers utilize this feature of the social media platform to earn from their audiences even without having sponsors or too many in-stream ads. Moreover, just like sponsors, YouTube does not take a cut from the merchandise you may sell through your YouTube channel. This means that you can monetize your channel this way even without having an extensive subscriber network. 

Selling your own branded products is a great mechanism to earn fast on YouTube because YouTube does not take any cut for the products you sell.

Age of Viewers

Interestingly enough, your viewers’ ages are also a critical factor in determining how much you can earn through your channel on YouTube. Older viewers tend to lead to greater earnings for your videos. This is because of their relative financial agency, which allows them to be better equipped and spend and invest, especially if you are also selling merchandise.

Furthermore, it is a renowned YouTube trend that older viewers also tend to watch content to the very end than younger viewers. This could be because the attention span of adults tends to be longer or because most adults tend to actively look for something on YouTube rather than sift through the application when bored or procrastinating. 

Audience Type

It is probably already evident that your audience type is also a critical factor in determining how much you can monetize on YouTube. However, certain groups of individuals may be high earning due to the category they fall in. 

For example, suppose your target audience is students. In that case, you could potentially be earning more than a random uncategorized target audience or a lower-paying target audience such as people above 60. 

Similarly, if you create content on making money online, you would be earning more than any other niche because your audience would be composed of primarily influencers or individuals like you reading articles like this one!

Content/Video Topic

Finally, within your specific niche, every topic of your video is relevant because it has a different impact on your target audience and other random people on YouTube and other search engines optimized for your content. 

Choose trendy or exciting topics for your content to help you earn more on YouTube.

Therefore, if your topic is something very interesting or trendy or belongs to a category of things such as reveals that generate a large view count, you can expect to earn quite a bit.

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How does YouTube pay Youtubers?

A common question most people have regarding monetization on YouTube is concerned with the mode of payment through which YouTubers receive their RPM from YouTube. You would be surprised to know that it’s not some magical outlet. It’s just PayPal. 

YouTube takes around 45% of the money your video makes per 1000 views; 55% of it goes to you, out of which you must account for 10-20% of your network provider’s fee.

However, your network provider takes around 10-20% of your RPM. Your network provider is then responsible for providing your YouTube-earned money through PayPal.

Some Extra Tips for earning fast on YouTube without a lot of views and subscribers

After the YouTube updates this year, making money on YouTube might seem harsh. You may be thinking that you’re not cut out for this. However, don’t despair. Our YouTube experts at AudienceGain recommend the following 15 tricks and tips for making money fast on YouTube in 2021. 

In-Stream Ads 

In-stream ads can earn you money on YouTube very quickly and are the most recommended way to monetize your channel. Of course, you must remember that it is essential to add ads in the middle of videos. They can earn up to 10 times more than ads towards the beginning or end of videos. 

This is because other ads are easier to skip and therefore do not generate revenue, as missed ads do not account for ad views.


Mastering your SEO on YouTube is another excellent mechanism for monetizing your channel and earning more. This is because SEO is how your content is viewed by a large audience when it shows up more often or on the top of search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. 

This is why keywords are crucial in promoting your content. You should always look for keywords for your video topic and add them to your video title and description. 

Selecting the right keywords and optimizing your channel for more views can help you go a long way in monetizing your YouTube channel.

Moreover, you should also consider the following five primary YouTube SEO factors that determine how your current SEO is working:

  1. Video length 
  2. Thumbs up/thumbs down ratio
  3. Click-through-rate on the YouTube search results 
  4. Number of comments
  5. Subscribes after watching a video

Video editing services

Offering video editing services to other YouTubers is a great way to network and make market contacts on YouTube in 2021. Video editing also earns around USD 500 if you’re offering services to a renowned brand or firm. With the subscription-based economy that we live in today, many brands, companies, and firms are going online. Many companies are now marketing their products or services through YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter, amongst other popular social media platforms. Therefore, this is a great way to monetize your YouTube channel’s credibility and your video-editing skills and YouTube experience and network and make contacts. Think about it; these very brands could also sponsor you at some point. 

Market Affiliate services

Another great way to make money on YouTube fast in 2021 is through becoming a market affiliate and reviewing products. This is because most people these days do not trust products and services sold online. Therefore, it is imperative to realize that most people who shop online are also looking for reviews. Furthermore, an essential tip if you’re reviewing products is to always speak from personal experience and maybe even use that as keywords for your content! 

