Four money-making features for monetization on Youtube


In this post, AudienceGain will introduce four main features for monetization on Youtube to help creators reach their desired income.

After passing the challenge of 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers, and then a whole month of waiting for their channel to be accepted, it’s time for creators to go into the stage of a new plan to establish a stable financial income.

In terms of monetization on Youtube, apart from copyright match tools as well as help from creator support teams, Youtube has some additional monetization modes that creators are very curious and excited about.

Creators benefit a lot after joining Youtube Partner Program – a community where they can monetize from their contents. In fact, isn’t this the main goal of all creators to choose Youtube as their lifetime career?

4 features of monetization on Youtube

Currently, Youtube has four features for Youtubers to help them not only monetize, but also widen their profits from uploading their content.

#1. Super chats and stickers for monetization on Youtube


Super Chats and Stickers

While building a stable fanbase for your Youtube career, the very first thing that comes to your mind must be how to make them stay engaged.

Because many of them may just want a bit of entertainment after an exhausting day of hard work, then they close their laptops, and that’s it. They don’t even click a like or leave a comment.

Youtube professionals can predict this obvious phenomenon and find a way to tackle this.

Normally, creators say this at the end of their videos “asking viewers to like, leave a comment, subscribe, turn on the notifications” and some other call-to-action tasks.

Therefore, Youtube comes up with a feature to draw more attention to the creators. “Super chats and stickers” will make the views stay tuned for a long-term and enhance their engagement.

What Are YouTube Super Chats and stickers?

This is a very interesting method to monetize your Youtube channel and communicate with your audience. Normally, creators use “Super Chats and stickers” during live streams. Viewers in the live chat can reward you with monetary donations varying up to $500.

To assure that people can see them, Super Chats are pinned and highlighted on the top of the video’s live chat. They also showcase the contributor’s name, in addition to the proportion of money they donated.

Super chats and stickers are super valuable and effective for creators to pull more engagement from their fans. Basically, when the fans are competing with each other for your attention, as a result, the stickers show up, and you get the money.

How YouTube Super Chat Works


5 hours visible equals $500

Everything starts from a pinned comment. You usually see this at the top of the comment section since it has the most likes and re-comments.

If a viewer donates $500, their Super chats can be visible for five hours, and this is also the maximum figure. And after that, the decrease in the amount of money donation means that the time for Super chats to appear is also reduced (for example, for $ 400 it is only 4 hours,$300 only 3 hours).

Besides, Super Chats have several series of stickers which look really stunning and appealing to your viewers. Based on the money that your fan sent, their Super Chats can vary with many colors, like red, green, blue and so on.

#2. Channel membership for monetization on Youtube

How to Turn On YouTube Channel Memberships

Here’s a quick instruction for you to turn on “Channel memberships” feature. These are just some basic manipulation:

  • Get access to the YouTube Studio.
  • Navigate to the left menu and click on “Monetization”
  • Afterwards, you’ll see the ‘Channel Monetization’ page. Go to the uppermost menu and click on “Memberships”.
  • Look for the ‘Set-Up Your Memberships Offer’ panel, click on “Start”, then follow the instructions.

How Much Money Can You Make from Channel Memberships

This feature is another optimal opportunity for creators to widen their benefits. There are lots of pricing options for you to consider.


Channel membership for viewers

However, all the money you get when joining Channel membership won’t go directly to you. This is because Youtube takes a 30% cut, and the remaining profits then go to you.

Consequently, before you set your membership prices, do some calculations to estimate the money you will receive charging certain amounts.

At the moment, the fee levels can be set from %0.99 to %100 in a month. When you’re done modifying your currency rates, the same amount of money ranges to other nations where Channel Memberships are activated.

Take a note on Channel Memberships

So let’s look at the bigger picture of Channel memberships.


How hard it is to create a community

Being activated in the early of 2018, Channel Memberships has been applied to a number of foreign channels.

Basically, based on your channel and desired membership level, your audience will only have to pay a very small monthly recurring payment to experience all of the exciting offers from your content.

For example, in the past, audiences can only watch videos and leave comments. Now, they can enjoy many benefits when being a part of channel memberships.

They are able to to get access to members-only posts in the Community tab, have a person-to-person chat with the channel owner, download movies and music, watch behind-the-scenes content and so forth.

So that being said, your channel may have to do additional work so you can activate this feature. First off, your channel needs to have at least 100 000 subscribers.

Besides, you need to spend more time on brainstorming ideas for producing videos, as well as more time for video-editing. Not to mention that you need to communicate with your fan as needed.

That’s much hard work, and dedicated effort to make more money from this feature. This every day-work may exhaust you, we guess, because not only you must elaborate your contents for high-quality videos, but also create more promised perks to your channel members.

