Pro tips – How to have free YouTube watch hours from popular YouTube niches


YouTube does not show a sign of slowing down in exploding its growth to be a prevailing video-sharing platform. Obviously, every user, of all ages from all over the world, loves to watch videos online on YouTube. Therefore, every content creator also loves to receive free Youtube watch hours.

free youtube watch hours

Video content – an indispensable element for making money online

Video content has gradually become an indispensable element for not only content marketing campaigns of any business, but also for solo YouTubers who are serious about their creative career. 

Indeed, since 80% of people prefer to watch a video about a certain product than to read about it. As a result, text and images can’t compete with videos in trust and engagement. 

And with such a visualized advantage, and especially for new creators, Youtube is really an effective tool to help them make money.

Besides, one of the factors determining whether a video is interesting or not is the public watch hours. Its role is to evaluate the interaction between viewers and creators, in addition to a required condition for Youtube to allow creators to monetize from their contents. 

So what kinds of content should they focus on creating? What would users expect when searching for a video-formed solution on the platform? What is currently viral in the virtual world?

In this article, AudienceGain will unfold secrets about gaining free YouTube watch hours from popular niches to give you a better overview of how content is conveyed on this platform. 

Let’s dive in, shall we? 

To begin with, let’s find out why video contents are so user-appealing? 

Increase visual-wise engagement based on images

In fact, our memory of sound is much worse than that of visualization or tactility. To be more specific, in terms of images, the advantages of moving images will certainly outweigh that of still ones. 

free Youtube watch hours

Visual-wise engagement for audiences

For example, recently you are really interested in photography and buy yourself a DSLR camera to satisfy your passion, as well as have a new hobby and to kill quality time at weekends. 

However, you’ve never really owned a digital camera before. You have no idea about how it works. The instruction manual is too thick and complicated and you won’t be patient enough to read the whole of it. Besides, it’s impossible that you will remember every single detail mentioned in the book. 

To solve this problem, besides their main career as professional photographers, they started to build Youtube channels that teach beginners photography and review digital camera brands. Since in the very beginning, they also had no clue how things work, and they found reading the manual was a bit of a hassle.

With that being said, video-type information will provide you with a general overview-to-detail of knowledge you want to explore, as well as a long-term memory. 

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Videos are becoming a trend

Besides Youtube, other social networking sites like Facebook or Instagram also have a tendency to create content or advertisements as a form of videos.  

free Youtube watch hours

Video content becomes such a trend

For example, Instagram – a popular photo-sharing platform, has also increased the duration of each video uploaded to 60 seconds maximum. There is also the Story feature (the shared image statuses exist for 24 hours) and TGTV, which are also very common-used among many users.

Next is Facebook, in addition to being the most popular social networking site in the entire world, this social network is also equipped with Facebook Watch which synthesizes outstanding videos for users to watch.

Moreover, we can’t help but to mention Tik Tok – the birth of the vertical-video-type trend in the last two years.  

Nevertheless, Youtube has always been the main destination for Internet users, due to its diversity, as well as its creative monetization features that expand creators’s income.

With that being said, Youtube has surpassed 1 billion hours of video viewed per day. This platform is known as the world’s second largest search engine.

So now, what’re you waiting for? If you don’t create video contents then you will definitely regret it. You’re missing out on a great opportunity make your Youtube channel actively monetized. 

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Influential Stories 

Some businesses have effectively developed their operation by crafting Youtube content from engaging multiple topics.

free Youtube watch hours

Vanity Fair Youtube Channel

In terms of the fashion business, Vanity Fair magazine of America is renowned for its Youtube channel with more than 3 million subscribers and over 2 thousand videos have been published. In particular, this magazine regularly updates new fashion trends and advertising strategies to attract more readers. 

Besides being such an influential fashion magazine, Vanity Fair has also kept up to date with many popular culture, politics, and current affairs in the U.S. 

