How To Re-Enable Monetization on YouTube

How To Re-Enable Monetization on YouTube

You want to search “How to re-enable YouTube monetization“. Here’s the way that can help you guys RE-ENABLED your DISABLED MONETIZATION status within 48 hours :

1: Create a new Google Account  ( Use Your Correct Information )

2: Log on YouTube by new Google Account and create a new channel

3: After that, it will show a tab of the new channel, please click at “YouTube Studio”

4: Scroll Down At The End Of Page > Creator Studio Classic > “Skip”.

5: Open Monetization Tab > Click at”Enable” option of Monetization Row to show the page to Sign Up Google Adsense through YouTube

Step 6: It will show 4 steps to Apply For Monetization but just do Step 1 and 2

7: Click at the option “Start”, Read and Agree With YouTube Partner Program Term (Tick ✔️✔️✔️ at the bottom)

8: Click at the option “Start” of step 2 then start the sign-up Google Adsense account.

9: Fulfill exactly your information in “Signing-up form” ( Sign-up as Individual, not business. )

10: Your Google Account will be reviewed within 24 hours and then it’s active.

11: After reviewed, open Google Adsense account, click at > Account > Access and authorization > User management > Invite your old disable monetization account as new Administrator.

12: Open your old Google account and accept the invitation request by click at the phrase ” visit this link ” and close the tab without doing anything.

13: Open YouTube Studio > scroll Down At The End Of Page > Creator Studio Classic > “Skip” > open THIS LINK .

14: Click at Blue Link & Click “Change” to change another Google Adsense account.

15: Click at Accept Association > Redirect > Refresh Your Page > Done.

Click here to watch Tutorial Video.

Why Did YouTube Disapprove Your AdSense Account?

If monetization is disabled or your YouTube channel is rejected for monetization after review, it could be due to several reasons. These are the most common reasons payments are suspended and monetization is not approved:

  • Attempting to monetize videos you don’t own. If you’re not sure if you have the right to upload video content, check the Copyright FAQ and make sure you understand how fair use works.
  • Attempting to monetize videos that don’t meet YouTube’s advertiser-friendly content guidelines.
  • Violation of YouTube monetization policies, YouTube spam policies, AdSense Program Policies, or YouTube Terms of Service.
  • Note that severe violations of our YouTube monetization policies may result in monetization being permanently disabled on all or any of your accounts.

“How to re-enable YouTube monetization”

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