How To Increase YouTube Watch Time And Raise Channels To The Top?

Are you struggling to find a way to increase YouTube watch time and raise channels to the top? Don’t worry, this article will give you the most objective and honest answer you need to know!

You need to meet many of the standards that YouTube has given to be able to top trending. 

The decisive condition is that you are not allowed to violate YouTube’s rules such as creating fake views with bots or proxies, videos containing bloody violence, sexual acts that cause arousal, … 

But that is only a necessary but not a sufficient one to increase YouTube watch time and raise channels to the top.

Here, let’s explore what you need to know to increase YouTube watch time and raise channels to the top quickly.

Why we should increase YouTube watch time?

increase youtube watch timeWhy should increase YouTube watch time?

For each YouTuber, increasing YouTube watch time is extremely necessary. YouTube watch time is the top factor that YouTube aims to rank quality videos. Besides, if you want to make long-term money on YouTube, you need to pay attention to watch hours as well as subscriptions. 

Because since January 16, 2018, YouTube requires that if you want to become a member of the YouTube Partner Program (YPP), you must meet two requirements at the same time: reaching 4000 watch hours and 100 subscribers in the last 12 months since the channel’s inception. 

Thus, if you still fail to reach the prescribed YouTube watch hours milestone in the last 12 months, it will not be possible to get reviewed for monetization.

First, you need to understand the consequences that you might have if you buy a view from a scam service!

Consequences of using fraudulent Promotion Campaign services

You not only trade money for yourself but also your reputation and your channel. Hundreds of scam services appear every day. 

Scams are becoming more and more sophisticated and complex that it is difficult for you to distinguish which services benefit you.

You run the risk of losing both your money and the turn of the subscribers you previously purchased in the hands of scammers. 

Real Promotion Campaign service providers will tell you in advance that fake registration will be considered spam by YouTube and wiped out. 

Meanwhile, real subscribers, even if unsubscribe, will not be considered spam by YouTube. 

There are many cases of choosing the wrong service providing a fraudulent view, causing within 1 day to delete the subscription to buy immediately and at the same time be sent a warning letter by YouTube because of spam.

If you think it is possible to distinguish fake or real Promotion Campaign service through the amount of money you spent, you are probably completely wrong. 

Even if a service that you spend a large amount of money on is not sure it is real.

Therefore, in addition to using fraudulent view buying Promotion Campaign services as well as using bots/proxies/tools to increase views and subs, you should consider a safer and slower way. 

Examples include devising a clever strategy that hits exactly what viewers need to buy and who the video is targeting.

How to raise channels to the top?

To get the channel to the top, your video must be in the top recommendation on YouTube. Currently, if you want a video to be at the top of YouTube recommendations, you need to ensure the above factors:

  • Firstly, the recommended videos are 4 introductory videos from creators. It is chosen according to the YouTube algorithm to ensure fairness and transparency.
  • Secondly, related videos or co-topics are videos that are related to your videos
  • Thirdly, videos are recommended based on viewers

How to increase YouTube watch time?

Invest in expensive content and do in-depth research on trending keywords.

Through investing in videos for your YouTube channel, you can prepare well from the keyword research process to the video optimization process when posting. 

YouTube is considered the second search engine in the world. So, if you know how to take advantage of YouTube’s algorithms, you can appear at the top of the list of search results. 

The information and content that you incorporate into the video should be fresh and creative. Besides, you need to always produce videos regularly to satisfy the curiosity of viewers. 

If you do not produce a steady video but only expect one video to reach 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers, that is impossible. 

Videos of the same topic not only support each other and resonate with different audiences, but also show the endless creativity of the content creator.

Optimize YouTube video metadata

metadata-optimizationMetadata optimization

We can’t help but mention the importance of optimizing YouTube video metadata when trying to increase YouTube watch time and raise channels to the top. 

You can use ReelSEO to maximize YouTube video metadata. When modeling a video you need at least three sentences. 

In the three to five sentences in your description, you should include the keywords you most searched for. Since the tag is limited to 10 to 12, if possible, focus on the main keyword and then the secondary keyword.

Pay attention to howl watch time average

One of the top measures you need to pay attention to increase YouTube watch time and raise channels to the top is to pay attention to average watch time. Through the YouTube Analytics tool, you can completely rely on the reporting parameters on the dashboard to map out the right strategy to retain viewers. 

