How to increase youtube watch time without bots or proxies?


You cannot legally increase YouTube watch time and find the right direction for your YouTube channel? Don’t worry, you can find the answer through this article!

Not everyone knows how to make real money from YouTube. 

YouTube is a hidden gold mine if you invest your dedication, time, and money to invest in it. 

But if you only know how to invest and invest and do not plan your YouTube channel a strategic path, you may lose in the race with many other skilled YouTubers.

This article will show you how to increase YouTube watch time without bots or proxies. From there, you will know how to build a reputation for your YouTube channel and go further in the future.

First of all, let’s explore the reason why you should pay attention to YouTube watch time.

Why pay attention to YouTube watch time?

Why pay attention to YouTube watch timeHow to Increase Your YouTube Watch Time?

Many beginners think that YouTube watch time is not important. Your conception is completely wrong. 

YouTube watch time is the foundation and launchpad for you to develop channels most naturally and safely. 

YouTube’s algorithm is increasingly complex and constantly changing to ensure that your YouTube channel’s views and subscribers are real, not fake. 

The current YouTube monetization regulations include that your channel must reach 4,000 YouTube watch hours and 1,000 subscribers within 12 months.

If your channel does not have content that stimulates viewers’ curiosity, likely, your channel will not fully meet the requirements of YouTube monetization

You will not become a member of the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) if you do not meet the requirement of 4000 hours of viewing and 1000 subscriptions within 12 months

Because of the difficulty in meeting the criteria for turning on YouTube’s monetization model. 

Many beginners often have other directions to increase their views quickly such as using bots, proxies, tools, VPS, …, the above directions are not as effective as buying YouTube watch time and bundled subscriptions like AudienceGain.

Let’s learn about the directions like using bots or proxies with their pros and cons!

Is increasing YouTube watch time by proxies good as you think?

What are Proxies?

What is a proxy serverWhat is a proxy server?

Proxies (Proxy server) can be roughly understood as a means, an intermediary tool to help you make indirect connections, not connect directly to the real server. 

You can understand Proxies as a universal door to help you access the Internet quickly. Proxies are evaluated by many experts as web filters and firewalls to prevent hidden threats on the network.

Proxies have many uses, especially on large area networks. 

The harm of proxies in “pumping” fake views for channels

The proxy server plays the role of improving network performance when the configuration works at the Application layer – layer 7 of the OSI reference model and supports proper application filtering. 

Regular firewalls cannot be compared to proxy servers. Proxy helps users to increase network bandwidth as well as the ability to expand securely. Also, the proxy server improves the responsiveness of the client. 

Even though the intermediate network link is not online, the proxy server cache is still linked and accessed quickly.

But if you use proxies to increase YouTube watch time, you will regret it forever! Because it is not legal and extremely risk to newbies YouTubers.

In the past, many YouTubers used proxies like legendary drugs in the legend to save the YouTube channel that was about to be blocked or did not meet YouTube’s regulations.

Because if you own a huge amount of live proxies, increasing your YouTube watch time is just a matter of time.

You can manually adjust the watch time, choose the time to watch the video, and the time off to avoid being noticed by Google. 

However, if you are not careful, Google will subtract your view quickly when it sees your views and subscribers fluctuate in a very short time. 

Many cases are blocked by YouTube because of using proxies or VPNs to increase YouTube watch time.

Proxies are similar and different from VPNs?

Proxy is not the same as a VPN (Virtual private network). 

Even though both Proxy and VPN help conceal user identity (IP address / URL) as well as have a security model, they still have many different points that you should know when using either to increase your YouTube watch time

If a proxy is only handling web traffic that runs through your browser, a VPN establishes and processes the programs and traffic.

The VPN has end-to-end encryption and the Proxy doesn’t. Encryption is the biggest difference between Proxy and VPN. A VPN is a secure fabric and quickly extends to a larger network. 

Proxy is not encrypted between your ISP and you but directly connects to the Internet. 

The protocols that Proxy uses are mostly HTTP, TELNET, FTP, and SMTP while VPN uses high-security encryption such as IPSec, L2TP, PPTP, … 

The proxy only hides the IP address, not encrypts the traffic access between the proxy server and your computer. This means the government or ISP can also access and know what you are doing.

Therefore, when using Proxy to increase YouTube watch time is still easily detected by Google once the algorithm becomes more sophisticated. 

Currently, the YouTube algorithm is getting more and more complicated, so whether you use VPNs or proxies to increase YouTube watch time is completely useless.

You should not use this shortcut to gain YouTube monetization. You can be bookmarked by YouTube and listed as permanently locked to a channel.

Disadvantages of increasing YouTube watch time by proxy from QNITUBE software

Using QNITUBE software, you can control the speed and view count of videos but you not control latent risk. 

You need the reputable provider views instead of relying on a proxy list or Dcom to increase YouTube watch time

The disadvantages when you use QNITUBE software to increase YouTube watch time are:

  • Not increase rankings for your videos: When your video reaches the top, it will be easier for viewers to click on your video. According to statistics, users rarely click on videos located on the 3rd page onwards on search engines. If you use proxies to increase YouTube watch time, YouTube will quickly detect and obliterate your YouTube watch time you have before.
  • Not automatically increase YouTube watch time in a controlled way. Because YouTube’s algorithm can focus on and detect.
  • Not log in at the same time to many websites to easily advertise videos on Facebook, YouTube, Imgur, Reddit, Twitter, …
  • Not save money, time, and effort in channel creation as buying a reputable provider with views or subs

Some of the most widely used anonymous proxy servers are,,,,,,,,…

As noted above, a proxy is not a safe choice for your YouTube channel. Although Proxy fulfills many of the requirements that YouTubers need to increase YouTube watch time

But using proxies to increase views and subscribers contains a lot of risks such as being discovered by Google and you will be permanently locked out of your channel.

