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Does It Necessary To Buy Monetized YouTube Channel?icon of youtube channel

Since 2019 YouTube was tighter in allowing new channels to monetize on their platform. Channels must have 4000 Watch Hours and 1000 Subscribers in the last 12 months before reviewing for monetization. Besides, your content must be strictly compliant with the new YouTube Partner Program terms and Community Guidelines. Once you’ve set all of these requirements, your channel will be eligible to review for monetization. Normally, this process would take 15-30 days but it is long or slow depending on many factors, or you may never be approved for monetizing. It’s a tough task and creators cannot control that indeed. But with our Monetized Youtube Channel, all of the problems will be solved, you just upload your awesome videos and earn money instantly.


Why Should I Buy Youtube Channel From AudienceGain?the tips to expand audiences for your youtube channel

All the channels have approved for monetization with over 1000-2000 high-quality subscribers who would interact with your videos, make your channel a quick start much more than starting from scratch.

Don’t worry if you don’t know the way to optimize the channel because we have done that stuff in the most professional way possible already. The stuff such as the avatar, cover, tag, channel layout, and other advanced options all set. Sometimes, changing the Google Adsense account in a wrong way could get demonetized. But don’t worry, at AudienceGain, we will support you to change the Google Adsense account in a completely safe way.


What My Channel Look Like?

Here is an example of one of our channels provided.

what my channel looks like

Term & Condition

Does my channel have a warranty?

We are not responsible for any reason like the channel get strikes or claims from videos, songs, and images that you upload or including channel, being demonetization, disabled, or anything else.  because it depends on many elements. It is nearly impossible to determine which exact problem is and why.  All purchases of Services are made at your own risk. Due to this, we will not refund after services have been completed if this has occurred to an account/content.

Refund/Replacement Policy:
All Sales are Final. No refunds after accounts are delivered.

Note: Comply the YouTube’s policy, and our instruction to run a Monetized Channel safely.

Why YouTube Disapproved My Adsense Account?

If monetization is disabled for your YouTube channel, it could be for several reasons. Any of these actions could result in the suspension of payments:

Which Payment Method We Accept For Buying YouTube Monetized Channel?

We accept all major cards as Major Debit Cards and some payment gateways like Payoneer, Bitcoin, Paypal.

the Paypal payment method

Besides, please take a look at Trustpilot the best review website, and see what people say about our company before you make a decision.

review reliability of audiencegainnet

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