An essential tip to remember in this regard is not to disclose your affiliate relationships, however. This is because this could potentially get you into trouble later if the state bans your market affiliates, they have a legal case against them, or they are canceled in contemporary culture. All of those mentioned above could lead to a suppression of your views, likes, comments, and subscribers.

Moreover, always remember to prefer recurring affiliate programs with recurring commissions. The advantage of such programs is that they let you earn an income as long as your referred visitor remains a company customer. Several companies such as Demio, GetResponse, and SEMRush offer such programs with recurring commissions in 2021.  

Your affiliate programs and sponsors should also be relevant for your audience and can help you earn fast on YouTube in 2021. 

Crowdfund your projects 

Crowdfunding your projects is one of the primary mechanisms to monetize your channel fast in 2021. Many YouTubers these days are crowdfunding their projects and earning money from their subscribers. However, remember that your projects should relate to what your targeted audience wants to see so that your subscribers may have reason enough to invest in your projects in the first place. 

Bloopers/Q&A to increase video length

Another fundamental trick is to increase your video length to add more in-stream ads. Many YouTubers add a Bloopers section or a Question and Answers session towards the end of their videos to stretch the video length. This is a good trick for earning more through in-stream ads.

Selling online courses (and other informational products)

Suppose you are an educator on YouTube making informational videos. In that case, selling online courses or other informational products such as books, software, etc., that you design and produce is a great way to monetize your channel. Why only put all of the information in your 10-minute video? You could sell a book or journal along with your online content and earn fast on YouTube in 2021. 

Paid Membership Programs 

Paid Membership programs are one of the highest-paying monetization channels on YouTube. YouTube Premium costs USD 11.99 per month and can earn you quite a bit. This is because paid membership programs such as YouTube Premium also only cater to other YouTube Premium clients. Therefore, this audience is way more likely to spend money on your content through any monetization channel you might pursue.

YouTube Premium allows you to garner a YouTube Premium audience that pays you more per view than regular audiences on YouTube!

Market Consultancy 

Another fundamental trick to earn money on YouTube fast in 2021 is that you could work as a market consultant on YouTube, offering companies optimized strategies for marketing their products and services on YouTube. If you have a credible YouTube channel, even without many subscribers, your own YouTube marketing skills must be good. It would help if you monetized those skills by offering your services to new brands and companies joining YouTube for marketing purposes.

Amazon Influencer Program

Suppose you qualify for the Amazon Influencer Program by having a large following. In that case, you could join the Amazon Influencer Program that allows you to use your social media platforms to review Amazon products and market them through your social media content. This is a great way to make money. However, this option is only available if you have a large following on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter. Once eligible, you could choose to monetize any of your social media accounts/channels.

Using a Simultaneous Blog 

YouTube often works excellent with a blog site if you are any content creator or business on YouTube. This is because while your YouTube videos give a snippet of your content, your blog or website could detail your SEO-optimized content.

Conducting physical events

Conducting physical events is a great way to earn on YouTube fast in 2021 if you have a credible channel with a respectable following and your content could entail physical classes or workshops. In addition, many subscribers like engaging with their favorite channels, especially if they’re informational or entertainment channels. 

Conducting physical events such as workshops is an excellent way to earn fast on YouTube without many subscribers, especially if your channel offers educational or entertainment services.

Licensing your content to media houses

You could also license your videos to media houses if you have a credible channel with a decent amount of subscribers. This is a very significant way to earn on YouTube in 2021; if your content goes viral, you could lose out on a substantial advertising opportunity without licensed content. 


If you feel like your content niche is not working out for you you could always consider becoming a coach on YouTube if you are good at something. You could monetize any one of your skills by making informational videos and teaching people how to do something. 

Family-friendly (non-explicit) content 

You should ensure that your videos are based on family-friendly content to remain in the good books of the YouTube algorithm and generally to get more views. 

Moreover, avoid using slurs and profane language as these tend to decrease views. They also lead to lousy pattern associations with your channel or account in YouTube’s algorithm. This could lead to a suppression of your views and revenues earned from ads.

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In conclusion, you can easily monetize your YouTube channel and start earning money through your videos. You can also consider the current rate that YouTube pays per view (avg. USD 7.56) through the PayPal payment channel. Furthermore, in 2021, YouTube is still one of the fastest-growing social media channels. During the current global pandemic, every company is springing to YouTube and other platforms for marketing and selling. Therefore, you should consider monetizing your YouTube channel if you are eligible. 

This article has outlined all you need to know to earn fast on YouTube this year. If you feel like you may have any more questions about monetizing your YouTube channel, feel free to sign up for AudienceGain’s remarkable YouTube marketing services.

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