Is denying buying YouTube subscribers a wise choice to make?

Currently, YouTube is gradually absent from illegal “fake view grinding” services. Instead, people gradually realize the danger of abusing the use of bots, proxies, or tools to increase views and subscribers without stopping.

Because YouTube’s algorithm is constantly changing and becoming extremely complex. Your tricks cannot pass the eyes of the algorithms. So should you buy YouTube subscribers or not? 

The answer will lie in the following article!

First, let’s find out why you should pay attention to subscribers and while not creating direct profits for yourself?

I. Why should you pay attention to subscribers even though they are not directly profitable?

Why should you pay attention to subscribers even though they are not directly profitable?

Why should you pay attention to subscribers even though they are not directly profitable?

With a fertile land of about 22 billion unique visitors per month like YouTube, ignoring the subscribers will certainly reduce the attractiveness of the channel.

Before 2018, YouTube’s monetization regulations still didn’t care about subscribers properly, but today YouTube has completely changed.
Subscriber counts is one of the elements that YouTubers must achieve if they want to enable monetization for their channels. 

In addition to having an AdSense account, you can only enable YouTube monetization when:

The above conditions force YouTubers to not only focus on the number of views and watch hours but also pay attention to channel subscribers.

In addition to the above reason, paying attention to your subscribers will ensure increased credibility for your channel, your viewers will trust and visit your channel regularly.

On the YouTube side, this platform’s algorithm will appreciate your channel and improve your search rankings as well as impressions if you have a huge subscriber base.

II. Opportunities and challenges for YouTubers when drawing real subscribers

There are many ways to increase your subscribers such as leveraging social media, advertising on YouTube, or optimizing channels. 

Those are the ways to make communication legal, secure, and effective in the long term.

However, nowadays many people seek out to buy YouTube subscribers with the hope that they will be able to deceive the algorithms on YouTube as well as increase people’s trustworthiness.

The question “is denying buying YouTube subscribers a wise choice to make?” is still the concern of many people. 

The answer for you is that you should first clearly distinguish different services that provide different types of subscribers by nature.

There are services that provide fake views from bots, proxies, or tools. This type of service is illegal and not safe at all. If you choose to provide fake subscribers from tools, it is an unwise choice.

Furthermore, Youtube can simply delete the inactive subscribers from your account, which consist mostly of the fake subscribers.

If, however, you buy YouTube subscribers from a service providing real 100% subscribers, there is still a problem of encouraging them to watch the videos to earn money from ads. So invest in your contents before reaching out to buy Youtube subscribers.

In the current market, besides the risks of being cheated by fake subscribers, you still have many opportunities to develop your channels if you know how to find real subscribers of promotion campaign services from those like AudienceGain.

If you are a person who prefers a safe, free, and do not use tools other than real subscribers, you can refer to these following ways.

III. Tips for getting real youtube subscribers quickly, safely, and effectively

#1. Make sure the video you post is longer than 8 minutes

According to a large study of YouTube ranking factors from Brian Dean, there are 11 factors that help your video rank on YouTube’s search engine. 

And it’s an interesting fact that long videos rank higher in YouTube’s search results.

For example, Brian Dean has a nearly 14-minute video about how to have a strong backlink. That is also the main reason why his video is ranked 5th in the search results for the keyword “backlinks”.

#2. Don’t forget to post call-to-action trailers

Call-to-action directly affects subscribers on your YouTube channel

Call-to-action directly affects subscribers on your YouTube channel

The launch of call-to-action trailers will stimulate the audience’s curiosity even more. According to a KissMetrics study, 20% of people will quit watching a video within 1 minute and 40% will quit watching a video longer than 2 minutes.

This reflects the human behavior inertia when watching a video. You should consider placing the call-to-action at the beginning of a video instead of the bottom of the video. 

The percentage of viewers who follow you will be higher.

If you want your users to follow you over the long term, don’t forget to post call-to-action trailers and engage them to follow your channel so that they are notified every time a new video arrives. 

Those who subscribed to your YouTube channel will be more likely to return to watch other videos than the non-subscribers. 

Please hold the first 15 seconds of a video to launch a reasonable and engaging CTA after buying YouTube subscribers!

#3. Turn cluttered videos into professional power playlists

Power Playlists are similar to regular playlists, but better yet, most playlists are categorized by themes.