Many Hollywood stars as well as music artists have chosen Vanity Fair as a destination in their image promotion campaign, whenever they release a new movie or an album. Some of Vanity Fair’s famous content types such as, “Career break-down” or “Lie Detector Test” have attracted millions of views from users and this figure is still growing day by day. 

As a result, Instead of promoting the “flashiness” brand, Vanity Fair has made quality Youtube video content that guides users to make the most of their entertainment and knowledgeable information. 

The Verdict for free Youtube watch hours 

Well, those are the very special perks that video content can deliver to Internet users.

If you haven’t implemented any kind of videos before, then it’s best to give it a go right now.

Indeed, you can get more inspiration from many different sources. Then brainstorm ideas then your videos can help audiences solve some of the problems they are having.

That being said, our team would like to introduce a few content ideas to help you attract more viewers, increase Youtube views as well as widen your popularity. 

Small FYI – How does Youtube count views? 

YouTube views (or views) are the number of clicks a viewer watches a video of a publisher. One public view is “counted” as it lasts for a minimum of 30 seconds (meaning that a viewer watches the video for at least 30 seconds).

Top 7 popular video content types to have free Youtube watch hours 

You may have acknowledged about this info before, but there is so much more to profoundly dig into. 


Ranging a lot! We’re serious. Basically anything on this platform can be seen as a way for amusement. This is based on the user’s perspective and preferences totally. For example, videos about unboxing the latest Iphone can make all tech-savvies find a simple joy. 

The trend of watching people eating – Mukbang

In addition, there are types of entertainment content we think is rather weird that some people can earn a great fortune overnight – which is Mukbang. Indeed, it’s just so strange that audiences have a favor for watching a big eater consume a huge amount of food while still interacting with them. 

Anyways, these Mukbang-ers still gain huge income by accepting donations or becoming paying partners with food & drinking sponsors.

On the other hand, with the video category of entertaining content, there are many valuable that increase views and subscribers very effectively, you can follow the following types of content:

free youtube watch hours

Among us – Entertainment from comedy kit and gaming channel

Gaming videos: While this niche doesn’t really apply all targeted audiences, gaming is one of the most popular video formats on YouTube. So if you love video games, a gaming channel can be a great idea!

Comedy / Skit: People love to laugh out loud. According to some research, comedy video is the video format most likely to get ‘viral’. Many comedian experts have incorporated the skit script in their video as a fun, highly produced introduction. 

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How-tos, DIY, tutorials

If you are confident about a certain skill, expertise or technique and want to share it, making  instructional videos is an interesting idea that cannot be ignored to give the opportunity to interact with the world.


Many YouTubers said they only started their career by posting a few instructional videos, and then built a professional personal channel with many videos posted regularly. 

And as we mentioned above, these days, users rarely go to read manuals on a tool they want to use. With just a simple click on Google’s search engine or Youtube video, everything will be much faster and more convenient.

Simply installing Win 10 for your PC, learning guitar chords, or even origami tutorials can be great sources of ideas for you to create a monetized Youtube channel. 

Making these types of content can easily and stably increase views, watch hours and subscribers, since they are evergreen content – knowledge brings lasting value. 

Nevertheless, there’s one thing you should keep in mind. They can be “expired”, even if they’re not time-sensitive. We mean, very few people search for how to fix broken cassette tapes or something like that, because they are so out-dated. 

More in-depth on DIY

Trick shots – particular niche for quick, organic and free Youtube watch hours 

We will cover some of the contents that became such a trendy term three or four years ago, which is “trick shots” videos. 

To be more detailed, in the game of billiards, there’s a concept of “trick shots”, referring to “impossible” hits. And these hits must require top skills to get done. 

Outside of billiards, “trick shot” also refers to a new trend emerging among Western youth around 2016-2017, in which players perform moves with extremely low success rate, seemingly impossible.

