Is It Possible to Buy YouTube Watch Hours in 2021?


How to buy YouTube watch hours is no longer a strange question to any YouTuber recently. It has become a popular way to gain monetization rights from YouTube. But does it work? And is it legal or not?


YouTube watch time plays a key role for any channel in monetization.

Definition and importance of 4,000 watch hours on YouTube

What do 4,000 YouTube watch hours mean?

There has never been a single creator who’s aimed to get 4,000 hours of watch time as a milestone until YouTube introduced that as a benchmark for applying for the YouTube Partner Program. Now, it is an essential requirement if you want to monetize your channel.

Your content must be public, but you can not do a live stream to count the watch hours. 

Moreover, you have to achieve 4,000 hours in 12 consecutive months. It does not mean that your video has to be published in the last 12 months. It just has to be watched during the previous 52 weeks. 

YouTube helps you track the progress of this figure by Monetization’s function. You can select the Monetization button in the left-hand and get to another place where you can find subscribers and watch time development.

Why does it matter?

YouTube Partner Program Requirements

YouTube monetization policies consist of several factors that act as minimum legal obligations to allow you to be a monetized partner.

  • Your country’s location is accessible where Youtube Partner Program (YPP) is valid.
  • Have a minimum amount of time of 4000 watch hours in a consecutive 12-month period.
  • Have a minimum number of 1000 subscribers.
  • Register an AdSense account.

For YouTubers, that is the prerequisite to decide whether you have met the requirements to make money with YouTube or not. Usually, you have to wait about more or less 30 days to get permission from YouTube. 

For the YouTube community manager, buy 4000 YouTube watch hours is a method of evaluating the video. It contributes to the quality of the content and provides a better experience for the audience. 

In this time, there are millions of uploaded videos that cover almost all topics, including the niche you are focusing on. So it would be difficult for a fresh YouTuber to achieve this requirement without an effective strategy. Many YouTubers tend to buy 4,000 watch times on YouTube from third parties. They, the providers, will apply the promotional strategy for content creator’s valuable videos. This method can save a lot of time but still ensure safety, effectiveness, and other benefits.

Seven ways to buy YouTube watch time without paying money

With the emerging needs nowadays, many methods help you quickly get 4000 watch hours without spending money.

Take advantage of SEO

SEO should be your priority when considering how to reach 4000 watch time on YouTube. With the continuous development of technology today, the YouTubers community is growingly expanding, leading to the fact that the audiences have the chance to encounter more and more videos on various topics. 

SEO has a great influence on buying YouTube watch hours.

While that is a positive trend for viewers, it is a negative impact on content creators. The competition among the content creators will increase dramatically when we have the same topic with so many options to choose from. 

It is potential if your video has a higher rank because it leads to the increasing organic views and subscribers that the video can gain. Moreover, a single YouTube channel with many high-ranking videos is always fully appreciated by YouTube over the other channels. That channel will most likely be recommended, so it is too easy to reach 4,000 hours of views and thousands of subscribers in a few days. Besides, high-ranking videos will also help your channel gradually build up a distinctive image to your audience in the niche.

However, if the chances of appearing on the search results are quite low, it completely affects the popularity of your channel. For example, the content you cultivate is promising but it would be a waste if your video is buried under dozens of other clips from competitors in the same niche. Usually, the percentage of viewers who click on the top 10 videos will be distributed as 80% for the first video, 10% for the second, 5% for the third, and 5% for the rest. 

As you can see, SEO directly affects the rank of your video and indirectly impacts your channel development. So take time to carefully research customer’s insights and keywords that will ensure the satisfactory results you get.

Add links to other videos

A way of promoting all of your products is by adding blocks that show previous videos at the end of the clip. When audiences find exciting content on your Youtube and watch the end of the clip without missing a second, the audience’s curiosity will increase if you recommend other related videos. 

This technique would make your viewers immersed in the knowledge you provide, create a good impression on your quality and your professionalism. Your channel could easily get more watch time and subscribers.

Release longer video

Due to research conducted by YouTube, videos of longer length often rank higher than short videos on search engine pages. However, this video must contain true value to the viewers because its content is the prerequisite factor to keep viewers watching your video until the end. YouTube highly considers long videos because they seem to provide more valuable information than short videos

Therefore, YouTube has set up an algorithm that states, “Video will be ranked according to the Watch Time.” So what you need to do to “buy” YouTube watch time is investing more time in producing high-quality and long clips. Depending on the content, you should choose the appropriate video length that targets the major customers and provides the key value.

Introduce more videos

As a YouTuber, you should never mistakenly think that just focusing on a few particular videos can easily buy 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers for your channel. That is a false assumption. It is a “Compounding rule” when the more videos you have, the more watch hours you will gain. 

Think like an audience. A YouTube page with lots of videos will undoubtedly attract more viewers than a page with only a few clips. You should pay attention to the “Evergreen content” with the aim of watch time success.

Time to publish a video, or viral content, is not the long-term impact factor. The Evergreen content focuses on the topic you follow. If your video expresses valuable information and answers the key questions, your content would meet the audience’s demand. Like the domino effect, it will spread your reputation widely.

