How To Get Trustpilot Reviews? Do 5 Simple Ways Now


How to get Trustpilot reviews? This is a problem that every business poses. The reason is that customer reviews are free and highly effective marketing methods. If you are also in the habit of reading Trustpilot reviews about the service or product you intend to buy, you will certainly understand this.

So how to get more Trustpilot reviews? All questions Audiencegain will answer in this article, don’t miss it!

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1. How to get reviews on Trustpilot? 

How to get more Trustpilot reviews with 5 simple ways that we will share below for you. Take a look and choose the way that best suits your business.

1.1 Invite your customers to write reviews

Although it may seem straightforward, asking for reviews is one of the easiest ways to obtain more. You can send up to 100 invitations each month with the Trustpilot for the Business free plan, and subscription plans enable you to send even more invitations.

According to Trustpilot, companies that routinely ask clients to leave evaluations tend to have a higher TrustScore, therefore it pays to be proactive in this area.

how to get trustpilot reviews

With Trustpilot’s free business plan you can send 100 invitations a month

1.2 Reply to review

Whether positive or negative, responding to reviews customers have left about your company on Trustpilot is considered excellent practice. This demonstrates the company’s human element and how much you respect their input.

If someone has left a negative review, responding calmly and sympathetically is crucial because it will appear below the review and be available to others viewing your profile. Remember to extend your gratitude to others who have also left positive reviews.

1.3 Add Trustpilot to your website

You can include a “Trustbox” on your website that promotes review writing and displays the number of reviews you’ve received. By doing this, customers will leave your website and go to your Trustpilot business page where they can leave a review.

how to get reviews on trustpilot

Many businesses have installed Trustpilot on their websites and received positive feedback

1.4 Use automatic invitations

Using Trustpilot’s automated feedback tool, you may request consumer reviews of your company automatically.

Simply BCC Trustpilot into a transactional email sent to a customer will result in an invitation for them to leave a review. You can alter the invitation to reflect your tone of voice and brand.

1.5 Include in your marketing and delivery notes

By adding the logo on your marketing materials, you can remind customers where to find you on Trustpilot. Any product packaging could also contain a card asking pleased consumers to provide a review of your company after receiving their order.

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2. Which industries use Trustpilot?

Trustpilot divides its reviews into 3 categories:

  • Product Reviews
  • service rating
  • Rate the location

Location and service reviews are exactly what you see on the other hand, product reviews are embedded on product pages and eCommerce pages next to their products.

First take a look at the location and service pages.

how to get more trustpilot reviews

Next, check out their product reviews.

 how to get verified reviews on trustpilot

Do you see the difference? Location and service reviews are displayed on Trustpilot while product reviews are displayed on your domain and product pages.

What does this tell us?

This is a confirmation that Trustpilot is a niche platform. And we know they serve many businesses, including automotive, education and training, home and garden, restaurants and bars, travel, and more buy Trustpilot reviews. You can check out: which has a complete breakdown of the industries and categories they serve.

3. Why should Trustpilot reviews be part of your reputation management strategy?

A quick look at their business website reveals a few details. Trustpilot receives:

  • Reviews of 24,000 business customers
  • Over 119 million new reviews written across 811,000 domains
  • 46 million reviews have been written on Trustpilot by 2021
  • 77% of UK consumers surveyed in 2021 agree that a high Trustpilot score makes them more likely to buy from a brand.

Trustpilot also receives 1.1 trillion ratings and reviews shown in Google search results annually, which also show up on the Google Ads platform through seller ratings.

This is important because Google says ads with a seller rating get a 17% higher CTR than similar ads with no ratings. For your reviews to show up in Google seller ratings, you’ll need:

  • At least 100 reviews
  • Those reviews must be within the last 12 months
  • Your reviews should have an average rating of 3.5 stars
how many reviews to get 5 stars trustpilot

With a huge user base, Trustpilot is a marketing method that businesses should not ignore

Trustpilot review quality is quality?

Anyone can publish reviews on some review platforms’ websites. They carry out this action without examining the caliber or reliability of their staff. People can submit negative reviews even if they have never used the company’s products or services Trustpilot doesn’t have a problem with that.

Trustpilot reported in their first-ever transparency report that they had eliminated 2.2 million bogus ratings or 5.7% of the reviews they had received in 2020. They allow reviewers and companies to flag suspicious comments for further examination.

The following factors can help you determine whether to include Trustpilot in your review approach or not:

  • Whether or not your clients are currently using Trustpilot
  • Whether Trustpilot reviews appear in search results for rival companies or brands in your niche

Adding Trustpilot to your review management campaigns is generally a good option if the answer to either of these questions is “Yes”.

how to get good trustpilot reviews

Although there are still some limitations on fake reviews, Trustpilot still receives the trust of users

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4. How to promote your Trustpilot reviews

The desire of Trustpilot to assist you in sharing and promoting your reviews, TrustScore, and Star ratings is one of its best features. They offer a variety of platforms via which businesses can distribute their reviews.

4.1 Share reviews via social media

Step 1: In your Trustpilot business account, click Reviews, cchoose Product or service reviews.

how to get rid of trustpilot reviews

Step 2: Click Inbox, then find the review you want to share. Click Share.

how to get rid of bad reviews on trustpilot

Step 3: Connect or log in to your social media accounts in the pop-up window. Choose where you want to share the review.

how to increase trustpilot reviews

So complete the 3 steps to share reviews via social media!

4.2 Share a review via TrustBoxes

TrustBoxes are a feature of Trustpilot. These are website widgets you may embed, allowing you to show customer reviews directly on your website or within your marketing and landing pages. You can display your reviews, TrustScore, and star ratings using TrustBoxes.

TrustBoxes can be added to your:

  • Web pages
  • Single-page applications
  • iOS or Android apps
  • Newsletter or email campaigns
  • Email signatures

Although the configuration of TrustBoxes requires some technical knowledge, it is simple. You may find these embeddable widgets in the Trustpilot library in your Trustpilot Business account.

how to set up trustpilot reviews

TrustBoxes is quite simple so you can easily use its utilities

4.3 Share reviews via media content

Step 1: Trustpilot has created images, logos, and templates that you can use for both print and digital channels. Here’s how you can use these media assets.

In your Trustpilot Business account, click Showcase > Marketing Assets

how to get more reviews on trustpilot

Step 2: You’ll find a selection of folders with content for Social Media, Badges, Promo Templates, Milestones, Logos, Stars, Social Media Icons, and Image Generators. Click the folder of the content you want to download.

Step 3: On the next page, click on the download icon under the content you want to download. To download all content in this folder, click Download All.

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Above are our shares on how to get Trustpilot reviews. We hope you understand rating on Trustpilot and found the right way to end the positive reviews for your business. Remember to look forward to the next useful articles of Audiencegain!

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