6 Mistakes About TikTok Hashtags and How To Fix Them


Many TikTokers are wondering why they have been trying for a long time but their videos are not reaching the top views. One of the issues they might have overlooked could be related to TikTok hashtags. Here are some of the biggest mistakes of TikTok hashtags that actually prevent you from going viral on this platform.

Common TikTok Hashtags Mistakes

Too few TikTok hashtags

There are many bits of advice supposing that each TikTok video should only use 2-4 hashtags. And more surprisingly, many people also believe and follow it. The truth is that this argument is completely incorrect.

Captions on TikTok are limited to 100 characters (including hashtags!), whereas captions on Instagram are limited to 2,200 characters. So take advantage of it as much as you can. Try to fill out your caption with a very short amount of space for words, and use the rest of the space for hashtags.

If you only post videos with only 1-2 hashtags then you are less likely to be known by many people and limit your ability to grow.

Hashtags #fyp and #foryou

The truth is using hashtags like #fyp (For You Page) or #foryou is not completely harmful. They are just not absolutely beneficial at all.

When the space for those hashtags could be replaced with some other hashtag that actually is searchable and indexing your content. So don’t use them because you are wasting valuable space instead of putting down some other niche hashtags.

Off-topic hashtags

One of the things that TikTok is doing behind the scenes is they have intelligent AI. It can determine if the hashtags you are using are actually matching up with what is in the video. If the answer is “No,” your video is not going to show up higher in the search results. Your video might be considered clickbait, and will not perform well as it should be.

Too broad TikTok hashtags

People tend to get lost in these wide hashtags, for example, #movies #drama #games. The recommendation is to niching down your hashtags, which means using terms that take under 10 million or 1 million views each.

It might be a little harder to find those hashtags, but this payoff for spending some time to research is absolutely worth it.

Trendy hashtags

tiktok hashtags

Unless you have content that is directly related to the trends, don’t put trending hashtags into your caption. The viewers might get uncomfortable when seeing something which is not followed the trends.

Using no hashtags

This strategy can be employed once in a while but it only works under certain circumstances. This psychological trick with your videos can boost some of your videos in unexpected times. So don’t take it as a serious strategy.

How to find the best TikTok Hashtags

Here are the top 5 recommendations for discovering the proper hashtags.

Strive for a balance of Broad and Niche Hashtags

This may be the most difficult component of utilizing hashtags: determining how specific or broad your hashtags should be.

While we encourage being specific with your hashtags, going too niche is never a smart idea. Keep in mind that hashtags are all about what the user is looking for. Consider whether your target audience would actually put this into the TikTok search bar before utilizing a hashtag.

Keep up with trending hashtags

One of the best things about TikTok is how easy it is to find new and trending hashtags!

Go to TikTok’s Discover page to see what’s hot. You can click through to see what’s hot – since so many people are scrolling through, it’s a smart idea to jump on the trends. If you’re stumped for what to post on TikTok, look through the popular hashtags to discover what kinds of videos people are uploading. Use that as a starting point for your next TikTok!

Research the leaders and your rivals

Seeking what other industry leaders are doing is a great place to start if you’re looking for ideas. If it’s working for them, chances are it will work for you as well.

Start by making a list of the hashtags they’re using and deciding whether or not they’re appropriate for your content.

Simultaneously, examine your competitors’ strategies to determine what works successfully for them. Is it necessary to use hashtags? Is their audience interested in what they’re saying? Is it true that their videos went viral? Are they overlooking important hashtag opportunities? To help you construct your TikTok hashtag list, ask yourself these questions throughout the research stage.

Have a list of related TikTok hashtags

Finding similar hashtags on TikTok is a quick and easy approach to expanding your audience.

Simply type your hashtag into TikTok’s search bar to do so. In your search, leave out the hashtag (#). TikTok will display you how many views a given hashtag has if you tap “Hashtag” under the search box. When it comes to choosing which hashtag to use, this is a very useful tool.

Never stop testing

Last but not least, TikTok should be used to test your hashtags.

Keep track of which hashtags you utilize in each of your videos and the number of views they receive overtime. Different hashtags will work for various types of videos; it’s all a matter of trial and error on your end!

If you experiment with hashtags, you’re bound to find ones that work amazingly for your content! Consider your hashtags as keywords for your films; make sure they’re relevant, clear, and easy to find.

In short

You should have a solid knowledge of common mistakes of TikTok hashtags by now, so why not start fixing and using them in your next video? Remember, TikTok is all about trial and error, so don’t give up and contact AudienceGain for more wonderful tips and tricks.

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