Conditions on how to enable monetization on Youtube for some niches


How to turn on monetization on YouTube? In January 2018, the conditions to enable monetization on Youtube had changed by the platform itself. This was due to the fact that many advertisers had turned their backs on Google’s service of poor-quality video’s content resulting from the only purpose to boost views.


Enable monetization on Youtube after being approved to YPP

All the contents were offensive, not to mention that they were completely inappropriate for the underage audiences (children, youngsters,…). As a result, making money on Youtube is no longer easy to the creators who desire to build a career on this video-sharing website.

Now, the creator’s channel must achieve 4000 watch hours within a year (since any given date) and 1000 subscribers. The tasks of monetizing now offer much more effort from the creators.

On the other, monetizing from Youtube is indeed a gripping job and many creators have reached the peak of their career while being partners of Youtube. So, what are the required conditions to join the Youtube Partner Program (YPP) and how to enable monetization on Youtube? Let’s find out!

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Compulsory rules to enable monetization on Youtube

Let’s start with something easy first, which is heading over the monetized requirements below:

  • The channel needs to at least have 1000 subscribers
  • All videos generate 4000 watch hours in a consecutive amount of 365 days
  • Users comply with all Youtube’s policies and guidelines
  • Register an Adsense account.

It’s always easier said than done, isn’t it? But here’s the thing. Let’s say that you have already reached 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers in less than a year by working your fingers to the bone. So what’s the next step? Can you immediately make money on Youtube?


Can you make money on Youtube right away?

Well, no, unfortunately. Now your next move is to make an application and send it to Youtube and you must comply with its own regulations such as:

  • Will Youtube be responsible for controlling and monitoring to check if your content is suitable for viewers, other creators and advertisers? Therefore, to participate in the Youtube Partner Program to make money, Youtube always requires a ton of effort from you.
  • If you want to be a Youtube Partner, the platform itself will carefully review your channel before accepting your application. You should strictly follow Youtube’s policies and guidelines for easier adoption.

Furthermore, it takes Youtube at least 30 days to evaluate your channel. And if your channel doesn’t meet its conditions (in terms of content, copyright violations and so on) you will be rejected, and you only have two chances to apply for Youtube Partner Program.


Sitting at one spot and monetize from your channel? For how long?

On top of that, to make money on Youtube as a Youtube partner, please go through briefly the following features to grasp an overview to start gaining profits:

  • Advertising revenue: profits earned from display ads, trademark ads, and video ads.
  • Super Chat & Stickers: Your fans will pay to have their messages pinned, or highlighted when chatting on your live broadcasts.
  • Channel membership: this feature allows you to receive a certain amount of monthly income for providing membership perks.
  • Youtube Premium: you will receive a small fee from YouTube Premium when subscribers watch your channel content.
  • Merchandise shelf: Viewers can browse and purchase the channel’s official branded merchandise on your watch page.

Youtube advertising revenue

Plus, the conditions for you to enable those monetization features on Youtube are:

  • Advertising revenue: You must be at least 18 years old to be able to process your payments through Adsense. In case you’re underage, you should have a legal guardian to help you with the payment procedures. When creating your content, you need to follow Youtube’s advertiser-friendly content guidelines.
  • Super Chat $ Stickers: You need to live in an area where Super Chat is available and most of all, you are at least 18 years old.
  • Channel Membership: You must be 18 years old or older and have more than 30,000 subscribers.
  • Youtube Premium: Create videos for the YouTube Premium users to watch.
  • Merchandise shelf: This feature also requires you to be 18 years old, but only needs 10,000 subscribers to let you sell your merchandise.

Copyright infringement laws


Copyright infringement laws

This is a principle that many creators commit after turning on monetization mode and are forced to deactivate their Youtube channels. Copyright infringement that applies on this platform are videos that contain content that violates the copyrights of others (mainly music and images). Therefore, the videos must be created by you. If you use someone else’s content, you need the owner’s consent or use copyright-free music tracks or images.

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Adhere to community principles


Youtube Community Tab

Youtube is especially strict in terms of content. Therefore, the following contents will be completely forbidden:

* Dangerous and harmful to others

* Inciting hostility

* Violent, erotic

* Harassment, cyberbullying and all types of spam

* Fraud, impersonation

* Use tricks to boost views, watch time and subscribers

Do not take advantage of third parties

* Hire or authorize third-party websites to manually or bogusly increase views and subscribers.

