How to Optimize your YouTube Channel? (Part 2)


To optimize your YouTube channel, one must be aware of video tags, hashtags, end cards, and other features available on YouTube for creators. We outline them in this article.

The first part of this article series dealt with YouTube SEO, setting the channel name and profile picture, the YouTube banner, and video watermarks. 

However, in this article, we outline how you can optimize your YouTube channel by:

  1. Adding video tags,
  2. Adding video descriptions,
  3. Embedding your socials,
  4. Using YouTube hashtags,
  5. Adding chapters to your videos, and 
  6. Adding YouTube end cards. 

Finally, we delineate organizing your videos into playlists. 

Optimizing your YouTube Channel 3: Adding Tags to your Videos

In addition, video tags are another fascinating feature on YouTube that allows YouTubers to maximize their videos’ discoverability on YouTube in a bid to optimize their YouTube channels for maximum visibility. Tags are keywords that you can associate with your video. They help others find your videos on YouTube or other search engines such as Google based on the relevancy of content. 

Video tags are a great way to optimize your YouTube channel to improve discoverability.

Furthermore, YouTube’s algorithm interprets keywords and associates them with video tags to display the aptest videos to searchers. Therefore, one can easily add video tags to optimize their YouTube channel for greater discoverability when uploading videos. 

Optimizing your YouTube Channel 4: Adding Video Descriptions

Moreover, video descriptions also form a vital part of optimizing one’s YouTube channel. Video descriptions are beneficial for elucidating the main aspects of your video content and your channel. It is common to add links to your other videos in your video descriptions to optimize your YouTube channel and keep your audiences engaged with your content. Alternatively, you may also add any notes or link your social media in your video descriptions. Additionally, one can add video descriptions when uploading videos.

A video description allows your audiences to learn what your video content is about before they watch the video.

However, when adding a link to another video in your video descriptions, ensure that you add an unaltered link. For this, you must generate the link for your videos from the Share Video option for every video. Finally, you may shorten the link for neatness if you want. 

Optimizing your YouTube Channel 5: Embedding your Socials 

Additionally, it is generally also good to embed your socials on your YouTube channel. This entails adding relevant links to your social media accounts (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok, Twitch, Linked In, etc.). So now, you could either add social media links to your video descriptions or your channel description. 

Nevertheless, it is an excellent idea to embed your socials to optimize your YouTube channel because this gives you greater credibility. Moreover, people are likely to trust your channel and content if you have verified social media accounts with ample followings. You can also always advertise your videos and channel on your social media accounts for more excellent optimization. 

Remember to embed your socials for effective YouTube channel optimization.

Optimizing your YouTube Channel 6: Adding YouTube Hashtags

Furthermore, another crucial aspect of optimizing your YouTube channel for greater visibility and better discoverability is YouTube hashtags. You may add YouTube hashtags to your video titles or video descriptions. Hashtags are displayed above the title with your video on YouTube. 

Moreover, YouTube hashtags work very similarly to hashtags on other social media platforms. They help improve your channel’s discoverability by showing your videos to relevant viewers based on keywords and content relevancy. In addition, the YouTube algorithm makes use of hashtags to connect creators to audiences effectively.

Hashtags are crucial for optimizing your YouTube channel for greater visibility.

Optimizing your YouTube Channel 7: How to add Chapters to your Videos

Moreover, one can also add chapters to their videos to optimize their YouTube channel for better organization and clarity. Chapters allow your videos to be split up and displayed to audiences chapter-wise based on the relevance of content. You can add video chapters to your video descriptions or the pinned comment on your video. Users will view your video in chapters and click on any chapter they want to consider first. In addition, you can also set appropriate titles for your video chapters. 

Chapters allow your viewers to view segments of a video based on different topics covered within the same video.

You must write timecodes in the 8:09 format in either your video descriptions or pinned comments to add video chapters. However, remember to add 0:00 before your list of timecodes to alert the YouTube algorithm to display your video chapters in your videos. If you do not add the 0:00 timecode, the timecodes will only work in your video descriptions and not in your videos. 

Finally, timecodes are very beneficial for optimizing your YouTube channel for better discoverability because they help Google discovery as chapters are shown separately to users based on keywords and relevance.

Optimizing your YouTube Channel 8: Adding a YouTube End Card

Additionally, the YouTube end card is another essential aspect of YouTube videos that optimize your YouTube channel and build your brand. End cards are basically what you see towards the end of YouTube videos. You may add the subscribe button, your video best for the viewer at hand, your most recent upload, or any combination of the three to the end card. Remember that these will be clickable videos with their thumbnails displayed on the end card. 

One can add end cards to their videos when they’re uploading videos. Go to the YouTube creator Studio to upload your video and then to Video Elements > Add end screen. Here you will find many different end screen templates to choose from, and you may customize them too. Moreover, you can add another video by selecting the Add Element option.

Optimizing your YouTube Channel 9: Organizing your videos into a Playlist 

Finally, we recommend organizing your videos into a playlist to optimize your YouTube channel for extraordinary neatness and better channel organization. One way to create a playlist is by clicking New Playlist on your channel. However, you may also hover over your videos on YouTube and click the three dots that appear on the side of your video. Then you can select the Save to Playlist option, which lets you save the video in question to either an old playlist or a new playlist. Moreover, YouTube playlists can be of three primary types: 

  1. Public playlists 
  2. Unlisted playlists 
  3. Private playlists 


To sum it up, this article highlights optimizing one’s YouTube channel through video tags, video descriptions, and embedding your socials. Moreover, we also elucidate YouTube hashtags and how you can add them to your videos. Additionally, the article also outlines chapters and end cards. Finally, we also cover organizing your videos into playlists. 

However, there are several other ways to optimize your YouTube channel and increase your channel growth, credibility, and visibility on YouTube. First, you may sign up for AudienceGain’s remarkable YouTube services, including consultations with our YouTube experts to learn more. 

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