But Power Playlists are different, instead of topics, Power Playlists are sorted by results.

As you can see, all the titles on this playlist point to one result of the Beginner’s Basic Affiliate Guide.

This helps to get people to see more of your playlists and subscribe to the channel.

#4. Choose the right niche for your talent 

Niche markets are topics that must be more specific, not large markets with lots of big money to invest. 

If you can choose the right niche for your talent, it will be easier to go and get to your destination faster.

In marketing to make money or business. If you choose the right niche, there are many more benefits such as:

  • Reduce competition, avoid heavyweight competitors.
  • More impressive in the eyes of customers, because it is more specific.
  • Great if you want to personalize your content. Budget for deployment is lower than hitting large market.
  • Understanding customers better, from there you will know yourself how to improve to satisfy God.
  • It’s easier to be more specialized, since you have time to dig into that niche.

You can understand the niche as an extremely small market and as follows:

If the market is for appliances, the sub-market is for furniture, then the niche is for kitchen / dining furniture.

In the international market, people have gone into building a “super niche” market, for example, in the above case, people will not choose “bedroom furniture” to be deployed, but they will make the niche only “bed “,” Sleeping mattress “” night lamp “. That means the product will be the niche.

When you have made money with a certain niche and have enough capital and resources to scale up, you will develop into similar niches in the same market.

If you start with the niche of “office furniture” and 6 months later you have a very good income with this niche, you can develop “bedroom furniture”.

So, you should invest in the right inche at the beginning. If you do not buy YouTube subscribers, it is the only bridge that pulls your channel closer to your subscribers. 

If you already buy YouTube subscribers and want to attract more new subscribers, you need to take advantage of proper niche instead of just paying attention to market or sub-market.

#5. Schedule a steady, hard-working video regularly

Nowadays, the advance of modern technology has been evolving, so you can schedule a specific date and time for the videos to be posted on social media like Facebook. 

Not only does the scheduling and regular posting of videos show a clear work mindset, but also a serious attitude towards building your YouTube channel. 

YouTube allows you to schedule a post with a title, SEO keywords, a description, tags, … Once posted, your channel will become famous and be known by many people when appearing on the proposal by Google.

Perhaps you didn’t know, according to Frederator Networks, the golden time slot for posting videos to get the most views and subscriptions (North American time) is:

  • 2 pm to 4 pm from Monday to Wednesday
  • 12 am to 3 pm from Thursday to Friday
  • 9 am to 11 am for Saturday and Sunday

The company, which manages more than 13000 YouTube channels, said that the result is after months of synthesizing and analyzing videos that have reached hundreds of millions of views each month. 

The days with the highest increase in views are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of the week.

Thus, through the above studies, if you want to attract more views and subscriptions, do not hesitate to invest in the contents and publish videos regularly in the “golden hours”.

#6. Don’t forget to invest in advertising on YouTube

You may not believe it, but one way to increase subscribers fast without buying YouTube subscribers is to advertise your channel on YouTube. 

Once you advertise your channel’s image, you’ll quickly get a huge lead when they randomly watch on YouTube. 

Advertising on YouTube makes your channel famous and easy to grow in the long term worldwide. Once your channel has videos with good content, you should use ads to gain more attention.

You can teach yourself how to run ads for your channel without going through YouTube for a fee. However, if you operate small, it will be difficult to bring high efficiency. 

Also, you will take a lot of effort and time to complete all you need to do to successfully implement the promotion campaign. 

Currently, there are many services running promotion campaign with cheap but high quality. AudienceGain is not a bad suggestion for your choice to buy YouTube subscribers.

#7. Introduce your other videos at the end of the video

Never miss a call to see other videos at the end of the video

Never miss a call to see other videos at the end of the video

The more people watch your videos, the more likely they are to subscribe to your channel. The question for you is “how do you get people to watch 2, 5, or even 10 more of your videos?”. Just introduce another video on your End Screen.

To create the end screen, you can follow these steps:

At the 10 seconds of time at the end of your End Screen dedicated video, the YouTube interface for adding a video in end screens should look like this:

Introducing another video on your End Screen is very simple

Introducing another video on your End Screen is very simple

Then use the YouTube End Screen editor to add related videos:

You can customize the layout for other videos located at the bottom of the video

You can customize the layout for other videos located at the bottom of the video

You can select videos available on your channel to add to end screens, which will increase the percentage of viewers who click on another video on your channel.

