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Recently, there’s this following trend accompanied by a new generation of Youtuber, which has begun to be rekindled and blossomed. Unlike vlogs or gaming channels for example, this new trend is not aimed at any specific field, but instead is aimed at a certain audience. And that is kid content, or to be more specific, content aiming at audiences under the age of 18.

In fact, while 4000 watch hours is a big hurdle for many small Youtubers, creators working on kid-related niche can reach this threshold very quick and then they can monetize from the channel right away. Besides, lots of young Youtube influencers can become an instantly famous figure on the Internet as the main character of the shows, and their role is to attract and appeal to children on this planet.

We all know that Youtube is the world’s largest video sharing website. For most of us, Youtube is a virtual place to entertain, learn or keep up to date with the news and trends of society.

Specially, for many prominent creators working on this niche, the revenue they make is an unimaginable number. So, why has children’s content become so trending and promising?

Those little boys and girls with greatest power

There are many renown channels on Youtube featured with children as the main characters that have been reaching their peak. The most common one can be mentioned must be Ryan Kaji’s channel.

9-year-old Youtube creator

9-year-old Youtube creator – Ryan Kaji

That being said, the reason is so easy to understand. Kids are indeed the biggest force of audiences on the Youtube platform. Indeed, most of them are still in school and have lots of free time online. Especially in this digital day and age, children have their own PC or smartphone. As a result, these boys and girls can be exposed to social media every time. 

kid content

Kids spend lots of time on Youtube these days

Besides, at that young age, children with their rich imaginations, tend to enjoy and imitate those “child idols” they love on Youtube. So, the channel’s owners can take advantage of this mental-wise factor to enhance a permanent following from the young viewers. 

The variety of kid content

Another advantage in terms of the contents for children’s channels is that they are not limited to a specific niche.

kid content

Gaming channel for kids

Indeed, the creators can do anything to increase views and subscribers easily and fast. For example: playing a trending game, eating hot food, toy reviews, instructions to do crafting, educational content instructions (or a dish), or even just a small child watching cartoons all day (which is in fact not appropriate).

kid content

Paper crafts for child

This helps the YouTubers never run out of ideas and can continuously maintain their attraction to the children.

2020 is the third year in a row Ryan Kaji tops the list of those who make the most money from YouTube.

The 9-year-old boy’s channel – Ryan’s World, which started operating in 2015, is managed by Kaji’s parents and now attracts 41.7 million subscribers and 12.2 billion views. What are outstanding numbers for a kid-focused channel. 

kid content

Giant lightning Mcqueen Egg Surprise Toys Challenge

To be more detailed, Ryan Kaji’s most famous video is “Giant lightning Mcqueen Egg Surprise Toys Challenge“, with over 2 billion views, in addition to being one of the 60 most-watched videos ever on YouTube.

Definite-avoid mistakes while making kid content

It is well known that children love binge-watching YouTube. There are thousands of videos aimed at children on YouTube, whether it’s animated characters like Elsa, Spider Man, or music like a Baby Shark song or rating toys with hundreds of millions, even billions of views.

On the other hand, for the reason that children are increasingly exposed to this money-making platform, Youtube is also increasingly placing strict content barriers to protect children both physically and mentally.

kid content

Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)

According to Youtube, to follow the concerns of the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) over the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) compliance, YouTube made the changes immediately. To put it simply:  

“YouTube will default to assuming that all views of the child-content videos will be children themselves, regardless of the age that are regulated in the viewer account”

  • Creators must notify YouTube if the content they produce is intended for children.
  • YouTube will stop serving personalized ads in videos that includes kid-focused content  
  • Videos containing children’s content will have the commenting feature disabled below. Likes/dislikes and channel subscriptions will not be publicly visible. A few other features are also no longer available such as live chat, subscriber notifications, stories display and a “Save to playlist” function.
  • In order to determine children’s content, creators are required to self-certify that their content falls into this certain category. As a result, the system will find videos that are intended to target children.
  • Channel owners have to set up (in YouTube Studio) which of their videos are intended for kids, and if they intentionally fail to categorize their content correctly, the channel runs the risk of turning off monetization mode straight away. 

Momo challenge on Peppa Pig videos

In fact, the platform itself has also carelessly revealed content that is harmful to children. In early 2019, “Momo Challenge” was found to be inserted inside some unofficial videos, with content retrieved from the animated channel Peppa Pig and game Fortnite.

This horror trend is said to have originated in England, in which a woman with a human head, chicken body, black hair, bulging eyes instructs how to harm herself. 

YouTube’s suggestion system has also been criticized for its “too-smart” and mysterious way of working, and the fact that it frequently presents malicious videos or conspiracy theories.

On top of that, just like infringing the copyright rules, even if  a few creators who can achieve the watch hours they want to monetize, but if they violate the mentioned conditions above, there is a high chance that their Youtube channel will be reported , or worse still, get rid of the platform for a short while.

An effective strategy to make money on Youtube by kid-focused content

The goal of being a children-related content creator

The creators won’t be limited in ideas when it comes to making content for kids. However, the content you create may not be educational or instructive, but it is important to find out: what children will learn from what they have watched.

Educational content for children

Besides, the kids aren’t your only audience but the parents. Most kids get access to Youtube under the supervision of their folks. If the content you create is not suitable for the age group under 13, the third party who’s going to report you on YouTube are probably their parents.

kid content

Children love to cook!

Furthermore, because of the variety of content, you also have to thoroughly learn about each certain subject. Ask yourself why and find out if the topic you’re going to do is something kids need, or are they dangerous for a particular group of children?

kid content

Keep out of reach of small children

Let’s say your channel makes food-related content for example. In the intro of the video, you should mention ingredients that can cause allergies or kitchen utensils should be kept out of the reach of small children or under parental supervision, such as peanut allergy, hot warnings and so forth. 

Make the children pay attention through images

Deliver laughter to kids

There are many strategies to engage and make an impression on a children’s video channel. Here are a few things you need to know to make the most of it: 

  • Bring laughter to viewers: Children often watch videos for entertainment, so create programs that bring a refreshing, comfortable laughter to them.
  • Vivid and clickable images: Content creators know that children are interested in attractive and eye-catching colors, so this element is very necessary to attract children’s attention.
  • Create conditions for your kids to show off their skills: Create instructional content that does new and unique things that your child can learn. From there, children will show up to relatives, friends and be admired, which is what they really love and are proud of to do.
  • Use warm and soothing tone of voice: Emotional voice, using common language

Content that children love to watch

For the implementation of Youtube channel for children, you need to understand the following:

kid content

Create what the children want to explore

  • Make them remember your mark by just a small glimpse: The channel’s branding helps families recognize your channel and see what they’re watching. Consistent and prominent channel icons and banners can capture the interest of the little audiences. 
  • Children’s tendency of using search features:  creators must put themselves in a child’s shoes to keep track of the trends that kids are fascinated about, as a result creators can be flexible in content development.
  • Let the videos be accessible: Do some research on what are the most popular keywords (normally short, from 1 or 2 syllables) that kids usually look for: cartoon, playing (video) games, toys, robots, etc. 
  • Create content suitable for children: Since children cannot think complicatedly or understand topics too far from them. So you need to pay special attention to developing content that is appropriate for their age, like telling short stories, playing puzzles for example. 
  • A deep insight on children’s behavior: This will help you to understand what the children’s wishes and interests are, as well as the key to the success of YouTube video creation. 

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