How To Increase The View of YouTube Watch Time Without Breaking The Policy

Are you afraid that increasing the view of YouTube watch time will violate the YouTube policy? Rest assured that this article is all you need right now!

YouTube is a trend that many people want to make money. Each month more than 22 billion people visit YouTube making YouTube the second search engine in the world, behind only Google. 

YouTube is not only for learning purposes but also for entertainment, relaxation, and information discovery in many parts of the country. 

Creating a useful YouTube channel and attracting the attention of the viewer is a source of personal and automatic income for many individuals or groups.

You can show your perspective or record a clip about your favorite topic. You can record instructional videos about some areas of your life. 

As long as your video has interesting and attractive content and form, you will surely make a lot of money from your own YouTube channel.

Here are some of the notes that you need to know to start your path to becoming a foreign YouTuber and increasing YouTube watch time!

YouTube Watch Time

YouTube Partner Program’s policies and the time frame to gain YouTube watch time

Community Guidelines on YouTubeCommunity Guidelines on YouTube

You will be able to make money and have a high income from the number of viewers and subscribers on YouTube. 

Besides, YouTube pays you, you can make money from the advertising fees that providers pay you.

The process of increasing YouTube watch time is not as easy as you think. It takes a lot of time and money to upgrade your channel. 

Currently, YouTube stipulates that to get reviewed for monetization with a  YouTube channel is to reach 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers within 12 months.

Because of such strict policies, you are forced to improve the quality and perfectly attract YouTube watch time before violating the law of enabling YouTube’s monetization.

Currently, YouTube’s algorithm is increasingly sophisticated and complex. Once your channel is discovered your channel will be easily deleted or banned permanently. 

The cost of buying “fake” views from a scam service is not as low as you think.

Many people are gradually taking advantage of buying views uncontrollably and not finding a truly premium service to successfully maintain and develop your YouTube channel. 

AudienceGain is one of the services providing Promotion Campaigns most searched by YouTubers. AudienceGain is different from using tools or bots to create fake views that make videos easy to post permanently. 

If you are a crafts lover and wish to increase the view of YouTube watch time without breaking the law of 2020, you should pay attention to the following ways.

Increase YouTube watch time free and natural

YouTube Watch Time – Invest in perfect video quality

Do you know how to increase the most natural and effective view is that you invest right from the video input – the tool that directly attracts the attention of the viewers? 

Although, how to buy a service to increase views and reputable subscribers is easy to make viewers curious about your huge views and click through to watch your video.

However, within 1 month of YouTube reviewing and turning on monetization for your channel, you need to ensure that your video does not violate Youtube’s laws.

Your YouTube videos do not contain images, content related to click purposes like sex or bloody violence. The content of the video should be rewarding or dramatic.

You have to capture viewers’ psychology. You need to pay attention to the length and quality of the video.

Because if the video length is too long, the viewers will inhibit and your channel’s reputation will be greatly affected.

If you want the channel to increase YouTube watch time, you need to pay attention to the video title, content as well as the length of the video to manipulate viewers’ psychology. 

The title of your video should contain keywords and identify who your target audience is. For example, if you are a travel enthusiast, you should make videos to share travel experiences around the world. 

If you aspire to share beauty tips, you should share tips on quality beauty products and offers to target women in the age that can afford to split the money and enjoy the beauty.

The most important thing when you want to increase YouTube watch time is to ensure video quality and to target the right audience that you want them to see. 

You need to put your video and channel on top. Because nowadays, very few people click on the video on the 3rd page of search results. 

Therefore, if you want to turn on monetization, make sure the video quality is attractive enough for the audience you set. You can see that increasing views and Youtube watch time is not as easy as you think. 

Because it takes so much effort, so many YouTube subscribers spend money buying views and subscribers. 

Many people even spend money to run video ads for their channels to promote it to many people. It can be said that once you want to increase your income, you need to indirectly increase the YouTube watch time.

Use Thumbnails effectively

Use thumbnails effectivelyUse thumbnails effectively

One of the factors that attract viewers in the image. When you see an interesting image catch your eye, you will easily impress and remember that video more closely. 

Thumbnails are viewed as representative images of the video and are created from photo editing tools like Photoshop. 

In addition to creating curious thumbnail images of your viewers, you need to ensure HD quality when posting photos.

Sometimes weird images have more Youtube watch times instead of the usual beautiful images. Therefore, to easily increase the Youtube watch time, you need to select the appropriate thumbnail image. 

Besides, you need to add a few short stimuli or cheers for viewers to enjoy your following videos.

