Making money online – How to get 4000 hours watch time on Youtube? 


You will need a large number of views and subscribers to start Youtube monetization. So how to get 4000 hours watch time on YouTube in the fastest way? 

4000 watch hours? This number isn’t too strange to Youtubers anymore. For your information, if you’re little exposed on this subject, this is one of the compulsory conditions for a Youtube channel to join the Youtube Partner Program (YPP).

In 2018, Youtube had made a change in requirements for channels that they must meet at least 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers within 1 year in order to start monetization. Hence, by a conventional and audience-oriented way, we just need to create videos with great content that appeal to viewers and motivate them to subscribe to the channel to reach this threshold.

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Youtube monetization requirements – Youtube Partner Program (YPP)

Long story short, Youtube monetization policies consist of several factors that act as minimum legal obligations to allow you to be a monetized partner.

  • Your country’s location is accessible where Youtube Partner Program (YPP) is valid.
  • Have a minimum amount of time of 4000 watch hours in a consecutive 12-month period.
  • Have a minimum number of 1000 subscribers.
  • Register an AdSense account.

In this article, we just focus on the second golden factor which is 4000 watch public watch hours within 365 days. Well, you can achieve the third one in a lifetime because getting 1000 subscribers isn’t bound in time. 

How does Youtube count the watch time? 

Watch time metric keeps track of how long a viewer watches a particular video. This metric applies not only to individual videos, but also to the entire channel as well.

However, there’s a common misunderstanding that public watch hours is directly proportional to the length of the video. Consequently,  you can’t just grow public watch time simply by creating a longer video, as the quality is more important than the video’s length.

Now, let’s do some math!


The minimum required amount of watch time in a year – How to get 4000 Hours watch time

You need 4000 hours watch time from all the videos you post on your channel. That means 240,000 minutes of viewing is required. Let’s say just one person watches your video, he/she will have to watch your video 24/24 for 166.67 days continuously. Indeed, that is completely impossible.

Moreover, no matter how unpopular your channel is, only one person viewing your channel is too few. (since the video-sharing site has 2 billion visitors per month anyway).

It will be difficult for you to predict the number of viewers who are willing to come to your Youtube channel. So let’s focus on the number and duration of each video.

For instance, on average, you post a 10-minute video per day within 1 year, and you’re the only viewer, so you have 3,650 minutes of viewing. That’s not enough, so you’ll need around 65 more people to watch your videos.

Again, this sounds kind of stupid, a bit!


Math calculations doesn’t work in practical situations

Those people have to watch the videos every day for a year consecutively, as well as watch the whole 10 minutes. Well this makes sense in some sorts of way, unless you can really get 65 people you know into the habit of spending 10 minutes a day watching all of your videos, then we have nothing left to say.

That’s a good deal too good for you. 

However, all mathematical calculations work only on paper. 365 videos in a year is too much, random and redundant, even though a channel with a large number of videos will be a good platform for Youtube to evaluate your channel.

In addition, ideas cannot be forced. Continuously planning and implementing ideas for 10-minute video content is an ineffective tactic (and that doesn’t take into account video production yet).

Another issue is the content quality. As we mentioned, Youtube has over 2 billion visitors a month, with more than 500 videos uploaded every minute.

On this video-sharing platform, there are tens of thousands of types of videos that creators upload, so this is no different from a fierce “content battlefield” of increasing views and subscribers.

Make sure your content is unique and original to increase your audience engagement, and make sure they watch all of your videos.

Besides, there is another factor like promotion campaigns for your channel. Just uploading a video is not enough, good content without finding the potential is also in vain. Your videos will be completely buried in the 500 videos posted every minute.

So how do you increase Youtube views, get 4000 hours watch time  and monetize from your channel?

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Analyze your Youtube data

Here’s the checklist. 


Youtube Analytics Tools

We have talked a lot about how to increase watch hours, views and subscribers, by improving content quality, SEO videos, promoting them on social media, to quickly monetize. 

On the other hand, those criteria all have to be based on metrics that evaluate your channel’ performance, which comes from Youtube Analytics tool

YouTube analysis will bring lots of good results for the channel to grow more effectively than  you expected, hence better improve the optimization, video content that aims for a large number of targeted audiences. 

So these are the indexes of video performance from Youtube Analytics tools: 

  • Watch time & views: For how many views does a video have? How long do people watch one of your videos? 
  • Audience retention: Do people regularly watch your promotional videos? When do people interact with your content? When do they stop watching?
  • Demographics: Who is watching your video? Where do they come from? (country/region)
  • Interaction Location: Are people viewing your content on a YouTube platform or on another website?
  • Traffic sources: From which sources do people find your videos?
  • Devices: How many% of views come from desktop, mobile, or other devices?

Furthermore, by YouTube Analytics, you’ll also get info like click through rate, the number of video saves, which niches are most popular with viewers and so many more. 

More specifically, among the above indicators, Watch time & views, Audience Retention are the most important metrics to monitor to reach 4000 hours watch time.  As the name implies, these metrics will help you accurately track viewer’s watching-tendency for your channel. 

Which simply means that, you need to come up with a video-editing strategy to prevent audiences dropping out from watching your videos. This leads to how you create a specific template for a content for each video.


Keeping track of audiences effectively

To be more detailed, after the viewers click on your video, they want to look for an immediate solution for their problems. As a consequence, the intro should get straight to the point instead of being too verbose. Users will definitely skip watching if the opening isn’t short and spicy. 

