Is TikTok Good For Businesses?


TikTok is known as one of the most popular social media platforms in the world today. Since its founding in 2016, TikTok has attracted more than 1 billion users and an estimated 1 billion active accounts per month.

This impressive parameter demonstrates the outstanding growth potential that TikTok brings. So the question arises, is TikTok worth the business? Is it too late to start building a business with TikTok now?

In fact, many businesses have realized that they have missed many opportunities to develop with TikTok. However, considering the overall growth of TikTok, we find that, at present, it is new enough for you to form your brand. The reason why will be answered in detail in the article below!

How Is TikTok Different From Other Social Media Platforms?

TikTok is an entertainment and social media platform that allows users to create and post engaging videos with a maximum duration of up to 3 minutes. It is different from other platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram, which mainly provide content or image sharing functions, but TikTok focuses on exploiting video sharing features.

The novelty of TikTok’s working style and development form is one of the impressive highlights that ultimately connect your audience with your goals.

On the other hand, with TikTok, your media products can appear on quite a few different user interfaces even if you and they do not correlate.

Of course, when your video makes an impression, it will attract many followers and attention to your account. It’s one of those salient features that other social media platforms can’t do.

Is TikTok Good For Businesses?

Today, many famous social media experts have noticed the intensity of development around TikTok. They think that shortly, TikTok will become an ideal playground in the media platform market.

And above all, it is also a favorable environment for building and forming your brand.

Being one of the long-time TikTok users and having applied TikTok communication products in the business, we appreciate the growth potential that TikTok brings to your business.

We want to show some of TikTok’s benefits to your business to help you get accurate and insightful insight. At the same time, it also confirms the correctness of the statement we made earlier.

Easy to build community

Most modern users today often use the entire content through video because they think it makes them feel excited and can persist until the end.

Therefore, you should consider your users as part of the community and strive to build logical and engaging communication products.

Marketing looks nothing like marketing

Marketing on TikTok

The current generation of users does not like someone to disturb them in their own experiences. And that is also the reason why 51% of users use an ad blocker.

From there, it proves to us the meaninglessness of the old marketing methods. They are no longer relevant in today’s modern-day.

As a savvy marketer, you need to be creative in your marketing techniques and quickly attract your brand’s attention. And TikTok is a friendly and impressive environment for you to show your marketing skills and techniques. Once your media product is good, you will surely succeed.

The perfect place for user-generated content

User-generated content on TikTok

The source of TikTok’s content mainly comes from the users themselves, and this is an advantage for your business.

You can include videos that promote your brand as an initial approach, then continue to build videos that share success secrets instead of putting your product information right away. Thus, it will bring a sympathetic view and value of users to your media products.

TikTok promotes your content as naturally as it should in its function and brings it to a wide variety of audiences. Therefore, your job is to create unique content and leave everything to TikTok!

Maximize creativity

Creativity on TikTok

Not just a social media platform where you can share content with your followers, TikTok is also a fun playground for us to maximize our creativity. To create your content, you can use all available resources this platform provides, such as effects, sounds, and colors.

If you are building videos in the spirit of promoting your brand, do not forget to take advantage of the available tools that TikTok provides. Indeed, you will be surprised at the perfection and value that they bring.

Moreover, TikTok users can also interact online with other users through TikTok’s blue screen feature. This feature makes it possible to expand your reach to a broader audience. At the same time, bring your business brand to appear on the site of more customers.


The visibility of TikTok for your brand is immense. TikTok will give your business access to a wide variety of audiences that other platforms don’t have. You need to invest your time and effort in building valuable and meaningful communication products, making sure that your video will attract many people interested.

Exposure is an essential factor for any business today; the more exposure you have, the better your chances of developing and retaining many potential customers. Therefore, building unique and novel stories is extremely necessary for your brand in finding customers.

Different From The Rest

In addition, TikTok also provides users with some other unique features such as creating short videos by recording, adjusting clips, customizing sounds or applying effects, and improving their filters in the video editing process.

It is one of the many unique features of TikTok that no other media platform can be similar. With these features, you can maximize your creativity. When you use TikTok for your business, your marketing strategy will become many times more impressive.

Moreover, TikTok also allows users to use effects similar to videos that have become trending from famous TikTokers. The operation is effortless, and you just need to click on the disc-shaped icon in the bottom right corner of the screen and immediately learn how famous people did.

Young people often call this a trend, and of course, a booming trend can also bring your brand a lot of interaction.

In doing this successfully, TikTok is ahead of many other social media platforms, and that’s why you should seriously consider using TikTok or not.


TikTok trends

The predecessor of TikTok was merely a media platform for music, video, and entertainment. But through strong formation and development, it has become an application that introduces millions of trends that allow you to unleash your creativity.

TikTok has applied a separate set of algorithms to bring users the most trending videos related to interests and needs. That can help you create the right content for your brand.

The trend TikTok suggests to you is always fresh, allowing you to create marketing content that can reach a wider audience.

Getting Started Tips

You start working with TikTok in developing your brand and you need to follow a specific principle instead of spontaneous activity. Principles are essential hinges that outline specific steps for you to build more effectively. Here are 3 essential tips that you should take care of:

Define your goal

The first tip to getting started with TikTok for business development is to determine exactly what your brand needs from this media platform.

In other words, it is the goal that you set out to strive to complete with your time and effort. You don’t need to give a specific answer to this concept, but you need to understand it and make sure everything is in your plan.

Some of the goals include:

  • Raise brand awareness
  • Educate target audience
  • Increase sale revenue
  • Maintain the brand
  • Increase website clicks
  • Increase audience reach

Share valuable information

Once you have specific goals for your business, you need to create valuable content that aligns with those goals. Think of the overall goal of building a brand image in the eyes of consumers to create ideal, engaging, and engaging media products.

If your content has no value to your target audience, it will fail and be incapable of growing your brand. And it would help if you tailored it to increase your reach to your target audience and broaden users’ interest in your brand.

Be consistent

Consistency is essential, and you need it to maintain your appeal to users. Save valuable articles or post them regularly if possible. This way, you will attract new users interested in your brand and as a sincere thank you to loyal customers who have stayed with your business.


With the information about TikTok suitable for businesses that we shared above, we hope to help you somewhat better understand the benefits that TikTok brings. And soon give out how to use TikTok to promote your business.

Applying TikTok to your company and developing your brand is a good action that you need to pay attention to. Test the knowledge we’ve come up with here, and don’t forget to leave feedback!

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