Alternatively, you can encourage viewers to subscribe to your channel by adding a “Subscribe” element to the end screen. 

First, click on “Ingredients” and tick “Subscribe”, your channel icon will appear on the endscreen for people to click subscribe.

#8. Please reply to any comments if possible

This is one of the easiest ways to get more subscribers. In fact, YouTube’s internal data found a clear correlation between replying to comments and subscribers.

Because most YouTubers don’t respond to comments very often.

So it will help you stand out when replying to comments from viewers. That’s why I always try to respond to comments as best as possible, especially right after I post a new video.

#9. Don’t forget to invest in writing a great channel description

The formula for writing an effective channel description

The formula for writing an effective channel description

The description of your YouTube channel is important (especially when it comes to video SEO). You should pay attention to write as much information as that viewers need in the channel description section. 

For example, you need to state what the purpose of the channel is, the categories on the channel, or a call to subscribe from the audience.

If you want to create a natural subscriber for yourself and do not need to buy YouTube subscribers, you should remember the formula for attracting subscribers as follows: 

  • 1 sentence about the overview of the channel
  • 2 – 3 sentences on the topics of the channel 
  • 1 – 2 sentences about the target audience 
  • 1 call-to-action such as a subscription to YouTube channel

#10. Create a distinctive and inspirational channel icon

If you want your channel to be special and interesting to your viewers, then it’s best to use a unique channel icon that is visible anywhere on YouTube. Its importance is undeniable.

It acts like a stamp imprinting your personal branding. It makes a difference and helps viewers clearly differentiate your channel from thousands of channels created each month on YouTube. 

The channel icon is a custom thumbnail that sits in the avatar position on your channel. 

You should choose unique images and high resolution. 

If you are the representative of a brand or company, it is best to use a logo designed specifically for the company to highlight the brand from the very first moment the viewers find you.

Create interesting channel symbols to make the viewers feel strong right from the very beginning. Then, you will easily persuade them to subscribe to your Youtube channel, without spending money to buy YouTube subscribers.

#11. Make up an interesting channel slogan

A unique tagline can help your channel stand out and impress your viewers. You can create a channel tagline in just 3 simple steps:

  • First, identify the one thing that makes your channel unique or different.
  • Second, put that slogan in a large font on your images.
  • Finally, reiterate your tagline in your Channel Intro Video.

#12. YouTube channel SEO

When someone enters your channel, two things can happen; They leave immediately or they watch more of your videos and subscribe.

And the fact that an optimized channel page can double your subscribers. 

Never let your viewers think that your YouTube channel looks sketchy and too unprofessional. Optimizing your channel will increase your chances and increase your subscribers. 

So, you should not ignore the investment process and arrange the channel to make it perfect. If you don’t have the time or technical background to do so, you can hire a professional designer.

One of the safest, fastest, and most effective measures is to buy YouTube subscribers from a reputable provider. However, to be able to find a reputable supplier is not as easy as you think. 

AudienceGain will probably be an ideal choice for you.

IV. AudienceGain – Another great solution to increase YouTube subscriber

AudienceGain has been considered one of the top YouTube watch hours and subscribers providers for many countries around the world. Not only will you reach the milestone of 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers in less than 3 weeks, but also you have a chance to improve your rankings on the YouTube and Google search engines.

AudienceGain can ensure views and subscriptions are real, not illegal, and has a 100% refund policy. AudienceGain’s views and subscriptions come from Promotion strategy on social media. So AudienceGain says no to bots, tools, proxies, and the creation of fake views and subscribers. 

Within 1 to 2 days after you register, you will receive a response and delivery. With these great benefits above, do you hesitate to buy YouTube subscribers right away at AudienceGain today?

VI. Conclusion

In short, hopefully after this article, you can orient the path you will go and answer the question “is denying buying YouTube subscribers a wise choice to make?”. 

You can choose to slowly develop your channel through the above methods of increasing subscribers without buying YouTube subscribers. But AudienceGain is a perfect choice for YouTubers who want to build trust for more channel subscribers. 

No need to wait, no need to spend too much time, and do not use tools, but you still have 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers legally by AudienceGain right now!

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