How To Gain More Views On YouTube?


It takes lower than 6 minutes to optimize your YouTube videos for maximum reach, views, and engagement. Then, how to gain more views does not seem to be a difficult question.


Several suggestions to help you get more views

The best way to gain more views is to improve your ranking on the search engine. Apparently, SEO would be the one that you should learn more about if you want to have a high rank for your video. However, in this article, we will not discuss SEO, but we will have some good tips for you to improve the chance that you can gain more organic views and subscribers.

Here are some crucial factors:

  • Keywords
  • Your videos’ quality
  • Retention of views on average
  • Thumbnails relevancy
  • Uploading consistently

8 tips to gain more organic views and subscribers

Find Strong Keywords for your Title

When it comes to gain more views and subscribers organically, the keyword is an indispensable part that every YouTube channel should be good at if they want to gain more views from the keyword that being searched by YouTube users.

With descriptive and clear keywords on your titles, not only you can reach a wider range of audiences but also increase the chance that more people will search for your videos with a strong keyword.

So where can you find the best keyword for your videos?

One and most popular site is the Keyword Planner from Google Ads. Besides, you can also use other tools such as to learn more about the keyword from a different source.

Engage With Audience Effectively

As engaging with your audience can somehow improve videos’ retention on average indirectly. Communicating with your audience on the videos or even by chatting in the comment section can have a great impact on the attention that your audience will have on your videos.

For example, you should reply to the comments to create a connection with them, be friendly. When making the video, reveal something interesting about the video from the beginning, so that the audience might stay tuned to keep watching the video.

Write your own Transcripts

Adding transcripts to your videos might require a considerable amount of time when editing your video but it is really beneficial to your channel. People say that adding transcripts on videos will not help your channel to gain more audience.

But in fact, it depends on many cases, for example, if you are making content that requires a lot of talking in the video you probably should have the closed caption on, whereas, if your videos are all about the scenery footage there is no need for that.

Therefore, by adding transcripts on your videos, you can also gain more audiences from other niches that using language like yours, that is to say, the range of your audience will be more various and they will come from many countries.

Educational and entertaining factors

It is important to give the audience valuable content, which is usually found in the “how-to” videos or parody vlogs. These are the two popular types of content, but you create some other content base on your current niche.


Educational and entertaining factors

If your videos can bring to the audience the most genuine content that can really impress them, they will probably come back to watch more videos from you.
So don’t forget to have these factors in your videos.

Fill your video tags with rich keywords

The more keywords you place into your clips, the more opportunities it creates for people to search out your video.

For example, if you have a video about Peanuts, and you use only the keyword “peanuts”, then your video might appear when people seek that keyword.

However what if you inserted a network of associated key phrases like ‘nuts, groundnuts, cashews, almonds, protein foods’?

Instantly you open up an enormous door that viewers can walk through to seek out your video.


Fill your video tags get more views on youtube

Remember to use the “Tags” area correctly and add as many tags as possible.

Schedule your uploading time

Many content creators do not know how posting time can affect their amount of views so they just posting whenever they finish editing a video. But uploading rime is the most important part that can help you to gain a good amount of views after your video is published.

According to researchers, the best time to post a video on Monday, Tuesdays, and Wednesday is between 2 p.m to 4 p.m. Especially on Thursday and Friday it is better to post at 12 p.m to 3 p.m

Above is the best time frame on the weekdays, what about on the weekend? Experts say that the most optimum time to post on Saturday and Sunday is from 9 a.m to 11 a.m, which is the most when most people will start to rise and shine.

Direct a lot of hyperlinks to your video

Most people consider external SEO as a method to increase rankings for pages on their own domain, nevertheless, it also performs an enormous role in page ranks for YouTube videos.

When you have plenty of authority websites directing hyperlinks to your YouTube videos, they rank greater for their keywords, which boosts visits to your website.

Quickly, you have a community of common videos feeding huge visitors into each other and rising daily.

To save lots of time doing external SEO to your YouTube videos, you should use a service like

However, here’s another trick. When you embed your personal video on your weblog, just under the video, add a link back to the video on YouTube. Make the hyperlink say something like ‘Click here to watch this video on YouTube’.

Boom! you simply served up some critical SEO juice to your video. A lot of videos on YouTube don’t get a single hyperlink to them exterior YouTube itself. So a easy trick like this can already put your video WAY above the competitors.

Optimization your Channel

Optimizing your videos and channel is the key purpose to gain more views and subscribers.

Here are some tips that you can use to optimize your channel:

  • Use a good camera and editing software
  • Focus on the main keyword of the video and content.
  • The title should insist on clearly formulated 65-70 characters
  • Keywords with high volume are helpful, especially the ones that not so content creators are using.
  • Use relevant Tags with a wider range of search volume
  • Thumbnails should be related to the video, as using click-bait images will not bring you positive feedback from viewers

Above are some tips that you can use to gain more views and subscribers organically.

If you want to learn more about how YouTube counts views, you can check out our article about How YouTube Does Count Views in 2020?

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