Stay alert – the possible risks while making money on Youtube


The trend in which people make money on Youtube is really booming in the recent decade.  Especially in the year 2020, the COVID-19 is still raging and many small creators start to turn Youtube video-creating to a full-time job due to the limit of face-to-face communication and transportation.

However, this is really not an easy “bread-winner” for those dreaming of getting rich from Youtube due to its strict terms of service and censorship algorithm of this social networking site.


Making money on Youtube is not easy – possible risks while making money on Youtube

In this post, let’s check out several mistakes that every creator may encounter while making Youtube videos. As a result, you would learn some lessons to make better and safer decisions while posting content on this platform.

Especially for those who are the newbies in the path of going through the threshold of 4000 watch hours, it might be a regret if you skip the mentioned risks right below.

Let’s dive into it, shall we?

The possibility of demonetization – possible risks while making money on Youtube

First off, which is also very familiar to every creator, is the Youtube Partner Program (YPP) and the mandatory requirements that come with it to make money on Youtube.

To earn Youtube advertising and sponsorship money, the first condition is that creators must have at least 1,000 subscribers on their personal Youtube channel. However, milestones like the 10,000 or 100,000 followers that Youtube set is considered very difficult to achieve.


Youtube Partner Program

Secondly, Youtube requires that a creator’s videos must be viewed by the audience for at least 4000 watch hours within 12 months (since any given date).

Next, the content must be created originally by YouTubers themselves. If violated, Youtube will not allow creators to apply for advertisements.

Finally, Youtube’s profit sharing policy is considered quite “harsh” when creators have to return 45% of revenue to this video sharing platform (in general).

That being said, in the case where you have achieved all those thresholds above on your own, well, you just did a great job and congratulations on that! Now you must give Youtube 30 days (after submitting the application) to let its content-review team evaluate your channel.

On the flip side, after 30 days and you receive this: “Unfortunately, your channel wasn’t approved for monetization.” That means, there’s something wrong with your channel that Youtube found out, and as a consequence may lead to some drawbacks if the platform lets you make money on Youtube.

So to say, we have talked a lot about this, that maybe your content violates the terms of service, copyright infringement, inappropriate content for certain age groups, but actually there’s actually another party that Youtube indeed protects from the creator’s violations – the advertisers.


How to Create a YouTube Channel?

Bear in mind that Youtube makes the most of its revenue through the companies and brands it partners with. Since advertisers have chosen this playground as a place for them to promote products, brand stories or messages, Youtube will definitely make sure it is a  rewarding virtual place, as well as “secure” for the brands.

To be more specific, the video is considered inappropriate for most brands, as well as the one which doesn’t meet the criteria for advertiser-friendly content, so the video is not eligible to participate in the advertising program. So it varies and mostly depends on your content.

For example, let’s choose “curse words” as an easy example. In Youtube’s advertiser-friendly guidelines, there is a section dedicated to vulgarity & vulgar behavior including 3 categories:

Lightweight profanity

(still qualifies for normal display ads)

Examples: shit, hell, damn, etc. or occasional use of vulgarity even when replaced with “beep”.


YouTube channel decreasing in views – possible risks while making money on Youtube

Serious profanity

(there are still display ads, but brands can choose not to advertise on those videos)

The vulgarity is used in the video’s introduction; or be used multiple times throughout the video even for comedy, documentary, news or educational purposes.

Profanity in metadata or severe repetitive behavior

 (no display ads)

The vulgarity in the title or thumbnail can cause your video to be turned off for monetization right after, or if you seriously repeat profanity in a hateful, offensive, or even racist way.

You should also know that Youtube may review and not recommend videos that contain profanity, which will decrease your potential views and subscribers.

How does Youtube count views? Well, when a user clicks on a video to watch, one view is counted if he/she watches the video for at least 30 seconds. If he/she watches under this threshold, the click will only be counted as “viewed”, not as a view.

