How to Collab on YouTube?


There are various ways to how to collab on YouTube and many different reasons why you should consider doing so. Lucky for you, we cover some of them here.

This article elucidates how you can collab on YouTube. Firstly, we walk you through some advantages of YouTube collabs. Then the article covers collabs with brands and collabs with YouTubers. Followed by this, we highlight collaborating on playlists and creating collab channels. Finally, the article concludes with where you can find other YouTubers to collab with.

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Advantages of YouTube Collabs

So, you’re probably wondering why you should consider a collab on YouTube with another YouTuber or brand in the first place. Well, YouTube collabs are famous for helping you increase your audience and grow your channel. But, they are also very beneficial in building awareness for your brand and creating unique content. In this section of the article, we highlight four primary advantages of collabs on YouTube.

Greater Reach and Increased Views

Firstly, your YouTube channel is exposed to more viewers when you collaborate with another YouTuber. Therefore, collaborations on YouTube open up your content and channel to a whole new audience. It is unequivocally not easy for YouTubers to grow their channels independently, and collaborating with another channel opens up opportunities for gaining new subscribers and fans. Moreover, we are aware that it is difficult to become famous on YouTube and build your brand. However, collabs on YouTube quicken the process and help you develop your YouTube brand faster and effectively. Therefore, with collabs, your audience numbers are bound to increase, which means you will likely receive more views on your videos than you would before the collaboration.

Longer Watch Time and Greater Audience Retention

Secondly, a collab on YouTube is very beneficial in resulting in longer watch times and more excellent audience retention. Audience retention implies the percentage of a YouTube video that is entirely watched by audiences. This determines how many viewers watch a particular video to completion. A collab on YouTube helps increase the time for which people watch your videos. This is because collaboration would result in new viewers who may involve subscribers and fans of the other YouTuber. Especially if you collaborate with a YouTube channel that’s bigger and more popular than yours, your collab video is likely to have longer watch time and audience retention. This is because the other more popular YouTuber may have more loyal fans who watch to completion than you.

Collaborations Create Unique Content

Moreover, it is an excellent idea to collab on YouTube because of the information exchange that occurs before, during, and after collaborations with other YouTubers. Partnerships on YouTube generally result in unique and more enjoyable content than before the collaboration. This is because collaborations usually result in friendships and the exchange of ideas. Therefore, YouTubers might exchange tips, tricks, and suggestions for building their brand and increasing their subscriber count. In addition, collaborations allow YouTubers to ask other YouTubers for advice, receive feedback and constructive criticism, and ask for favors from other YouTubers.

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Forming New Professional Relationships and Friendships

Finally, collabs on YouTube are a spectacular way to form meaningful connections with other YouTubers. This is because YouTubers that collaborate will likely have to spend a lot of time together. They’ll have to come up with ideas, agree on them, and film a video. Additionally, YouTubers who collaborate are likely to become friends because they need to produce a video together. Therefore, by collaborating, YouTubers gain friendships and meet new people.

Collab with Brands on YouTube

You could either collab with brands on YouTube if you’re a business or with other YouTubers within the same channel niche. When it comes to collaborating with brands, however, there are two main ways to do so. These are either through sponsored content in your videos or creating collab videos with the brands in question.

Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts are the oldest way to collab on YouTube with a brand, business, or content creator. They usually involve a short clip introducing a product or service or reviewing a product/service. Alternatively, you could also merely use a product or service in your video without directly talking about it. These are all great ways to collab with brands on YouTube for sponsored posts or content.

Collabs with brands involve using sponsored content in your videos to earn money.

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Collab Videos

However, if sponsored posts seem less interactive to you as collaborations, you can consider creating collab videos with other brands or businesses. Collab videos with brands are an excellent opportunity to act as a market affiliate and market a particular brand to your audience members.

Collab with other YouTubers on YouTube

Moreover, it would be best to consider collaborations with other YouTubers to increase your channel’s overall reach and solidify your brand. The best tips for YouTube collabs with other YouTubers include choosing a YouTuber with a greater reach than yours. Additionally, look for YouTubers within the same content niche as yours. It would also help if you considered YouTubers with similar styles or video topics as yours.

Collab on YouTube Playlists

You can also collaborate on playlists with other YouTubers.

Additionally, you can also collab on YouTube via collaborations on playlists. This is an excellent opportunity to allow your friends, associates, and other YouTubers to add similar content to your playlists. This serves as effective marketing for both your content and their content. To collab on a YouTube playlist, follow the following steps:

  1. Sign in to the YouTube Creator Studio.
  2. Select Playlists from the left menu.
  3. Click Edit next to the playlist you want to add collaborators to.
  4. Below the playlist’s title, click More …
  5. Click Collaborate.
  6. Click the slider next to “Collaborators can add videos to this playlist.”
  7. Turn on “Allow new collaborators.”
  8. Copy the playlist link and share it with individuals you want to collaborate with.

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Create a Collab Channel on YouTube

Furthermore, if you like creating vlogs or gaming, you should consider making a collab channel with other vloggers or gamers on YouTube, respectively. Many gamers often create collab channels to get to know each other better and improve friendship. Such collaborations can also be very beneficial in terms of monetization if both gamers or vloggers are popular.

A collab channel is an excellent opportunity for gamers to showcase their talents together.

Where to find YouTubers to collab with on YouTube?

Finally, now you’re probably aware of the innumerable benefits of collabs on YouTube, and you’ve learned how to collaborate on YouTube. But, you might be wondering where you could find fellow YouTubers to collaborate with. Well, it’s not that difficult. We have listed some primary platforms and groups that you can use to find other YouTubers willing to collaborate.

  1. YouTube Creators G+ Community
  2. YouTube Creator Help Forum
  3. YTTalk Forums
  4. SocialBlade Forums

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In Conclusion

To sum it up, we outline collabs on YouTube in this article. Firstly, we walk you through some unparalleled advantages of YouTube collabs. These included greater reach and views, excellent audience retention and longer watch time, creating unique content, and forming new relationships and friendships.

Moreover, the article then elucidates collabs with brands which include sponsored posts and collab videos. Followed by this, we delve into collabs with other YouTubers and collabs on playlists. The latter involves a note on how you can collaborate on playlists. Then, we deal with collab channels and how they are beneficial for gamers and vloggers.

Finally, we outline some forums where you can find other YouTubers to collaborate with. However, you can learn more about where to find collaborators and how to carry out effective collabs from our YouTube experts at AudienceGain.

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