The top-notch factors to get more subscribers and make money from Youtube


Do creators instantly make money on Youtube from the first 1000 subscribers they get? Take a look at this post to acknowledge the tips to increase subscribers.


Your very first audiences – 1000 subscribers

We have talked a lot about 4000 watch hours – a key factor to make money from Youtube. Therefore, now it’s time to concede the spotlight to the second (kind of) important factor to monetize from your channel – the subscribers.

From the very first stage, you’re completely entitled to nothing on Youtube, especially the subscribers. In fact, you can get the views and watch hours from them, but it’s another story to make them click on the subscribe button.

Furthermore, currently, the number of people following the path of becoming a content creator is also growing strongly. However, just setting up a Youtube account, recording a certain number of videos and uploading it is not enough to make people follow you on Youtube.

You need to come up with some powerful strategies to engage viewers and convince them that you are a popular figure to follow and anticipate your video productions.

How many subscribers do you need to make money on YouTube?

First of all, let us rewrite these iconic minimum legal obligations to allow you to be a monetized partner of Youtube platform.

Let’s focus on “have a minimum of 1000 subscribers“. It can be said that this condition is the second most important after the “holy” reach 4000 hours within a year. Say it’s the second most important since it’s not time-constrained. You can earn 1000 subscribers in a lifetime as well.

Nevertheless, the number of subscribers you reach is proportional to the number of views and watch hours you gain. Subscriber count is also an evaluation criterion that everyone wants to achieve in order to achieve Youtube buttons – a reward that Youtube gives to the dedicated efforts of the creators.

  • Silver Button: for 100,000 subscribers
  • Gold Button: for 1,000,000 subscribers
  • Diamond Button: for 10,000,000 subscribers

As for several magnificent channels, there are also higher two buttons:


Play Custom Button

Play Custom button: Your channel must exceed 50,000,000 subscribers. PewDiePie Youtube channel was the first channel to receive this award on December 18, 2016.


Red Diamond Play Button

Red Diamond Play Button: Your channel has at least 100,000,000 subscribers to receive this priceless reward. T-Series is the first YouTube channel to receive the Red Diamond, the next is the PewDiePie channel.

So to say, 1000 subscribers is the initial start for you to achieve those seemingly impossible numbers. Now, let’s dig in deep into how to establish a loyal fan base for your channel and make money on Youtube.

Best tips to increase the number of subscribers and make money on Youtube

Prioritize your subscribers

The very first thing you should care about is the priority of the subscribers you currently have. Even though when you first build your channel and only have a few dozen subscribers, these are also the first audiences to be interested in and what you create.


See your subscribers as your privilege

To establish absolute trust, there are many different ways. One of the simplest ways is to mention the top comment of a viewer right in your video’s introduction.

Besides, please reply to a comment that gets the most likes. Everyone loves to be showered with compliments and  you should cherish those positive statements as a privilege.

Next, pin your own comments to continue the conversation and interact more with channel subscribers. Ask them “What do you want to see in the next video?” to get more idea content for further videos.

Indeed, asking your audience what they want to see next is also a source of potential ideas for you whenever you’re stuck with your train of thought. For example, you can collect their questions and make FAQs, as well as edit some used footage to make a behind-the-scenes video.

By these ways, you buy yourself some time to do necessary research and preparation for more complicated content you will deliver to the audience.

Your ability to tell a story

Storytelling is the result of the desire to listen and share, a form for people to connect with each other. Starting from the oral to the reading culture with the invention of writing, and now is the culture of communication technology, stories are presented in many different forms, ranging from data, images to words.


Tell a good story for your subscribers

The essence of storytelling is a form of conveying information that people have inherent in daily life. As a result, storytelling builds trust, connection from the audiences, as well as brings them an awareness to your Youtube channels.

Thus, as a creator, it’s very essential for you to understand how to tell a good story, therefore increasing the number of subscribers. Besides, being good is not enough. A story needs (or your content’s plot) needs…

  • Give information to the audience
  • Convince the audience
  • Connect with your audience

…to be appealing and draw more attention, as a result gradually make money on Youtube.

With that being said, the “Attention score” in “Youtube Analytics tools” will be a standard data to help you self-evaluate your ability to tell a story and adjust it if needed. So this figure is in the red area, you are doing well. But if it falls to a different area, you need to try to improve further.

Nevertheless, Attention score (AS) doesn’t work the same for all types of content. For instance, instructional content usually has a very low AS at the very beginning of the video, since most of the traffic will leave at the beginning, due to the fact that the audiences quickly decide if they want to learn about an issue they want to explore or not.

On the other hand, if viewers watch until 2-3 minutes, this score will gradually increase towards the end., cause they’re already into what you’re saying and want to acknowledge more of your instructions.

