4000 Hours in Minutes and How to get it fast on YouTube 2021


At the end of this article, you will know all the tips and tricks on how to get 4000 hours in minutes on YouTube fast in 2021, especially if you have just started your YouTube career.


How to get 4,000 hours of watch time fast 2021

No doubt that 4000 watch hours, along with 1000 subscribers, is the first major milestone any new YouTube content creator will set their eyes on. It might take you a pretty long time to accumulate enough watch time. But it’s a step in the right direction towards making a living on the platform. 

But before we start, we need to answer a question.

What is YouTube Watch Time?

You might think this is a weird thing to ask. However, it would be best if you had a clear understanding of this matter.


What is YouTube watch time?

Watch time is the total accumulated amount of time people spent watching your YouTube videos. For example, when your YouTube autoplay is on, videos will automatically play once you have finished the previous one. 

If you like a video, you might stop and watch it for a bit. If not, you will skip to the next video. The point is, you will not always watch the whole video. However, the time you stick around for a video contributes to its total watch time.

The average amount of time that every single viewer watches a video is that video’s watch time.

This is why you must put effort into planning and executing your videos. Because the more engaging a video is, the more likely viewers are to stay and watch it till the very end. 

Moreover, those precious watch times must be public. In other words, Youtube won’t count watch hour on private videos, private playlist. You can’t do a live stream and then set it to unlisted, nor can you public a video then delete or private it.

The importance of 4000 watch hours


Is it possible to count 4000 hours in minutes?

Surely, you must have been aware of why new YouTubers need to get 4000 watch hours as quickly as possible when you read this post. Along with 1000 subscribers, it is the minimum requirement for any YouTube channel to participate in the YouTube Partner Program. 

To put it simply, if content creators want to see their channel monetized, they need to prove that they can offer organic and creative content. Total YouTube watch time is the seal of approval for your channel’s quality, thus qualifying you to be a YouTube partner

To quote YouTube, “The longer you can keep people watching on YouTube because of your content, the more your content may get surfaced.” YouTube algorithm loves to recommend videos with high accumulated watch time. 

For that reason alone, even after you can earn ad revenue from YouTube, getting more and more YouTube watch hours can only bring you good. That way, your content will have a higher rank and appear in more viewers’ new feed.

How many minutes are in 4000 hours?


How many minutes is equal to 4000 hours?

Now that you have understood the importance of the 4000 watch-hour mark, let’s break the number down into smaller, more manageable chunks. 

Firstly, 4000 hours will equal 240,000 minutes. Assuming that you only post a 1-minute long video on your channel, it would have to be watched 240,000 times. By that calculation, 4000 hours in days equals someone watching your content continuously for 166.6 days. 

Let’s say you post a 10-minute-long video (Since YouTube prefers that length) and get 10 views on that. You will still need 2,400 videos. 

The number can only get bigger when we consider that not everybody will watch your video till the end. Some might watch 1 minute, others might watch 30 seconds, and most might just click away immediately.

In fact, most new YouTubers can consider a video a success if most viewers manage to watch 50 percent of its total run time. For a longer video though, the ideal percentage is 30%. 

And in order for the 4000 watch hours to count, it needs to be generated within the last 365 days. But fear not, this timeframe is flexible. No matter what date it is today, YouTube will look at the total watch time from the previous 365 days.

How to get 4000 YouTube watch hours fast

Once we have done with the technical side, it’s time for the real work to begin. All the numbers we mentioned above are all but numbers. In reality, things can be much more complicated. 

You can’t expect every video you post will gain views and watch hours right away, especially for new YouTubers. The beginning will be a real struggle to bring traffic back to your channel. So what is the best strategy to gain 4000 hours on YouTube as quickly as possible?

The following tips might be the safest bet for you, so read up!

Make longer videos


Increase the average YouTube video length

Remember when we said that YouTube prefers videos with 10 minutes length or more? There is the reason behind that bar. That reason can definitely work if you want to reach 4000 hours in minutes.

You see, the longer the videos are, the longer users stay on the site. Thus, YouTube earns more ad revenue while you gain more views and watch time. Win-win indeed. There is a whole algorithm dedicated to ranking and suggesting long videos, after all.

Furthermore, longer videos mean you can gain 4000 YouTube watch hours in a shorter time period. Given that most viewers’ average watch time is 30 to 50 percent, it’s easy to figure out what video length will give you more watch time.

Upload consistently

Longer videos need to go with a consistent upload schedule to maximize the YouTube watch time and views that you can get. 

