How To Make Money Easily Through YouTube Watch Hours For Busy People?


You are wondering earn money watching YouTube video. Don’t worry, this article will help you find a solution to all the problems you have when making money from YouTube.

YouTube is currently the second most viewed video platform in the world. With such a fertile land to make money, many people want to make money online quickly through creating and building channels.

However, making money easily is not as easy as you think.

You need time, effort, and money to invest in increasing YouTube watch hours and developing a YouTube channel.

Here are some things you need to be aware of and need to know how to make money easily and safely through YouTube watch hours for busy people.

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Busy people need to face difficult problems with YouTube Watch Hours


Busy people need to face difficult problems with YouTube

A busy person lacks the time to manage and develop a channel. However, often busy people have an abundant source of money that allows them to hire managers or rent services to increase views safely and sustainably.

The pressure that busy people go through the building and maintaining their channel is immense.

YouTube is now one of the fertile and chaotic lands. Normally, many artists are also involved in building and attracting YouTube watch hours for their channel.

To have a good video or clip, the channel owner must have a good idea, a long-term and thorough plan.

You have to constantly brainstorm and quickly solve the problems that any YouTube YouTube player must face.

At first, if you are a busy person and do not have time to invest in video, you will encounter a lot of eyes. You have no idea what topics your audience would like to see and what time frames.

You also do not know how to create a personal branding and name for the channel.

Once the videos on the YouTube channel are repetitive, old, and boring, it will be very difficult for the audience to accept them and YouTube watch hours will quickly decrease.

For the busy person who doesn’t have time, making money on the YouTube channel is a very fierce race. You have to spend lofty expenses and define your direction for your channel.

Besides, you also need to keep the secret and development plan of your channel so that you will not lose to channels with the same development orientation as you.

You can make money when your channel meets the standards set by YouTube and is reviewed by YouTube.

Many people buy the Promotion Campaign service package in less than 1 month and start to earn money through the YouTube watch hours.

The way to make money through YouTube is sponsored videos, youtube AdSense, affiliate marketing.

Currently, overseas YouTube channels are being welcomed and loved such as iJustine, Brightside, Mrwhosetheboss, or Unbox Therapy.

Currently, YouTubers’ algorithms are increasingly changing and more complex. This makes many methods of creating a “fake view” no longer easy for newbies. Google will easily pay attention and record if you make a mistake that YouTube stipulates.

YouTube’s bots are getting smarter than you think. If you want to increase your YouTube watch hours, then you have to spend a huge amount of money to increase views as well as interactions between viewers and channels.

A channel that wants to turn on monetization and development, you need to spend a lot of time and effort if you are a content marketer.

Besides, with the relentless competition of social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or Twitch, YouTube is slowly losing its leading position in video service.

YouTubers also have many difficulties in establishing their place in the thousands of famous names today.

Twitch, for example, is considered a well-known service for the hours-long gaming Livestream with other gaming categories. If you want to see thrilling and dramatic e-sport games, you can watch through Twitch.

The power of video development like Facebook or Snapchat is gradually growing and attracting more viewers when it comes to several billion views each day.

Faced with many of the above difficulties, you should have a clear and long-term direction to continue on the race called “YouTube channel monetization”.

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Regulations on turning on the monetization model of YouTube channel


Regulations on the monetization model of YouTube channel

In early 2018, the regulations to turn on YouTube channel’s monetization were increasingly stricter. You are bound to achieve 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers within 12 months.

You need to have an AdSense account to receive payment from YouTube when you reach a certain view. Normally, YouTube will take 1 month to review and see if your channel has met the standards or not.

You need to make sure that the video in your channel does not violate the principles that YouTube has prescribed such as the content of bloody violence.

You need to avoid content describing reproductive organs, sexual acts aimed at satisfying sexual purposes contains instructions that are illegal or harmful to others.

Posting videos that are strongly provocative to certain groups of people or religions, thereby harassing threats online, etc. is also considered as a violation.

Post videos that come from your favorites and personalities such as beauty tutorials, cooking tutorials or movie reviews, comics.

If you are a travel enthusiast, doing a travel vlog will make you both satisfy your passion and passively make money online.

Your unique ideas will make the video attract viewers and bring a significant source of profit for you.

Through an introductory video of attractions you’ve visited, you can do affiliate marketing, run ads, YouTube AdSense, sell e-books, and travel guides.

If you have ideas about fashion, you absolutely can make a style investment video different seasons of the year and collaborating with brands to increase income such as BluMaan or Amynicolaox.

How to make money easily through YouTube watch hours for busy people

Use a title that contains keywords


Use a title that contains keywords

In the world of YouTube MMOs, the use of a keyword-containing title helps to push the top of the video and engage users in the video content.

The keywords that are clear and searched by many people will satisfy the algorithms of YouTube.

You can go through the normal SEO methods to increase the keywords in your title without getting cumbersome. The popularity of keywords will determine whether or not YouTube watch hours will increase.