If you use a free proxy server, your connection is at high risk of being tracked, not using HTTPS, containing malware, stealing cookies, … The harms of using a free proxy server are also similar harms to using a free VPN. 

That is one of the reasons that many newcomers turn to the Promotion Campaign of AudienceGain to ensure the safety of the channel and enjoy the full service of YouTube watch time.

Is increasing YouTube watch time by bots good as you think?

What is MyTube Bot?

MyTube BotMyTube Bot – Do you have free Youtube watch time?

MyTube Bot is computer bots that are seen as tools to quickly increase YouTube watch time. MyTube Bot beats the view censorship system because it is encrypted before.

The harm of MyTube Bot in “pumping” fake views for channels

The MyTube Bot is often used with proxy turnaround services such as storm proxies with the HTTP desktop protocol and the SOCKS5 protocol for the mobile version. 

You just need to copy the ID of your video, paste it into the Video ID in the Bot view tool and use SOCKS, MyTube Bot will plow the view for you. 

Usually, SOCKS die fast, so you need to find SOCKS to update continuously. Based on this way, you just need to press start and watch YouTube watch time increase rapidly.

But you will have unimaginable disappointment about MyTube Bots! It doesn’t help you have free YouTube watch time as you think. It does not save money, time, and effort in channel creation like the Promotion Campaign of AudienceGain.

However, MyTube Bot can make self-increasing views but you have many serious problems.

Using bots to increase YouTube watch time is also potentially dangerous because it creates fake views.

Also, if your channel has monetization enabled, it’s best to use a service that provides real views like AudienceGain instead of using MyTube Bot.

You should also not use the MyTube Bot for a website with GA enabled. MyTube Bot is usually intended for channels that do not have the reputation and lack the conditions to enable monetization.

MyTube Bot also only increased YouTube watch time, not increased subscribers.

Therefore, if you want to develop your channel quickly and sustainably, you should apply natural view-increasing tips such as video investment, keyword research, using interesting thumbnails,…

Although it takes a lot of effort, time, and money to do the above activities, if you want to develop your channel in the long term, you should not use MyTube Bot.

Because using the MyTube Bot does not enable monetization for your channel.

Serious harm when using other methods “pumping” YouTube watch time

Using VPS

VPS usesVPS Uses

You may not believe it, but if you use a VPS, the YouTube watch time will not increase very quickly as you think. 

When you create a playlist containing channel videos, VPS can run over and over to plow your views but YouTube’s algorithm will detect and erase your fake YouTube watch time. 

Use the tool

Also, foreign YouTubers often use tools to increase views to stimulate the interest of “fake” viewers like QQTube. QQTube can help you customize and proactively view speed but this service brings you a lot of harm. 

QQTube’s interface is also easy to use. However, this tool is in full English and is not supported by the user. The service price is in $, so you need a visa before using QQTube to increase YouTube watch time. 

Compared with the 1000 view service, the price of QQTube is much higher. Also, many novice YouTubers use the YouTube Auto Viewer Tool through the number of Gmail as much as possible.

 The advantage of this tool is that it can run in many available browsers and switch the view accounts automatically and repeatedly. But QQTube is not as safe and high-quality as the Promotion Campaign of AudienceGain.

The downside of the YouTube Auto Viewer Tool is that adding links is a bit difficult for many different social networks. 

In addition to the two tools above, you can pay attention to YTBViewer, Vagex Viewer, SEO GooglePlus YouTube,… You had better not use bots, proxies, or tools to increase YouTube watch time.

Some advice and reviews

Usually, many less-famous YouTubers use multiple ways at the same time to avoid abuse.

Maybe you have Free Youtube watch time, but You should also not run two tools because tools of the same function easily collide and are easily detected by Google. When VPS running 24/24 at home will cost more electricity than renting VPS.

However, if you want to invest sustainably in a YouTube channel to make money by increasing YouTube watch time, you should choose to buy views and subscribers from a reputable service. 

One example is AudienceGain – the perfect choice for less popular and newly established YouTube channels. 

AudienceGain has many comprehensive service packages including SEO improvement functions, brand enhancement, attracting viewers from websites, groups on Facebook, and increasing real views safely and legally. 

Currently, if you use the YouTube watch time increase service of AudienceGain, you only need to upload videos to make money. Within 1 to 3 days, AudienceGain will ship your order. 

If you have any questions about the package or the price of the service, AudienceGain will respond to you immediately.

AudienceGain is different from bots and proxies. AudienceGain creates real value at lightning speed and ensures shortened response times to enable monetization with the Promotion Campaign of AudienceGain.

In brief

In short, if you are a novice YouTuber, you should invest both time and money to develop a sustainable channel. You should not abuse the YouTube watch time increase by using bots or proxies. 

The above methods only bring temporary value, not sustainability. Also, using tools or bots puts your channel at risk, such as being canceled video posting or locked channel permanently.

Monetized YouTube channels will not be as difficult as you think if you optimize your marketing costs with AudienceGain instead of wasting away.

Hope you will gain useful knowledge after reading this article!

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