Besides, videos about, say, How-tos and DIY, are normally ideas related to the problems that  are often broken down into small steps (like “Step 1”, then “Step 2”,….). In each part of your videos, make sure to solve each segment one by one and completely.

FYI, to help your audience keep track of video’s flow easily, you can use Youtube timestamps to add chapters for your videos. 

Thus, by tracking your YouTube Analytics, you will find out what works on your channel and what doesn’t. You can then make improvements to help you get more YouTube subscribers and more views.

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Viral vs evergreen

Indeed, there needs to be a combination of investment in building viral and evergreen content for Youtube videos. Widely-spreading is a great thing, because it actually gives a life-changing progress to your channel. In order to do this, assure to rely on Youtube Analytics tool to keep track of what issues your audiences are most concerned about.

Viral content will help you instantly attract a large amount of traffic within a short amount of time. However, for time-sensitive content, you need to calculate how quickly it will stop being afloat on the virtual world. Afterwards, spend another few hours paying attention to advance its quality. 

As for evergreen content, you should create consistency from how you brainstorm the ideas, produce videos and promote them. And when YouTube gets enough data and positive signals from your contents, your channel will begin to arise. 

“Evergreen content” can attract readers with its usefulness several years right from the moment you posted a related video. These content are also frequently highly-ranked on Google search engines, in addition to bringing stable visitors to your channel. 


Taras Kulakov – the owner of CrazyRussianHacker

For example, Taras Kulakov is the owner of the famous channel CrazyRussianHacker. This man is well-known for the video which explains how to open a can without having a can opener in 2012.

And now, he mostly makes videos about experiments, life hacks and tips, which are really priceless information for the viewers. Besides, he’s also interested in reviewing and testing army meals, gadgets and so forth. 

Your effort and consistency 

Achieving 4000 hours is considered quite a difficult task for new Youtube creators. Even though you are an expert in the content you make, there are actually lots of competitors on this “video-sharing battlefield” who have more practical experience than you do, as well as owning channels with hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

Sometimes you will not be able to stop thinking about giving up, falling into a dilemma when it is not clear whether your path is right or wrong. Therefore, consistency is a key to increasing YouTube watch hours.

The more you’re exposed to the platform, you will have more opportunities to get acquainted and learn about its algorithm.

Youtube has a 15-years history of development, so the algorithm will always evolve and improve according to the advanced development trend of technology, along with the change in the user’s viewing habits. You also need to change in this trend to avoid being rejected. 

Additionally, as a new creator, you may feel overwhelmed by what you have learned, but practice will worth your effort much better. Let’s focus on researching other opponent’s channels, looking for ideas, filming, and scripting more drafts. 

Also, you should create a specific schedule on uploading videos. It doesn’t need to be on a regular basis. Keep an eye on your audience’s comments to see what they’re looking forward to watching next. As a result, you can select the time frame for video-posting in each week, or month. 

When there is a specific plan, your viewers are being responded to. On top of that, you give yourself a responsibility that constantly serves a wide audience’s needs without getting worn out.

More importantly, once you can monetize from your channel, YouTube will start running ads on your channel. When you have created a consistency in generating video content, you can locate ads that match the point of view you’re delivering in each video. 

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The service of buying 4000 Youtube watch hours

We know that “buying 4000 Youtube watch hours” is already a common term on Google.

This service can be a bit confusing. As a reputed company on providing services of Youtube channel’ development, AudienceGain will make this issue more approachable right here. 

How does “buying 4000 Youtube watch hours” work?

To begin with, this can be said to be a very interesting business field. There’s really no limit in the number of methods Youtube view providers can deliver watch hours to you. 


Audiencegain’s rating on trustpilot

One of the most popular tactics is “click farms,” where several distributors will pay thousands of employees to watch your videos.

Moreover, Virtual Private Servers – or VPS – is a series of different accounts to boost views for customers’ YouTube channels. Due to the use of tools, videos without investment in content still reach thousands of watch hours then enable monetization.

Those two methods are the downsides of Youtube views service, and you should definitely avoid them.

With that being said, currently at AudienceGain, we will provide watch hours through advertising on websites and on social media. Thus, to run the Promotion Campaign, the first thing we need is your content must comply with YouTube’s terms of service. 

How much do watch hours cost?

The prices can be varied, depending on the techniques to get public watch hours. For each 1000 watch hours, the price range will be around $100 on the market. It’s a bit expensive if you’re on a budget, but these organic watch hours are generated from good sources such as social media, blogs, advertisements and so on. 

Can buying watch hours increase the Audience Retention rate? 

Yes. To be more detailed, audience retention rate means the amount of time a viewer watches your video, usually perceived as a percentage of the video watched. So if a user watches about 7 minutes of a 10 minute long video, then the figure is approximately 75%. 

Besides, above 75% can be seen as a “high retention” rate, and that is the optimal figure we assure to support your videos.

As a result, our channel has a 70% chance of getting approval for Youtube Partner Program. And in case it’s not accepted, we offer a money-back guarantee as well as support to re- submit the application.

What about the service security?

Well, buying watch hours is quite safe, because you just simply hire a service that helps you do all the tasks of video-broadcasting for more public watch hours. Therefore, choosing a reputable company is very important for you to achieve your goals.

For companies that offer cheap views, we assure that they can’t guarantee your information will be kept private. Thus, the first thing we prioritize while delivering service is to enhance security for your personal profile. 

We will request only minimum information from you in order to evaluate your channel, then advise you with the most appropriate channel development strategies.

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