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The video description should contain keywords

In addition to the title, you also need to pay attention to placing popular keywords in the video description.

You will drop off the top of the search if you don’t have popular keywords in the video description. Because the video click-through rate will drop significantly and viewers will think that the video does not belong to what they are looking for.

You need to maximize the interest of your viewers. You need to include popular keywords in the description as well as the SEO meta description on your website.

Tagging with keywords

You should pay attention to placing keywords in tags if you want the video to quickly gain more clicks and subscribers.

Video tag will help the YouTube algorithm understand the topic you are trying to cover as well as reflect the direction of your channel.

You need keyword research tools like, YouTube Suggest, Kwfinder, Google Trends.

Put eye-catching thumbnails in avatars and video backgrounds


Eye-catching thumbnails in avatars and video backgrounds

Placing an eye-catching thumbnail is one of the most important parts if you want to increase your audience engagement and interest in your channel.

An interesting and humorous thumbnail image can bring out the laughter and curiosity of the viewer.

You also need to ensure the quality of the thumbnail image as well as the easy vertical font.

Create viral content on YouTube

YouTubers nowadays have reactions to music products or chat while playing games. The video content on their channel is associated with the trending and most searched for today.

Sticking to existing viral products is a good way to go if you want creative content and avoid boring repetitions.

Link with other YouTubers

Connecting with other YouTubers helps you improve YouTube watch hours. Because it is like posting a Guest Post on the website, if your channel can connect with many people with high followers then YouTube watch hours and the reputation of your channel will increase rapidly.

Providing a link to another channel’s videos not only creates a rapport for you but also creates a partnership with industry peers.

Apply automatically play videos with playlist

One of the other options for you is that you can create videos into a playlist about similar topics.

This not only gives users more opportunities to reach the video in the same channel as you, but also spreads the views over each video.

While the automatic video can be annoying to the viewer, if you have a good idea, do not hesitate to install the video automatically and create a playlist of the same theme.

Available in many communities and private groups

Do not hesitate when you want to share your useful videos so that more people in your group or community know more.


Communities and private groups

The positive advice and feedback of people in your private group can bring you unimaginable surprises. YouTube watch hours not only increases rapidly, but your channel’s reputation will also be confirmed.

Increase YouTube watch hours from other websites

In addition to sending the link or URL of your YouTube channel to private groups or communities, you can pull YouTube Watch Hours from other websites such as Reddit, Quora, Facebook, Zalo, twitch, Pinterest …

SEO for your video

Currently, the embedded video is considered a backlink that can help your videos and channels rank on the top of the search faster.

When traditional SEO, your videos will have the opportunity to interact more with viewers and quickly meet the YouTube standard that sets the YouTube channel’s monetization model.

AudienceGain – Another perfect and safe pick

For busy people who want to make money automatically from the YouTube channel quickly, you can look to AudienceGain.

AudienceGain’s Package Targeted Country Views service allows you to easily see and understand how many views are coming from a particular country in the world.

Also, AudienceGain offers a Fast-Views package that allows an average viewing time from 30 to 180 seconds/view.

You may also consider another service package like High-retention views with 20-25 minutes/view of AudienceGain for a cheaper price.

AudienceGain guarantees compliance with YouTube’s monetization policies. Also, AudienceGain does not use bots, proxies, or tools to create fake views and subscribers.

The effective promotion strategies of AudienceGain can help your YouTube channel increase YouTube watch hours quickly and safely.

The videos on your channel will get a steady increase in views and it can improve SEO even if you’re busy all day.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How can I check the view retention rate when subscribing to AudienceGain’s service?

Answer: If you need to check your view retention rate, just go to YouTube Studio> Analytics> Audience Retention. You can fully capture information about views such as audience geography and average view duration.

Based on these details, you absolutely can increase YouTube watch hours as well as change the YouTube video advertising strategy when necessary.

Q2: Why should I use AudienceGain instead of bots, proxies, tools?

Answer: Because using bots, proxies, or tools like VPS, VPN to increase YouTube watch hours is potentially risky. Once the index increases views and subscriptions suddenly, Google can detect it easily.

From there, your channel can be blocked or unpublished. Meanwhile, AudienceGain offers a service that is not potentially risky and is 100% legal because YouTube watch hours and subscribers are real.

Q3: What are the dangers of busy people when not using the prestigious AudienceGain service?

Answer: If you are not using AudienceGain Promotion Campaign, you can spend a lot of money to invest in buying fake registration online.

At the same time, you run the risk of losing subscribers after your purchase. Even your channel is at risk of being banned by buying advertising services from scammers.

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Currently, the most affordable and cheapest way to make money easily through YouTube watch hours for busy people is a full-service service from seeding, advertising to video optimization on many social networks like AudienceGain.

AudienceGain can securely support Google Adsense accounts and deliver within 24 hours.

Once you sign up, you will be assured by AudienceGain’s customer support side that there will be no negative effects on the channel as well as make money quickly by 4000 watch hours and 1100 real subscribers.

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