Particular tips to practically deal with challenges to reach 4000 watch hours

Now we all understand that 4000 watch hours is the sufficient number that YouTube demands before getting access to monetization features on your channel. It’s only a small and initial milestone for your journey to make money from this platform. 

reach 4000 watch hours

Overcome challenges to reach 4000 watch hours

So, technically, there’s a possible solution that the longer duration of a video you make, the higher the number of watch hours your channel gets. A yet this is true to a certain point. 

However, over-10-minute videos gives your video a better chance of appearing on video recommendations but won’t help if your viewers don’t like it. YouTube constantly makes changes in its algorithm. You must stay up to date if you want YouTube to help you grow. 

If your YouTube video has a higher retention rate, then you’re more likely to grow your channel. As a result, don’t simply try to lengthen your video, or your effort is going to be counter-productive.

And here are possible challenges you may encounter while being on the path of getting Youtube monetization

The Unsubscribers

One day, the number of subscribers of your Youtube channel just suddenly decreased. If it was like 100 subscribers disappeared (but it can be a big number for a non-monetized channel), then it’s okay. But if it’s a few hundred thousand subscribers then there’s definitely something wrong going on.

reach 4000 watch hours

The number of subscribers suddenly decreases

The main reason why your audiences start to unsubscribe your channel, well, not gonna lie, properly your fault. Generally, viewers will unsubscribe if you’re not active enough. On the other hand, if you post videos too much out of the blue, they will do the same. 

In terms of video content, changing niche can also lead to unsubscriptions if you don’t make any announcement in advance about the change. Some other reasons why people unsubscribe are that they’ve simply outgrown the content and are no longer interested in your niche. 

That is to say, most audiences have a tendency to keep the channels that they’re keen on, as well as keep their subscriptions list neat. It’s not a penalty or anything to you if a certain individual unsubscribes, this small loss can also be a bit of a hassle, while you really need a sufficient number of subscriptions. 

With that being said, you should definitely stay consistent with what you’re creating and don’t overwhelm your targeted audiences by posting too much. Even if you’re struggling with meeting the requirements for Youtube Partner Program (YPP), 3 to 4 videos a week are enough. Besides, doing a live stream can be an effective method to increase watch time and interact with the viewers.

Moreover, the chance of someone unsubscribing to your channel and then re-subscribing is not high. Thus, avoid controversial content that can cause outrage among people, because these acts create a negative impression and it would be very hard to gain it back. 

The video scammers

Scammers are basically online fraudsters. There are many types of scams out there and countless people have been scammed. Especially, if you are a newcomer to the making money on Youtube community, you must be a lucrative prey for this illegal force. 

reach 4000 watch hours

Troublesome video scammers on Youtube

Hackers, identity theft, catfish, donation scam,…. are the most common scam on the Internet. Scammers will use all kinds of sneaky methods to steal your personal information. Once they have obtained this, they can use your identity to commit fraudulent activities such as using a credit card or opening a bank account.

As for Youtube video scammers, if someone modifies and re-uploads your videos content on their Youtube channel to make a profit, and you are the one being warned or reported by any third party that found out about the similarity (can be Youtube itself), then unfortunately to you. You got scammed.

According to Youtube: “Content intended to impersonate a person or channel is not allowed to appear on YouTube. YouTube also enforces the rights of trademark owners. If a channel or content within the channel causes confusion about the source of the advertised goods and services, that content is not allowed to appear.”

So with that being said, if this unfortunately happens, the very first thing you need to do is report the fraudster’s channel immediately. Following these steps: 

  • Sign in to YouTube.
  • Below the player of the scammer’s video you want to report , click on  More.
  • In the drop-down menu, select Report violation.
  • Choose the most relevant infringement reason for the offending content in your video.
  • Provide any additional details that could help the review team make a decision, including timestamps or information describing the offending content. In this case, you should emphasize that the mentioned “third party” had reported the wrong account. 

As a result, the YouTube examination team will check the infringements 24/7. A video can be reported for a violation at any time after being uploaded to YouTube, after which a YouTube employee will review it.

Copyright infringements – serious mistake to reach 4000 watch hours

reach 4000 watch hours

Avoid copyright infringements producing videos

It can be stated that Youtube infringement is a very strong punishment. There are a few negative consequences that can be mentioned as channel suspension, video-content report, setting certain limits of monetization features for example. If violating these policies, this will be a big obstacle for you to reach 4000 watch hours you want.

To break it down into small segments, here are two fundamental cases of copyright infringements

Image copyright

If videos of a Youtube account uses an unauthorized protected image, the videos and channel can be removed by Youtube. It should be noted that Youtube has a system of image analysis which is detailed to each frame, so it is difficult to surpass.

Sound copyright

In terms of  audio piracy, if the video contains a registered music track, the video will not be posted immediately.

Furthermore, based on Youtube’s copyright policy, a video is considered to be copyright-violated when it contains only 0.5 seconds of music and pictures that are copyrighted and protected. Consequently, that video will be blocked and severely penalized. The “filter” technology that violates Youtube’s super-level copyrights is located in Content ID.

