How To Complete 4000 Watch Hours Fast On YouTube?

You do not know how to complete 4000 watch hours fast on YouTube? Don’t worry, the problem you give is not as difficult as you think!

Finding services to sell views, use software to increase views or exchange views is no longer a strange thing for YouTubers. Because those directions are the way YouTuber usually uses to optimize the video. 

However, there are only a few ways that you can increase the quality and safety of your view from the very first moment. Through the tips below, you will not need to worry about finding answers on how to complete 4000 watch hours fast on YouTube. 

Here are some tips you need to grasp quickly to increase views, sub, likes, comments, … really effective and fast.

Tips for complete 4000 watch hours fast on YouTube

Optimize videos to increase views

Optimized videos to increase viewsOptimized videos to increase views

There are many ways to optimize the video. For example, put the title containing keywords. 

This is the basic foundation that you need to build firmly before you plan to develop your channel abroad. Normally your title should be short and be around 56 characters long.

Pressing too many keywords in the title will make the title lose its attractiveness and creativity, but gradually becomes stiff.  Videos are like a boring textbook that states what to say, not as attractive as videos while playing while learning. If your title contains many keywords, it will overwhelm the audience. 

Therefore, you should consider how to make the title both SEO factor and the appropriate length when appearing on the search engine bar. The longer the title will make the viewer do not want to click.

In addition to the title, you need to pay attention to the video quality in terms of both audio and visual. You need to pay attention to watch videos with 720 or higher HD resolution. 

Once you ensure meticulousness and carefulness in each step of creating video content, it will easily achieve 4000 watch hours fast on YouTube. You can make phrases that pull or guide something. For example “Unexpected …”, “How to …”, “Revealing the secret …”, …

Currently, many YouTubers prefer to use tools such as to analyze and avoid tagging by few people searching. 

Thanks to this keyword analysis tool, many people can raise the channel to the top of the display, allowing the channel to reach more viewers.

The more you know how to do keyword research to include it in your video title, the easier it is for your video to reach the trending top. 

Once it has reached the top and is recognized by YouTube as not violating the rules, the complete 4000 watch hours are only sooner or later.

Remember three factors you need to keep in mind: good title – good SEO keywords – impressive channel name. 

Just the above three factors, your channel will easily reach the milestone of 4000 watch hours. From there, you can meet 1 of YouTube’s monetization criteria.

Since January 16, 2018, YouTube has issued a monetization regime that the channel must reach 4000 watch hours within 12 months and 1000 subscribers. Therefore, video optimization is the basic thing that you must do to strive during the race to reach 4000 watch hours within 12 months and 1000 subscribers.

Optimize video description

Write your description as concisely, as well as enough, as much as you can. Below the description must add a web link, Facebook, phone number, … to increase interaction. 

You can also prompt viewers to click on the new clips you just posted to discover interesting things. 

The keywords that you analyze in search engines should also be included in the description so that viewers know your video is pointing to what they are looking for.

Do not be subjective and neglect to invest in video descriptions. Because now a lot of YouTubers fail just because they do not know how to get more attention and popularity in the public eye. 

The more professional you are and the more thorough your description is, the more easily your video will be in the top search of YouTube. 

The extra keywords that are scattered around the description make your video stand out in the eyes of the viewer and the position of suggested videos.

Some basic guidelines for optimizing video descriptions are as follows:

  • You need to make sure the keyword is in the first 25 words
  • Make a description of at least 250 words and no more
  • Repeat keyword 2 to 4 times
  • Please insert some related video links with the same topic for viewers to enjoy clicking explore

If you follow the above requirements, YouTube and Google will not list your videos in the spam list. 

Another important thing is that you must build a backlink from outside to do “SEO off the page” YouTube video

You should use a link with the form of text links or iframe to link directly. Never talk about sales because readers may be offensive. 

You need to give your audience the feeling that you create value and that they will click to support new value creation and spread in the community.

Backlink YouTube video

Backlink YouTube videoBacklink YouTube video

SEO Backlink means the process of pushing SEO keywords to the top of Google search by creating multiple backlinks on your YouTube channel. 

SEO YouTube video backlink has the same nature as SEO Backlink on Google for the website. You should note that the backlink should not be shot too hard but must be steady for viewers to click as a habit. 

You need to be careful not to shoot the text link, the anchor text is too hard and forced. 

Through sharing links on social media such as website, Facebook, Reddit, Tumblr, LinkedIn, … you can earn a rich source of views from many platforms.  You can take advantage of fan pages that share the same topic with videos or groups with a large number of members to effectively promote the videos in the channel.

Dofollow links are important because Google only uses these links when determining search engine rankings. That said, Nofollow links will not be able to rank your video up.  Make sure internal linking with tracking links is a major determinant and related to each other. Create an expanded video with the same theme for people to organically click on the video. 

If the tool to check website traffic is Google Analytics, Google Search Console, SEMrush, Bitly, … then the tool to check YouTube video traffic is YouTube Analytics. 

