Our advice on creating a Youtube channel – why you should start when you’re ready!

The question is still so “age-old” – when to start to create a Youtube channel? Let’s say that you, suddenly drop off your current boring full-time job, make a big announcement to the whole world “I am ready to be a content creator and I can make millions”. Are you, really?

Or here’s another scenario. You work in the creative field for a major company, have certified experience and now it’s time to consider a “self-support” life, which means you’re going to be a creative freelancer, rely on your own to grow your career, from marketing yourself to boosting your reputation to producing innovative products, taking on projects, self-pricing, … and so on.

And there is no such advantageous and potential platform as Youtube – the number one Google-owned video search engine in the world.

create a Youtube channel

When to start creating a Youtube channel

Also for this reason, you will consider a lot of other objective factors, such as the fierce competition on the platform, its terms of service, the monetization requirements (Youtube watch time, subscriptions,…). So, are you ready to get started now?

On the one hand, the above considerations can be excuses in everyone’s eyes and you fear that the “everyone” you’re talking about will doubt your ability. On the other hand, those are only elements of prevention and caution you put in place just to ensure the safety of your creative (and perhaps earning a living) process.

Well, this article will not give you a clear answer, but we hope it partly helps you to make the decision to create a Youtube channel right now or not.

The business potential

Let’s take a look at the history here. Youtube was created by Jawed Karim, Steve Chen, and Chad Hurley, first launched in 2005 and was developed into an Internet video-sharing  website. In October 2006, Google saw the potential of YouTube and acquired this platform for $1.65 billion.

create a Youtube channel

The three founders of Youtube

Until this day, with a lot of changes in the interface as well as the development of new policies for users, Youtube is the most visited online video website in the history of the Internet.

The first Youtube promotional video, also the first one to reach million views on the site, was a Nike promotional clip of Brazilian soccer player Ronaldinho receiving his Golden Boots pair in November 2005.

The first promotional videos reaching 1 million views

Nike was seen as one of the first major companies to embrace the potential of advertising on YouTube. Almost a year later, YouTube signed an agreement with NBC in June 2006, allowing the traditional media company to enter the new digital era, thus opening the era of Youtube advertising with the presence of many big players in the retail consumer sector.

Well, the above example of the first video to hit million views was on the commercial side, as Youtube ushered in a new digital era, and followed by the era of marketing and advertising for a variety of brands to meet market demand.

It is not apparent that more and more businesses are investing in marketing on Youtube. This platform possesses huge statistics on the number of users, searches and time spent. This gives businesses great advantages for effective marketing.

Fact: Youtube still needs more creators

Along with the enormous potential for business and commerce on Youtube, the fact that this platform needs more resources for it to continue to operate and build credibility is an inevitable consequence.

Indeed, Youtube is an intermediary with 3 main participants: creators, advertisers and audiences. They are important links in the development of this platform and if any links go wrong, the balance of the Youtube ecosystem will be lost.

To maintain that balance, Youtube is always changing and experimenting with many new programs. On the one hand, it is to compete with emerging competitors like TikTok and Twitch. On the other hand, it is to meet the needs of those mentioned participants.

create a Youtube channel

The potential essential link of Youtube – content creators

To be more detailed, Youtube itself has been reaping huge profits through becoming a potential advertising channel for brands. To meet the demand, it needs the creator’s content videos, which act as the data for the platform to deliver ads from collaborating companies. 

All of these stages serve the needs and habits of users searching for entertainment, learning purposes, problem-solving and so much more.

Now let’s focus on the link of being a creator. In fact, in today’s digital age, it’s hard to see a significant drop in online marketing or a decrease in user traffic. As a result, as Youtube grows, it needs more creators.

One of the most obvious as well as controversial evidence in 2020 is that Youtube announced that it will distribute ads on non-monetized channels , proving that it needs more data and content to ensure its business operation. 

Well, as long as there is still demand (which is still a lot), you still have the opportunity and time to become a YouTube content creator. You just need to be ready. 

The key here is to appreciate the process

Now date back to 2005, when Youtube was first born. This website was founded by three talented engineers – all of whom were the core employees at PayPal: Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim in mid-February 2005. Hurley studied design at Indiana Pennsylvania University, while Chen and Karim both studied computer science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. 

According to a story still circulated on many forums and social media, Hurley and Chen developed the first few ideas for YouTube in the early months of 2005, after the duo had difficulty wanting to share some video footage of their dinner party at Chen’s apartment in San Francisco. 

It was the absence of simple and synchronous video-sharing platforms at the time that left these young engineers wondering and thinking about why not creating such a platform for people who also were having trouble like them. 

The purposes of inventing Youtube was so simple

Well, you see? The original purpose for the creation of this platform was not for materialism, but for the convenience of storing and sharing the simple infinite moments in everyday life.

The real goal to create Youtube channel

Your goal of creating a Youtube channel can be to make a great deal of money from the platform or to promote your brand.

However, whatever the purpose is, to achieve them you need a content-creating process because this is something that will stick with you for the rest of your career as well as what YouTube needs to give you access to the creation-supporting tools and monetization features. 

create a Youtube channel

Relax your mind and be creative!

So to say, try to get rid of factors like monetization, tips to increase views and subscribers. Youtube needs creators to take the first steps to share passions, participate in discussions and debates, educate people, tell emotional and captivating stories and to be an active member of the creative community. 

The feelings of knowing the process that you are about to start has a positive effect and inspires people will be very wonderful. When someone leaves a comment that they liked your video, that it was very valuable and helpful, that it inspired them to start their own crafts, well, that’s a really big thumbs up!

You’re free to make mistakes

Mistakes mean experiences, and nothing can compare with the skills that you have been cultivating during the time of learning, testing and even dooming to failure. There are so many professional creators who have been so astonished at how bad their first videos were. 

Mistakes are okay

Indeed, perhaps in the first place you were not too excited about the value of the tutorial videos that you made for your audiences, or taught beginners how to use design software for beginners, and reviewed technology products. All you wanted to do was to produce videos non-stop, because you had the time, you had the certified skills in your field. Most importantly, you enjoy the exploration process and you’re learning by doing. 

Through all of the above, along with success and failure in a certain period of time, you simply have accumulated more experience for yourself and realized the value that you bring to YouTube users. On top of that, you will be grateful for that in the near future and you will never experience this wonderful feeling if you do not get started.

If you’re willing to be exposed to YouTube day by day with determination, what you learn is not simply how to set the camera angle, set-up the lighting, improve the sound quality, editing skills. You will also be familiar with how the Youtube algorithm works and learn from your competitors.

Be realistic and patient!

We’ll be honest and frankly speaking right here. The pressure of increasing views and subscribers, the monetization requirements on watch time, what to do to comply with Youtube’s terms of service are the huge obstacles you’re going to encounter anyway. 

create a Youtube channel

Work hard and be patient

To put in a context for instance, you can start at 127 subscribers and 922 watch hours stored in Youtube Analytics after three months (those are just some random numbers) and see no light at the end of the tunnel due to a slow-to-a-crawl speed of increasing views and how terribly your videos are performing. 

But if you get 2,500 hours of watch time and 800 subscribers, for example, that’s a huge achievement for the new small-scale YouTube channel.

What you need to do is set next milestones, and the next ones and work with a progressive, persistent attitude towards them. After that, you will see the notification button of monetized eligibility turns green in the Creator Studio in no time.

In a nutshell

So, those above are just some of our opinions on when to create a Youtube channel. Now, are you going to make your dream come true and creatively determine yourself to share your stories in the Youtube community?

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