All videos uploaded to YouTube are scanned and encoded and then put into the data system containing information about exclusive images, sounds and so on, that the owner has registered for comparison. Content ID will show the duplicate images, sound even the quality of the video is worse than any other ones. 

In addition to Content ID, YouTube also lets you report copyright infringement under each video. To report, click report with the flag icon, select “Infringes my rights”and click “Submit”.

How to “sustainably” reach 4000 watch hours? 

By this way or another, you really need to pay attention to create engaging and attractive videos to reach 4000 watch hours. The factors to make a video engaging are, firstly, an eye-catching title. Thumbnail images must be unique, beautiful, and video content must be invested.

Considering the above risks that you will encounter to build your channel’s niche, there is a lot of content about the channel that is quite safe that you can consult. 

Children’s educational content

Youtube officially launched the Youtube Kids platform in 2015, with age-restricted content for children such as discovery, learning, music, and more. So take advantage of this rich sub-platform to build content for your channel. 

reach 4000 watch hours

Vlad & Niki – well-known duo on children’s education content

The valuable merits in terms of the content for children’s educational channels are that creators are not limited to a specific area. They can do whatever they feel to increase views and subscribers

For instance, a video playing a trending game, eating a hot dish, reviewing toys, instructions on how to make an object or a dish, or even just… streaming cartoons all day. This helps the creators never run out of ideas and can continuously maintain their attraction to the children.

On the other hand, your program may or may not be traditionally educational, but no matter what, you always have to ask your younger viewers what they will learn from the show. A 4-year-old can enjoy fun rhythmic songs with colorful characters, while a 10-year-old child loves to explore and discover natural mysteries. 

The most essential thing is that, in order to draw more attention from children, bringing laughter to them is indispensable. Children basically cannot think complicatedly yet, or can not fully understand topics that are too far away for them most likely prefer entertainment.

Making vlogs – easiest way to reach 4000 watch hours 

Vlog is an acronym for video blog which is a short diary, a personal program made on a video platform. Vloggers can create content, present everything they want as a form of videos.

Everyone can be a vlogger to make money

As long as the videos are engaging and engaging your audience. These videos will be posted on social networking sites, the most popular being Youtube.

In fact, anyone can become a vlogger. This job is like an enjoyable stroll where you can express yourself through what you find interesting and familiar. If done properly with the right direction, you can quickly reach 4000 watch hours in no time. 

Besides, making vlogs is easy and safe, that’s because the chance of you getting impersonated on Youtube unlikely happens. Indeed, the majority of the contents that are most susceptible to impersonation is usually face-hiding such as instructional and crafting videos, which rarely have the presence of the video channel owner.

With the vlog’s characteristics, your face will appear in virtually all video thumbnails. This will be very difficult for scammers to create new channels, impersonate and take your credit. 

Youtube Library music for free BGM

However, a few mistakes that Youtuber often makes is using copyrighted background music if not carefully checked. So, visit the websites that provide free background music when doing vlog to avoid any warnings, such as Youtube Library, Danosongs and so forth. 

“Tasty – style” cooking channels

reach 4000 watch hours

Tasty-like cooking videos – a new trend for filming cooking recipes

As a common content selected by many new creators, cooking video channels are not only limited to recipes and cooking skills, but also are visually-stimulating Mukbang content.

That is to say, surely you have many times accidentally watched the quick-cooking instruction videos with the duration of less than 1 minute, featuring the vertical angle of the camera recording the image of a pair of hands performing the cooking steps.

This special style is invented by the culinary channel Tasty of BuzzFeed, which is attracting more than 500 million viewers every month.

The features of the Tasty-style cooking videos will have a very short duration, averaging about 2 minutes, focusing on the visual effects of the viewer with quick, fast cooking operations. Fast frames with high contrast colors make viewers unable to take their eyes off the video until the end.

This is a very compelling cooking-content idea for Youtube newbies who are not confident about their ability to communicate, or are afraid to stand in front of the camera but have a passion for cooking.

To develop a YouTube channel for Tasty-like cooking, in addition to the video editing elements mentioned above, the way of choosing recipes is also an important factor that goes hand in hand. 

Multiple recipes for longer duration of each video

However, normally the duration of a Tasty-like cooking video is quite short and its footages are also accelerated, so the time of a video will be very short. This will likely affect the watch time you expect to achieve.

So due to this very short duration, you should focus on the coolest and most eye-catching scenes and add multiple recipes and detailed instructions for the cooking steps in each video. Besides, providing the recipes carefully in the description so the views can easily follow your quick instructions in the videos.

Want to learn more about how to reach 4000 watch hours

So to say, make sure that you are not going to possibly encounter those challenges we provided below. And for your information, when you finally reach 4000 watch hours to monetize from your channel, there are still high chances that the watch time and subscribers can decrease if you don’t keep up with the current performance. 

Last but not least, sign up for the AudienceGain community right away to keep posted with our newest article for your channel’s growth. 

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