Efficient use of numbers

The use of numbers is not too strange for many skilled YouTubers. 

They use the same number as a necessary metric to make the content more appealing, for example, Tips to treat underarms within 7 days or 7 steps to overcome the pain of losing a pet, … 

Viewers are forced to pause between a forest of videos of the same topic. The numbers do a great job of creating an association for the viewer. 

When integrating numbers, it is easy to express the purpose of sharing and teaching. 

Videos related to academic or social issues, politics, the more you need numbers instead of shocking words like “Surprise…”, “Can’t believe…”, “Shock by news about … “, …

According to research, YouTube video titles should not be too long as it will make viewers feel tired and depressed. The standard length of a YouTube title is between 41 and 70 characters

If you set a title longer than 70 characters, your video will not perfectly convey to the reader the true content of the channel. Currently, 64% more videos with a standard title are chosen than other videos with long titles.

Use the appropriate VidIQ

The best way to help increase YouTube watch time free and naturally is to SEO Youtube to get the video to the top of the search. 

Many people often watch VidIQ – an SEO score evaluation tool that will assist you in increasing your Youtube watch time. 

Since 2006, when Youtube was acquired by Google, its search engine has become more and more effective and similar to SEO on google. SEO on Youtube needs the right keywords. 

You need to pay attention to the keywords needed in the video description as well as tags. 

Once a commonly searched keyword is in the tagging, the percentage of your video appearing on the top of the search will be higher.

Run ads on Youtube or Google

Another way to increase Youtube watch time is to run ads on Youtube or. Advertising on Youtube is an effective advertising means. The clips that have a lot of followers are where you need to run your ads. 

Ads to increase Youtube watch time currently include pre-roll ads, in-progress video ads, and ads at the top of search results.

Each way of advertising on Youtube has its pros and cons. You need to know the purpose and the audience you are trying to target. 

You need to ensure that your customers will not get upset, report to Youtube, and affect the cost of advertising. The ad content should be compelling and keep them following your video.

Currently, there are many different prices of packages running ads on Youtube. Youtube Ads will be successful if your promotional video hits the audience.

You only need a Gmail account, account information (Visa, Mastercard), confirmed with AdWords to run ads on Google. 

If you accept to run ads on Google, you can check and ensure factors such as number of views from the ad, views, view rate, number of orders, …

Embed video on a website with traffic

In addition to running ads on Youtube or Google, you can embed videos in websites with good traffic.

The articles on the website often have content that attracts many classes of people and has particularly interesting images. These articles need lots of videos that match the content of the article. 

Your videos may be illustrative. Once the website has huge traffic with good interaction, the effective way to increase Youtube watch time without breaking the law is to embed the video on that website.

The process of embedding the video on the website is not as difficult as you think.

Share on many Facebook groups or fan page

Groups on Facebook are now developing better and more and very high interaction. One of the fastest ways to increase YouTube watch time is sharing on multiple Facebook groups. 

You need to review the products that people on the Facebook group are looking for instead of merely recommending products. 

Once you share tips or tutorials on a particular topic, you can include product links in the article. You can make money through affiliate marketing after sharing it on many fan pages or Facebook groups.

In addition to the above ways, you can choose the services that provide reputable and comprehensive subscribers and views. 

Although it is only a small act, you can open it through a promotion campaign service-wide audience reach. The power of 1.3 billion people active on Youtube helps you become famous in a way that you cannot imagine.

AudienceGain – The perfect choice for your Youtube channel

AudienceGain is a comprehensive premium service offering a comprehensive range of services at affordable prices. 

With a quite preferential price, every YouTuber can own 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers for his Youtube channel.

Not only enhancing the reputation and expanding the reach of customers of the channel, but AudienceGain also provides a real subscription service and a collaborative view. 

Fake account subscriptions like bots, proxies, VPS, .. can ruin your channel quickly. But not, AudienceGain guarantees Youtube’s strict policy rules.

AudienceGain safely and naturally increases Youtube watch time. 

Your channel easily tops the list and attracts many viewers, although Youtube’s algorithm is increasingly complex and sophisticated. 

Most of the people who are struggling to develop a Youtube channel are the subjects that need to apply AudienceGain service.

Final Thoughts

Currently, there are many ways to increase the view of Youtube watch time legally and illegally. But not all methods are effective and increase YouTube watch time naturally. 

AudienceGain is not a bad suggestion for you. AudienceGain’s customer care service can satisfy even the most demanding customers. 

If you are researching an appropriate channel for your channel and increasing your YouTube watch time comprehensively, don’t miss out on AudienceGain.

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