Be consistent

Consistency should be what you need to agree on from the beginning before planning for any video or specific campaign. For example, you suddenly feel that you should create videos about beauty methods, then after recording quite a few of that topic, you feel it boring and jump into reviewing the famous books. Your channel appears to be inconsistent and rampant.

Spreading your focus on all areas is not an excellent method to increase 4000 hours of watch time. Thus, you should always have the same standards for every aspect of your YouTube workflow. It’s all about how you film the clip, what details you write in the scripts, how you present the camera, how you edit the clip, how you research keywords and put a name for your content, etc. 

And remember to re-evaluate yourself after reading feedback and self-reflecting with every content you provide. At the same time, take self-improvement as a goal to move forward on the long-term development path.

Promote video through other platforms

Currently, social media is constantly evolving, leading to the massive landing of many platforms. That is the reason why YouTube is not the only platform that takes the audience’s attraction.


Combined advertising across multiple platforms.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, etc., are operating incredibly actively also impacting people’s lives and perceptions. Incorporating YouTube with other social networking sites is a reasonable choice to buy 4000 hours of watch time on your video. 

There are many methods using features of other platforms to implicitly advertise information you provide on YouTube. For example, you can post an advertisement clip for your new 10-minute video in only about 30 seconds by TikTok. Everyone will be able to get a glimpse of the value you bring through this short clip. It motivates customers to visit your channel if it’s exactly what they’re looking for.

Not everyone uses all of the highlighted social networks. Some people use Facebook instead of Instagram. Some others choose TikTok but not YouTube. Therefore, sharing your videos on other platforms can significantly enhance your chances of reaching a wide range of unique audiences.

Create a blog page

Investing in other satellite sites is a beneficial method for your channel. First of all, a blog writing about the topic you cover would provide more information to the readers. Of course, you will link your video with the post and get more watch time even if the audiences play it on the blog post. 

Moreover, it helps your content get more traffic from Google search and improves the SEO of your video. It has a visible effect that you will feel satisfied with what you have spent.

Should I buy 4000 watch hours on YouTube?

If you are wonderring about buying YouTube watch time, maybe you should spend time to research much about its pros and cons. But let’s take a short summary about what you would encounter when purchase YouTube watch hours.

The difficulties when starting a YouTube channel

If you are a complete newcomer in this field, you would have to face many obstacles on your own. You might find it is hard to reach the targeted audience or to optimize the video based on SEO.

Negative consequences for your video can appear, some of your videos will be suggested to a certain small audience. And it is quite possible that they may watch those videos regardless of the rest of yours.

Another possible hardship might be the lack of outstanding appearance and thumbnails or the poor video editing skills which lead to the fact that your video is not engaging enough to reach 4000 watch hours

That is when YouTube would think that your video cannot reach the quality standard and the audience’s demand. So YouTube would stop suggesting your video. As a result, you end up with an advert effect.  

The benefit of buying watch time on YouTube

As it is proven lately, buying 4000 watch hours on YouTube can have a positive snowball effect. If you have a one-hour-long video and people are watching a lot of it, YouTube might encourage other people to see your video as it considers your content is super attractive. 


The benefit of the snowball effect.

Moreover, the psychological effect also has specific influences here. Being monetized can inspire you to work harder, and having thousands of hours of video watching on YouTube is also a motivation for you to try your best. You would feel that what you put in the effort will pay off in the end.

Buying 4000 hours of watch time definitely provides you with video rank enhancement, video recommendations increase, and audience market expansion. The more convincing reason that you should buy YouTube watch hours is the quick and safe commitment to monetization. It confirms the ability to meet all the demands from YouTube. 

What you need to do when choosing a provider to buy YouTube watch hours in 2021

Read their customer’s reviews

This is the most practical action you can take right at the moment you decide to buy YouTube watch time. There are a lot of companies that provide cheap services but the quality is not guaranteed without any long-term commitment. 

Therefore, you should be mindful of the attitudes and reviews from previous customers. It might be helpful to take note of the customer comments about the quality, the price, also the engagement after buying the service 

Testing the service by using the small service packs

To really understand how a service works, you have to go through it. You should try some small services with reasonable prices to be able to give an objective insight on the features and quality that the company offers.

Interact with the supporting team

You can reach out to the supporters from the companies that sell 4000 watch hours at any time because they seem to be online 24/7. This is one way to help you evaluate the dedication and willingness to serve from a company. If they truly understand their product, and their service meets your needs, the supporting team can be able to provide the most accurate and effective answers to your questions.

In conclusion

To sum up, to buy 4000 watch hours on YouTube is not an illegal choice. On the contrary, it can strengthen your channel’s growth with legitimate and long-term benefits.

What you need to keep in mind is to find a reliable place to put your trust. Among the companies that provide this service, AudienceGain is a reliable option that guarantees 100% real views coming from our promotional campaigns, together with a lifetime warranty to get 4000 watch time whenever you might encounter any problems. Moreover, our supporting team gives you intensive and free advice on long-term channel optimization strategies. The view decrease and channel death are unlikely to happen to you after purchasing our services.

So do not hesitate any longer. Sign up immediately for a better experiment with AudienceGain!

For more information, please contact AudienceGain via:

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