#3. Youtube Premium

Youtube Premium revenue – also formerly known as Youtube Red, collaborates with a range of features for binge-watching content:

  • Offline video viewing (download and watch later)
  • Offline music listening (download and listen later)
  • Ad-free viewing on YouTube
  • Ad-free viewing on YouTube Kids
  • YouTube Music Premium
  • YouTube Originals

How Creators Earn More Money With YouTube Premium


Joining Youtube Premium is a plus

No longer worrying about copyrights or frustration with advertisement, how the Youtube Premium works will surprise you by its monetization benefits.

To be more detailed, YouTube splits some of its premium profits with creators. Whatever the portion may be, the platform distributes this money to creators depending on the amount of  watch hours they get from premium subscribers.

Thus, the higher the amount of public watch hours you get, the higher amount of money comes into your pocket. On the other hand, Youtube will take 45% of the profits from creators’ premium earnings. This feature basically operates like ad-generated revenue.

However, even though you just get 55% from your content’s earnings, having some additional money from Premium would be another ideal choice for you.

All videos uploaded on the free platform are also on the paid version, then as a consequence, your videos will contribute to your Youtube watch time and benefits.

#4. Merchandise shelves

The last feature of monetization on Youtube. This is absolutely appreciated for creators to display their original merchandise as gifts in return for their engaged audiences. The merchandise shelves are only displayed on eligible monetized channels.

Requirements for users

In order to use Merchandise shelves, here are some minimum requirements you need to acquire:

  • You are a partner of YouTube Partner Program
  • Your channel has more than 10000 subscribers.
  • No warning against Community Guidelines
  • Turn on the sales shelf
  • Sign in to YouTube Studio beta.
  • Click on “Make Money” on the left of the menu
  • Click on “Commodities” tab (only visible for eligible monetized channel)
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to get a retail store ID and then associate that ID with your YouTube channel.
monetization on Youtube

Show off your merchandise to viewers

So in terms of its benefits, the shelves would make it easier for the fan to get accessed to the merchandise, as well as easier ads for the products. They are no longer shown up as a link, besides, it’s showcased on its own window.

Furthermore, Youtube also offers an extra $1 per item if it’s bought through the shelf feature, and this figure is also based on the supported merchandise retailer that Youtube partners with.

Currently, this very new feature for monetization on Youtube is only being launched in partnership with custom merchandise platform “Teespring”.

According to YouTube, Teespring will have a cut of the merchandise sale, which can vary per item. However, Youtube has also set a negotiation with Teespring that the platform will get a small proportion of return, and then most of it will be given to the creators.

This encourages the creators to sell their signature merchandise through Youtube, since they can gain more commission than sell it directly.

Are you ready for your Youtube Growth? 


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What do you think? Those monetization features are very tempting, aren’t they?

With our monetized Youtube channel, you can immediately experience those features to satisfy your curiosity.

Our monetized Youtube channel includes several vlogs as a base of video data to help the channel build an initial start. Vlogs are easier for you to change to your niche (if you require) so don’t worry much about the later difference.

Furthermore, our Promotion Program will help spread your channel’s popularity on social networking sites. As a result, the channel will get more views, likes and comments, which means more money into your credit card.

We assure that the channel is eligible to make money instantly, comply 100% with Youtube policies of monetizing as well as offer 100% money-back guarantee.

In case you encounter any problems with the package’s order situation, contact our enthusiastic support team for more information.


Q1: Where are Super Chats and Stickers available?

Answer: After rolling out the feature for some select YouTubers, the feature is now available for users in 20 countries which include the U.S., the U.K., Canada, Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, India, Japan, South Korea, Spain and Mexico. Further, users from 40 countries can view the live streaming done with Super Chat.

Q2: How to be eligible for Youtube channel membership? 

Answer: As we mentioned below, creators will need to have 100,000 subscribers or more. In addition, they must be over 18 and be partners of the YouTube Partner Program.

On the other hand, the price point for backing a creator’s channel is still the same: $4.99 per month, as well as consists of exclusive emojis and bages.

Q3: What are the benefits of Youtube Premium offering?

Answer: YouTube Premium costs $11.99 a month and includes ad-free video, the option to continue playing videos or music “in the background”, in addition to get access to Youtube original TV shows and movies, as well as  video and music downloads. It also offers YouTube Music Premium, which costs $9.99 each month.

Q4: What kind of merchandise can be sold? 

Answer: So here are some common types of merchandise for your suggestion:

  • T-shirts (the most popular)
  • Backpack
  • Cups, mugs
  • Posters
  • Stickers
  • Accessories (necklaces, bracelets….)

Q5: Where can I get the contact for more detailed information about the service?

Answers: AudienceGain has a dedicated support team which is always available. If you have any questions, you can contact us by using the chat box in the right corner below and we also arrange a visual call on Whatsapp if required.

The Verdict

Taking part in the YPP is already “the first step is always the hardest” for the majority of Youtube creators. However, how to maintain your performance after joining the program is even more difficult and important.

That being said, keep creating valuable content, because no matter what hard stage you encounter, you won’t regret starting it.

For more information, please contact AudienceGain via:
Hotline/WhatsApp: (+84)70 444 6666

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