The average watch duration of the top trending videos is 2:59 seconds. 

On this basis, you can take notice of the keyword and incorporate it within the 2:59 period of the video. 

Not only will this help you retain customers, but also ensure that the average watch time of your channel increases. This will be a typical basis for YouTube to rank your channel in the search bar.

Focus on the end screen

focus on the end screenFocus on the end screen

Many people think the end screen doesn’t need too much attention. But maybe you were wrong. Normally, many viewers do not have the habit of watching from head to tail but watching intermittently. 

They usually pay attention to the beginning, middle, and end of the video to shorten the time watching the video. Therefore, you should add like and subscriber calls at the end of the video. 

It is like a catalyst for the viewer. If they like your video and feel the value that it brings, they will be free to comment and subscribers to welcome your new videos.

Create subtitles

Some people do not take the role of subtitles seriously in increasing YouTube watch time. But in truth, captioning helps you reach a wider audience. 

Because foreigners or people with disabilities, they may not understand what you are talking about. 

Even if they wanted to understand how difficult it was. So why don’t you both help them and help raise your reputation through subtitles creation?

Or another scenario is that your video contains too much sound. Caption creation helps viewers identify what you’re talking about instead of a dozen or so sounds entering their ears. 

Creating subtitles helps many people who can only read but cannot hear because they are at school or work a lot.

Create videos with 10 to 15 minutes long watch duration

The minimum duration of a video is 7 minutes and the maximum duration is 1 hour. A 10 to 15-minute interval allows you to present exactly what you need to say.

Don’t let your audience lose interest just because you can’t provide all the information they need. Increase the duration to ensure that the average viewing time of the video lasts longer. 

This is always appreciated by YouTube and raised channels to the top. Therefore, do not hesitate to make a long video, but not more than an hour. 

Once a viewer has been absorbed in the content you present, the average view time will likely skyrocket insight. 

Also, you should create a playlist of the same topic or write another video link in the caption to make sure your customers can see the many videos you are up to. This action helps the view become even and more normal.

Usually, the above tips are combined to boost channel growth potential.


However, there are still a lot of people who choose a shortcut like using a VPS to increase YouTube watch time

It can be said that in the past, when the YouTube algorithm has not changed complicatedly, VPS was the perfect choice for many people. 

But nowadays, VPS or bots/proxies only make viewers bored by the boring content and the risk of channel deletion.

Another option for serious YouTubers and prefer a safer direction is to use the Promotion Campaign service. You own the real view, not the fake view through bots or proxies.

What do you need to do before choosing the Promotion Campaign service?

You need to research thoroughly and seriously see the websites and what they have to offer. 

What you need to do before choosing a Promotion Campaign service is to read authentic reviews and testimonials about that service. 

Through negative or positive feedback, you can determine whether their service is reputable and guarantee every benefit to the buyer. 

The most important thing is to carefully read the refund policy and the quality of customer care support to ensure safety does happen. 

The investment cost of buying subscriptions will be fully worth it if you determine the real results that the service brings. You should be wary of the cheap view and sub providers on the market today.

AudienceGain – A talented and reputable supplier of Promotion Campaign


Currently, there are still many doubts about the issue of buying views. However, you should know that buying views from a reputable provider will be safer and faster than increasing views through the use of bots, proxies, tools, … 

You will improve the performance of your views as well as real subscribers, not just fake views when using bots. Real view and sub allow you to increase rankings very quickly and improve social reputation.

It can be said that the top advantage that politicians, famous singers, and artists choose AudienceGain is prestige and responsibility for each customer. 

If you have any concerns about the customer support department customers will answer questions for you. 

Perhaps you do not know the customer support attitude of the service staff can guarantee 90% of the Promotion Campaign service quality.

Trusted providers like AudienceGain will focus on helping you promote your channel and deliver credible views. You will get subscriptions from loyal and potential viewers.

Final thoughts

Customer experience is one of AudienceGain’s top requirements when entering the operational phase. Therefore, all your concerns or questions are part of AudienceGain’s answering mission. 

AudienceGain will work together to create fundamental and sustainable values ​​to help your channel grow rapidly. 

So what are you afraid of without making a quick investment and ensuring safe profit through AudienceGain service packages to increase YouTube watch time and raise channels to the top?

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