Therefore, if you have completed the above procedures and want to check that 4000 watch hours fast on YouTube is complete, you can immediately use YouTube Analytics.

Adword advertising


How to pull views with Adword ads has a huge advantage because it allows you to research deeply and identify detailed audiences. 

Who is the target of the YouTube channel, in which country, what is the age group to how much, what interests, … 

For example, if you post a video about a car, do not pay attention to people under 15 Age or over 80, that is the age when buying a car. However, how to do Adword ads to increase views, you also have to spend a lot of money. 

If you want to cut money, then you can search for people with business accounts to help you run views quickly. 

It can be said that pulling views through Adword ads helps many YouTubers complete 4000 watch hours fast on YouTube.

Exchange views

View exchange is usually done by new YouTubers. This good process takes a lot of time and effort. Because you need to increase the view, sub, like, comment, … to get “coin” and get “coin” to increase views

View exchange sites like Addfast are all too familiar with YouTubers. To Add fast, there are also view exchange software such as Uview or subscribers like Usub software.

However, if you overuse the tool or view exchange software, only your channel will lose in the long term. Your channel has no loyal viewers. That means that if you do not use the view exchange software, your channel will be easily forgotten and monetization cannot be enabled. 

However, there is another possibility that your video is powerful enough to engage viewers and make them stop. 

Besides, when seeing positive metrics like likes, registrations, or comments, viewers tend to click more instead of just having a few comments.

In addition to using view exchange software, there is an option that many YouTubers choose to use VPS, VPN to increase views. Renting a VPS or VPN helps you save money when renting a machine running at home. The effects of running VPS at home effectively but bring many undesirable consequences. 

The first harm is that Google and YouTube notice and detect that you use a tool to help increase fake views and subs. From then, your video is canceled and the channel disappears forever.

In addition to using VPS or VPN, another tool that many people use to achieve 4000 watch hours is using bots or proxies. However, this only puts your video and channel at risk of being detected by YouTube and deleting fake views. 

Currently, in addition to “plowing the view” through software or exchanging views, it is possible to apply view buying services such as SEPClick, QQtube, …

The wrong thoughts that many YouTubers have

YouTube AwardsYouTube Awards

YouTubers often make many inertial mistakes in their thinking. The following are some of the thoughts that many YouTubers think when they start building and developing a channel:

  • YouTube has too many famous and popular YouTubers
  • Insufficient funding for YouTuber
  • Not enough talent to make money from YouTube
  • There are not many opportunities to grow the channel because there are too many competitors
  • Not enough experience
  • No viewers
  • Someone has done the topic you intend to do

These thoughts are not wrong. However, you should not let it become a barrier blocking you from the path of success. No road is flat. So you don’t need to feel upset if something goes wrong. 

Just when you have problems, you can find a reliable counselor and solutions to solve it quickly. Currently, every second that passes, YouTube welcomes more than billions of viewers. 

So no matter how late you start, you’ll always have a place for yourself. Once you have mastered all the secrets to reaching 4000 watch hours, what are the difficulties on the way to conquer viewers? 

What you need to do get rid of all negative thoughts, have a clear orientation about the work you need to do, and make sure to progress constantly, discovering non-stop so that viewers can have quality videos. 

Currently, regardless of age, many tiny YouTubers have won the silver and golden buttons of YouTube. 

They have their personality and so do you. As long as you are confident and persistent enough, completing 4000 watch hours fast on YouTube is not too difficult at all.

AudienceGain – a full-service service that helps to achieve 4000 watch hours in just minutes

Currently, AudienceGain is a fast and high-quality service providing 4000 watch hours. 

It is no coincidence that AudienceGain is known as the person who opens a new world for YouTubers who are stuck in an increase in YouTube watch time. Quickly and safely reaching 4000 watch hours is not easy. 

You may encounter many scam service providers and make the channel both lose money and have no real views or sub.

AudienceGain is committed to helping you improve your reputation and brand value in the eyes of partners. Your channel will be extremely impressive in the eyes of your viewers and business partners

As a psychological principle, few viewers want to subscribe if they see a small number of subscribers. 

Therefore, if you buy 4000 watch hours from AudienceGain, you can refer to some other YouTube subscription increasing services from AudienceGain to stimulate viewers.

The investment to complete 4000 watch hours fast on YouTube by AudienceGain also helps you increase the channel’s ranking on YouTube’s search rankings. 

Viewers and subscribers from AudienceGain’s Promotion Campaign service ensure 100% legality and compliance with YouTube policy.

Final thoughts

AudienceGain is a perfect choice that you should consider before deciding to complete 4000 watch hours fast on YouTube. 

If you choose a cheaper service or a free service, then it can take a lot of effort and take unnecessary risks. 

The loss of subscribers after buying or channeling the risk of channeling by partnering with fraudulent vendors is not new. 

Therefore, the best solution is to combine the above organic YouTube watch hours increases with the reputable AudienceGain service to get the best results.

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