For example, lighting a grill with a single match, throwing keychains to a small hook, or flipping a water bottle…… have turned randomness into art. As a result, these types of videos attract a large number of viewers and everyone is making random videos along with  this trend. On top of that, lots of unknown YouTubers are famous for their trick shots and have successfully monetized from it. 

Nowadays, trick-shot videos are probably not as viral as they used to be. Anyways, this is still a viral content-type and eventually loses values.

But if you know how to innovate the idea a little bit, and improve video production specifically, then trick-shots can last forever, like this guy does.

Zack King magical tricks

Zach King is an American social media personality and filmmaker who has a net worth of $3 million. He is mostly famous for his “magic-tricks” videos, which are six-second videos digitally edited to look as if he is doing magic. 

In 2011, he posted a video titled Jedi Kittens on YouTube, about two cats fighting with lightsabers. The video possessed over a million views in three days  and grew to 18 million views.

Now he’s mostly active on Instagram and Tik Tok, but his Youtube channel is a place for him to share behind-the-scenes videos and personal life. 


A blog (short for website blog) is a kind of personal-wise article on the Internet. In fact, the blog contents are very diverse.

Vlogs – video blogging for solo creators

Simple examples might be sharing articles about your daily meals (like what I eat in a week as a college student), or just personal achievements of the day that you want to share. 

And Vlog (short for video blog) is functionally like blogs but presented as video.

Of course, the YouTube vlog is somewhat more lively and interesting. It’s almost like a reality TV show – a vlogger’s true experience. Therefore, this type of video can increase a large number of watch hours and subscribers. 

Product review

As human’s shopping demand is unlimited, product-review videos are the premise for videos of comparing, evaluating, offering advantages of products. These videos are quite easy to do, but you need to prepare in advance the steps to mention to avoid missing the necessary features of the product.

free Youtube watch hours

Product Review from experts

Nevertheless, product reviews are quite easy to confuse with unboxings. Reviewing will have more profound information, depth,with sophisticated-detail evaluation under many angles coming from the subjective opinions of channel’s owners.

With that being said, videos of this niche require in-depth knowledge from you on a certain subject. The more professional you are, the more your video will be appreciated by Youtube for the value you bring to your audiences. Free Youtube watch hours now just within your hand reach. 


The age-old but never-out-of-date evergreen content, it’s no surprise that educational video is a prevailing format. For instance, if you’re a stylist with many years of experience, you can create instructional videos on make up, hair styling, outfitting as your powerful weapon to make money from your monetized Youtube channel. 

free Youtube watch hours

Tedtalk – famous educational Youtube channel

TED and National Geographics can be considered two of the most common educational video channels. Thanks to a team of experts behind, people from various age groups can get access to the channel to expand their knowledge.

On top of that, many other SMEs share videos on their websites about marketing strategies and SEO also.

Consequently, this type of video is often thought-provoking and captivating, leading to benefiting both parties – creators and audiences in terms of the profits and values, respectively (or even mutually). 

Behind the scene

With all the ideal contents we mentioned above, you can gain extra free Youtube watch hours and share with the audiences the process of you taking the effort and responsibility of brainstorming and editing parts. 

free youtube watch hours


Moreover, many creators that have a monetized Youtube channel have at least one sub-channels just for behind-the-scenes videos to interact more with their fanbase, and even widen their revenue. 

Behind-the-scenes videos are also what the audiences normally ask for. As a consequence, while you can’t think clearly about what to make next, rummage your old footages and craft them into complete behind-the-scenes videos.

In a nutshell

In conclusion, in order to grow a monetized Youtube channel or being a part of a Youtube Partner, you can totally express your persona to the virtual world throughout the above niches and gain free Youtube watch hours

Besides, you can also consider our service for purchasing watch hours as an optimal solution. Whichever method you select, our team hopes that via this article you will have a fundamental overview of how to cultivate your unique ideas on video producing.  

For more information, please contact AudienceGain via:
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