As for entertainment-purpose content, AS usually has a high starting point (well, due to your clickable thumbnails and trendy-topic-related title for example). But the rest is kind of unpredictable. If you don’t continue to include a good storyline, the audiences may drop it off.

Your individualistic

Let’s say now you have a certain number of subscribers for your channel. Ask yourself “why do they decide to follow you?”


Be confident in your own lane!

Indeed, there are thousands of other Youtube channels which make money (or on the way to be able to) from the same niche as yours. What is it in your channel and videos that your subscribers are keen on?

Well, maybe you shouldn’t spend too much time finding an answer for that either. It’s so obvious here that the viewing habits and tendency of audiences are relevant to your individualistic content. So instead, pay attention to highlight your own mark.

To determine that approach, you must first identify:

  • Who are your targeted audiences?
  • How do you elaborate your niche to make them stay appealing?
  • Do the audiences like them in a fun or sarcastic way?

To be more detailed, among the top channels, they all follow a trend of fun – humor to some extent. Youtube is also a place where people are very comfortable with their quirks or freaks, so it doesn’t matter if we experiment with this a bit.

Or you can take a more professional, methodical approach from a more secular and academic perspective, depending on the demographics of your target audience file and their tastes. .

So to say, you should spend time researching your ideas with as many people as possible to decide which basic direction you should take. Style can change over time, of course, but you need to set up a signature feature first and that should be prominent.

One of the Youtube channels that we find doing a great job in flexing their personalization in videos is Korean Englishman – a Youtube channel about Korean culture.


Korean Englishman

The channel owner is two Englishmen named Josh Carott and Ollie Kendal. In fact, this is really a niche content that is not new and very popular (in terms of cuisine), but the individualization here that we talk about is their perspectives ( as British people) towards Korean culture.

Well, of course it has to be different, because they are not Korean at all. However, these guys have successfully represented “food” as a tool to get rid of language and culture barriers between the two countries.

As you can see, they have introduced Korean traditional food to their family and friends, and even famous Hollywood stars like Chris Hemsworth and Ryan Reynolds, which proves their explosive popularity on the world streaming website.

Currently their main channel – Korean Englishman has reached nearly 4 million subscribers, as well as 2.15 millions for the sub-channel-Jolly.

Create consistency  – essential factor to make money on Youtube

For everything! You don’t want your subscribers and other targeted audiences to get confused with what they’re seeing when they get access to your channel.

Your homepage


Your homepage should look like this!

First off, a consistent style guide will ensure consistency across your channel and all elements in it. Define your brand’s fonts, colors, logos and images and keep them all in one place to apply to channel images, thumbnails, video introduction and so forth.

Besides, you should create a home video to welcome the audiences. To be more specific, it should encapsulate what channel is all about. There are a few methods to do this:

  • Create a dedicated trailer for your homepage, which describes yourself, and tell your viewers what they’re getting. Also, it should be 2 minute long
  • Bring one of the top videos that captures the core spirit of your channel as a home video
  • Create a compilation of the videos that have stood out from the previous video.

Video time frame

Secondly, you should try to operate on a certain content posting schedule.

To keep your viewers interested and engaged, let them know when a new video is released. Indeed, users will lose interest in channels that are suddenly not active for a while.

In general, the best video-upload schedule should be at least 1 new video per week for instructional content, and 2-3 videos for entertainment.

However, whatever niche it is, if there are 2-3 videos a week, the effect is even better. Therefore, maybe 1-3 is a moderate level that holds the attention of your audiences but does not make them feel overwhelmed by your creative products.

Research and collaboration


Guest-posting on Youtube

To increase subscribers and develop your channel in the long term, always be ready to learn, especially from other YouTuber channels.

You should dig into their channel’s comment section to see how their audiences react to their videos. Moreover, taking a little time a day to watch some other people’s videos, click “like” and leave comments to find inspiration to learn from them.

On top of that, Collaborating with other great YouTubers is also essential since it can boost your channel significantly.

If you really want to speed up the growth of your brand on Youtube, you should reach out to other YouTubers in your niche. To do this, find contact information on their About page and then click on “Send message” to the Youtuber that you want to work with.

And thanks to the advanced technology these days, there’s no need to meet them face to face to collaborate. You can record video scenes, remotely through communication apps like Facetime or Skype, then post the video on Youtube.

Do you want to figure out how to make money from Youtube and increase your subscribers?

In a nutshell, not only build a strong fanbase, you can also widen your channel’ reputation if you follow a certain consistency throughout your whole plan of creating contents.

Thus, you can sign up for AudienceGain  right now for more updates from our service and other valuable information for making money from this platform itself.

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