* Selling channels through the 3rd party to make a profit.

* Drag or foster viewers to click the “like” icon or add content to the favorites list

* Embed advertisements, sponsored content, or 3rd party promotions before or during the video.

Tips: How to enable monetization on Youtube for kid-focus content

To avoid Kid-focused content creators unknowingly violating YouTube’s regulations and being removed or warned against community guidelines, basically the platform has deactivated ads on these content videos.

how to enable monetization on Youtube

Making money form children-related content

As a result, the children-related channel can make money on Youtube by selling merchandise, looking for sponsorship as well as building a brand, due to the fact there are no ads being displayed.

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How to enable monetization on Youtube for cooking channel

If you can cook well (or already a certified chef) but now look for a way to monetize, then cooking is the best YouTube channel niche for you to work on. You can teach how to cook delicious food and capture your audience’s attention for more views and watch time.

how to enable monetization on Youtube

Showing cooking recipes and make money from them

Furthermore, cooking videos are  always the most viewed content by users on this sharing platform. So, take advantage of your great cooking skills and make money on YouTube through YouTube Monetization and Sponsorship from F&B brands.

Google Adsense – the most popular program to enable monetization on Youtube

To put it simply, Adsense is an advertising network developed by Google. This can be considered a bridge between people who want to place ads (the advertisers) and those who want to install ads (the creators) to make money on Youtube. Google will be the intermediary to ensure the performance and quality of advertisements.


Multiple forms of Google ads

The essence of Adsense is a form of CPC advertising. When someone clicks on the ads, creators will receive a certain amount of money. In return, advertisers have to pay Google to show ads.

To be more detailed, there are two types of Google Adsense accounts:

  • Google Adsense content: Specialized for making money by advertising on the website
  • Google Adsense hosted: Specialized for advertising on Youtube and this is the type we should focus on.

CPC versus CPM – which one generates more money

In addition, the amount of revenue that creator receives will be based on two main indicators:

  • CPC (cost per click) This is the cost that advertisers pay Youtube and the creators when a viewer clicks on their ads. Depending on the pricing of each advertiser and how appealing the ads are, prices can vary.
  • CPM (cost per million impressions): It does have a clear payment like CPC, CPM applies accrual method. For every 1000 times an ad is shown on a video, creators get paid.

Steps to enable monetization on Youtube

Create a Youtube channel


Create Youtube channel to upload videos

It’s really not difficult for you to set up your own Youtube channel. You simply need yourself a Google account to log into Youtube easily.

Once successfully logged in, click on the “Upload” button at the top right of the screen and you will receive a prompt to create a channel. You choose for your channel a special, meaningful and new name to attract more viewers, based on your personal preferences.

Once created, click on “Create Channel” to finish creating your Youtube channel.

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Enable monetization on Youtube


Turn on monetization mode

Well, you have your own video-uploading schedule, a mind filled with prominent ideas, filming skills, a potential channel already has more than 4000 watch hours and your monetized application has been approved.

Now the rest part is just some simple clicks on your Youtube homepage.

Click on the “Account” icon at the top right of the screen and select “Creator Studio” when it displays. To the left of the Menu screen, you will see the item “Monetization”. it is highlighted green when you’re accepted to join YPP.

The next thing that you need to do is to choose which features to complete and declare your Adsense account completely.

Create Google Adsense account


Google Adsense features

When you have successfully enabled monetization, continue to click on the Monetization option to get access to Google Adsense account setup page.

Choose “Next” and follow the instructions that you can completely set up your own Adsense account.

Once you’ve enabled ads monetization on your channel, any ad formats will appear on your videos as default.

Your contents must comply with YouTube’s guidelines and content policies. Monetization statuses also depend on the video content’s canonicalization in terms of title, tag, description and thumbnails

Advertisers will use the targeted-analysis tool for which message to show to the Youtube users. This means that they will easily reach your potential audience based on the demographics and interactions with your previous videos

Nevertheless, sometimes a video does not violate Youtube’s terms of service but is not suitable for the audience that advertisers are interested in, YouTube’s rating system may impose an age limit.

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Want to know more about how Youtube monetization works?

Well, We hope that this article can provide you with an overview of how to enable monetization on Youtube and don’t make any mistake to avoid deactivation of monetized channel or channel being suspended.

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