Copyright infringement – the most risky to make money on Youtube

We’ve also discussed this, and this is the “deadly” mistake if you make money on Youtube by re-uploading, for example film reviews, vocal cover and dance choreography, music video reaction and so on.

Basically there are two types of copyright infringements that you need to take a note:

Sound copyright

In terms of  audio piracy, if the video contains a registered music track, the video will not be posted immediately.

Image copyright

If videos of a Youtube account uses an unauthorized protected image, the videos and channel can be removed by Youtube. It should be noted that Youtube has a system of image analysis which is detailed to each frame, so it is difficult to surpass.

In order for the Youtube channel to not be locked, the re-uploading channel’s owner has only one way to join a Network to ensure the content using music or copyrighted images (i.e. they may have permission from the copyright owner). Revenue earned from views and subscribers will still be divided by% depending on the channel and video.

In case you’re not in any Network, which means you’re still trying to get 4000 watch hours to take part in YPP, you should also remember that when you are using third-party content in your video, obtain written permission or license from the copyright holder before using (this is quite difficult to do).


How to get 4000 watch hours?

Furthermore, if your channel is removed from the (YPP) due to content reuse, you can re-apply after 30 days. Make sure to remove all duplicates from your channel before submitting the application, which will increase your chances of being accepted again.

The perfectly competitive market to make money on Youtube

Well, it’s hard to visualize, but in fact, Youtube is partly a competitive market with two main parties, the creators and the audiences.

So, a perfectly competitive market is one in which there are many buyers, many sellers and no buyer or seller can influence the market price. In this case, the creators can only have complete control over the content they create, upload and promote it. In addition, audiences can search for what they want to view.

However, creators fundamentally  have no control over how much money they make. Youtube decides this and it divides profits based on its negotiation with the creator, the advertiser, on the content and the number of ads it displays, on the CPC and CPM price of each country and so forth.

Besides, there are thousands of creators who will do the same type of niche and only a very few will receive enthusiastic reception from viewers and from there those creators become a famous influencer, like PewDiePie in terms of game or Tasty (Buzzfeed) in terms of culinary content.

And there are also very few Youtubers achieving an instant reputation overnight, like SKRIMP, a small creator who has got more than 30 thousand views with this “Among us stack killing” video.


Game Among us help to increase Youtube views

Power is the double-edged sword

Success on the Youtube video sharing platform is considered a double-edged sword and always comes with risks. For YouTubers, the popularity on social media means more views and subscribers, in addition to the higher chance to make money on Youtube.

However, in many cases, if you are not careful, the aura on Youtube is a trap that destroys your life without exception. Only one offensive content for example, can result in the consequences not only on the budget, but also on the lives of social networking stars.

IN 2018, YouTuber Logan Paul – one of the top earners on Youtube, was fined $ 5 million after posting an offensive video about a suicide forest in Japan. The Google search engine page then removed Logan from the priority search list after the public condemned it too harshly on this issue.

Obviously, the path to success thanks to Youtube is not full of commissions. Creators have to struggle to create content, thereby creating an influence to reach many people. Indeed, the fame and scandals always go hand in hand, and it will be heartbreaking if the original good ideas derail and Youtuber is slowly corrupted.

And you’re a small creator and you got no help!

Whether you are trying to get the sufficiency of 4000 watch hours or 1000 subscribers, or your channel is already monetized, views and subscribers are still two main factors for your channel’s development.

And if you’re a small creator struggling with getting more subscribers to monetize, our solution from AudienceGain would be the most effective for your plan.

Our service of “Buying 4000 watch hours” and other optimal strategies will tackle your problem right away. Additionally, we will also advise on tips to help with your channel’s growth, as well as knowledge of YouTube’s terms of service to avoid the risks mentioned above to make money from Youtube.

Leave a comment right below to let us know if you have any opinions on the article and join us to keep up to date with the newest information on Youtube monetization!

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