Buy Hours Watch Time

Buy Hours Watch Time


Idea free icon We have 4 strategies to get 4000 Public Watch Hours but just need to reach one of them to start :
Key free iconAt least 1-2 Videos 60 Minutes Duration ( Real & Fastest )
Key free iconAt Least 1 Video 120 Minutes Duration (  3-5 Days To Be Delivered )

Key free iconAt least 2 Videos 20 Minutes
Key free iconAt least 10 Videos 10 Minutes Duration

✔ 100% Nature Views & Subscribers

✔ Easier To Pass The Review For Monetization
✔ Delivering Within 7-12 Days
✔ Money-Back Guarantee
✔ Guaranteed Satisfaction
✔ 100% Safe & Legal With Youtube Policy
✔ No Negative Effect To Channel
Hours of Viewing Time & Subscribers Guaranteed LIFETIME FOR GENUINE

  • Contact Us To Get A Discount Code Up To $20 & Strategies To Develop Your Channel From Experts
  • Please Make Sure Your Channel Meet Our Requirements To Start Advertise For The Best Results.
  • If You Don’t Have Videos As Our Requirements, Contact Us To Get Custom Package.
  • Work Automatically
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Buy 4000 Watch Hours YouTube and 1000 Subscribers, Why?


What changes from YouTube make “Buy 4000 Watch Hours” is necessary for a newbie on YouTube?

Does it necessary to buy 4000 Watch Hours YouTube before 2019 indeed?

According to the lastest YouTube policy from 2019, a channel must have 4000 Hours Watch Time and 1000 Subscribers at least to be reviewed for monetization. But for a newbie, it’s really difficult to get the first 1000 subscribes and 4000 hours watch time YouTube. Because YouTube is now filled with millions of channels that already published hundreds of videos covering the exact niche and stuff that your contents do. So regardless of how unique your contents are, or how awesome they look, it’s pretty much obvious that they won’t be able to generate enough views and subscribers by themselves.

So the thing that you should ensure or focus on is PROMOTION.


The more your videos are being promoted, the more exposures they receive. And that, my dear friend, will increase your watch hours and subscribers number.

Besides, start promoting from the beginning not really easy, it takes time because it depends the most on how large your networks are and how smart you can promote the videos.

But don’t worry, our service was born to help you get it easier by Social Media. We have stable networks and exchange groups where we can do quick and mass promotion on behalf of clients. Our team will then keep promoting your channel and videos until the said number of views watch hours and subscribers being driven to your channel. All of the process just takes 8-14 days to complete 4000 Watch Hours on YouTube & 1000 Subscribers. And of course, it’s legal and safe for all types of YouTube channels. It’s a surefire way to reach the milestone of 1000 Subscribers and 4000 watch hours in the short term, suitable for all YouTube Creators!

Why should you buy 4000 Watch Hours YouTube from AudienceGainNet?

  • Your channel will be advertised on Social Media, YouTube, Exchanges Groups to get Hours Watch Time from real people.
  • Youtube is also encouraging people to use Social Media to promote channels so it’ll be easier to review for monetization. It’s perfect for all Youtubers because our service will help you save time to focus on content. Actually, we can’t compare the quality of our service with other ones but we are using a unique platform to get 100% approaches from real users and that’s why from our service, many channels can easy to get approved for monetizing monthly.
  • Save your time to apply for monetizing as soon as possible.
  • Our campaign real and legible with Youtube policy.
  • Available likes, comments & subscribers for bonus.
  • There are many retail packages that can be easier to choose a suit package with your channel.
  • Excellent support 24/7, solve all of the concerns about your channel.
  • Advisory good strategies to grow your channel faster.
  • Buying YouTube Watchtime & Subscribers Guaranteed LIFETIME FOR GENUINE

What’s conditions necessary to use the service?

  • Your channel is clean, no claims.
  • Idea free icon We have 4 strategies to get 4000 Watch Hours but just need to reach one of them to start :
    Key free iconAt least 1-2 Videos 60 Minutes Duration
    Key free iconAt Least 1 Video 120 Minutes Duration (  3-5 Days To Be Delivered )

    Key free iconAt least 2 Videos 20 Minutes
    Key free iconAt least 10 Videos 10 Minutes Duration
  • Contact us if you don’t have a long video, we will make a custom package for your channel.
  • Delivery within 1-2 weeks

Please make sure 100% of videos are made by yourself without any copyright or strikes to get the best results.

How to buy it?

There’re 4 steps to buy, it’s easier even you are a newbie:

  • 1: Choose the package you would like to get.
  • 2: Fill full information in the order form.
  • 3: Add to cart & checkout.
  • 4: Choose the payment method and pay. ( Credit Card, Paypal, Crypto Currency & Skrill. )

How to enable monetization after the channel reached 4000 Watch Hours and 1000 Subscribers?

Step 1: 

  • Sign in to your YouTube channel, go to “Creator Studio” and select the “Monetization” option.
  • Press Apply in Monetization, if you have not selected country location then Youtube will ask you to choose before registering for monetization. Please make sure you choose the countries that included available features for YouTube monetization even YouTube doesn’t accept your country to make that account eligible.


Step 2: 

  • Read and tick comply with the YouTube Partner Program terms. Read more of YouTube’s Term and Policy.
  • Sign up or log in for an AdSense account. ( In this step, you need to set where exact your country is, YouTube will pay you monthly through Google Adsense account. )
  • If your Google Adsense is new, it would be taken for a few hours.
  • After that, wait for YouTube to verify that your channel is eligible to enable monetization within 2-30 days.
  • Your content needs to comply with YouTube’s policy to enable monetization.

Tips: Just apply for monetization at 6:00-8:00 AM follow USA’S TIME ZONE, it will have a chance to get reviewed within only 3 days.

Note: If you were previously monetizing, were removed from Youtube Partner Program, and have waited 30 days to re-apply, you should hear back in about one month.



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    Received a sterling service from these guys! Very highly recommended and will do another order soon! Thank you! x

  2. Alexander Ho

    can you create package for 500 watch hours bro? it would be more suitable for my another channel

  3. Otis

    Highly recommend DAVID. You are the best supporter i’ve ever met. From UK with love

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