Not only does the YouTube algorithm favor longer videos, but it also tends to select channels that regularly pump out new content. This practice is widely popular among top YouTubers. Some even upload daily. That’s how their videos are picked up and suggested to a larger audience. 

But let’s be honest: To be creative and original enough for daily upload is a big challenge. Eventually, you will burn out when you run into a brick wall of ideas. 

So for the newcomers, we will suggest a much more realistic option. 

When you first start out, create 1, 2, or 3 videos per week. Each 10 to 15 minutes long. You can experiment however you like during this time, but once you have found what works for you the best, stick to that and slowly increase the upload frequency.

Optimize your YouTube videos


YouTube SEO

When you’re starting a new YouTube channel, the odds are stacked against you. Technically speaking, you are a nobody on the platform. You have nothing to show that your content is worth recommending to others.

Because of that, knowing how the algorithm works is your best chance to bring the organic traffic back to your YouTube channel and get that YouTube watch time. 

The good news is, optimizing your videos for YouTube SEO is a thing

Basically, it’s a process of brushing up your videos so that your videos will be among the first to pop up when people search up on YouTube or Google. 

It involves many steps, from researching keywords, making relevant thumbnails to placing tags and titles. All for the goal of having your videos ranked higher than others on the search results.

Learning about basic YouTube SEO will help you get 4000 hours of watch time faster.

Don’t forget quality content

Ah, the classic quantity versus quality. What should you choose?

When you first start on YouTube, the quantity can be a little more valuable. Since you are still learning about how the platform works, you will need as much data as possible in order to work out the most suitable style for your channel.

However, once you have had enough data to analyze, and decide how you want to move your YouTube channel forward, you need to balance both quantity and quality. 

Pumping out videos after videos without paying attention to the content might work for you in the beginning. Sure, you can clickbait people into watching your videos, but they won’t stay with you further than that. 

To get 4000 hours in minutes on YouTube fast, evergreen content is the key. Evergreen content may not get you lots of views in a very short space of time like the viral stuff. But if you hit the right spot with your content, it can generate consistent views months or years later.

So yeah, good content is the way to go if you want to play the long game. 

Create a playlist


Create a playlist

If you have a series of videos with similar topics or themes, putting them on the playlist is the next best thing to do. Why settle for your viewers to only watch one 10-minute video when they can watch 5 or even 10 similar videos all from your channel?

The playlist enables the creator to harness the power of the Autoplay function. As soon as the first video in the list ends, the Autoplay system plays the next video automatically within a few seconds later. 

That makes the viewers stay with the channel much longer and keeps them entertained, which highly increases the watch time. 

Better yet, you can link to the playlist at the end of your video or add it as a section on your YouTube channel homepage. You can place a playlist option in the description and pin it at the top of the comments also.

Live Stream

In case you don’t know, watch time from Livestream also counts toward the total YouTube watch time of your channel! Better yet, Livestream requires no editing or even script, all you need is a little equipment set up beforehand and you are good to go. It sounds easier to get 4000 hours in minutes.

Imagine if your 4-hour Livestream had only 50 viewers. Even so, it would equal roughly 200 hours of watch time! So to get 4000 watch hours fast, you can’t miss out on this one.

Promote your content on social media


Promote on social media

Here’s the thing: you might as well follow every single tip we gave you above and still don’t rake up the watch hour fast enough. Mainly because all of them focus on what you can do on YouTube.

In a time, when everything and everyone is connected on multiple social media platforms, YouTube alone will not cut it. You need to actively reach out to potential audiences on other social media channels. 

As such, don’t hesitate and click that share button under your videos or playlists and share them on any social media accounts that you have. Take advantage of the community that you’ve already had on those platforms. Trust us, this is one of the most organic forms of advertising.

Final words

Nowadays, when the competition becomes much more fierce, and millions of content creators fight for a chance to YouTube stardom, 4000 hours in minutes and 1000 subscribers are just that one milestone among many others that a YouTuber needs to reach.

Many content creators have had to give up before even reaching that goal. The free tips we tell you today might work really well under the right circumstances. However, one needs much more than that to find success on YouTube.

So why not give yourself a necessary boost to make the start less bumpy? With the AudienceGain digital company’s services, you can reach 4000 watch hours much faster through the means of promoting campaigns on social media. 

The team of AudienceGain experts will make sure your YouTube content can reach as many people as possible, thus bringing you 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers in the most organic way possible. We guarantee the best service with a 100% rate of success monetization.

The dream of making money on YouTube won’t be so far away with our help!

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