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Why Should You Buy High-Retention YouTube Views?

The retention rate is one of the parameters used by YouTube to rank videos. To YouTube’s search and discovery algorithm, a low-retention view means that the viewer clicked on a video, but did not find it interesting and left after a short while. This hurts the video’s ranking on the YouTube search engine. Additionally, low-quality, low-retention views can be flagged by YouTube’s algorithms, leading to a drop in views.

As mentioned earlier, not all YouTube views are created equal. There’s a big difference between high-retention views and regular views.

High-retention views are promising leads because you have proof that a person was interested enough to watch through the whole thing. Regular views, where the person may have clicked away almost immediately, are usually not so promising.

YouTube values audience retention highly so improving this metric will bring all sorts of benefits, including:

Better SEO: Higher retention is a positive signal for Google, YouTube, and other search engines and social media platforms, meaning you’ll rank higher in their search results. Videos also show up in Google searches, so that’s a winning combination.

Getting Noticed: The higher you rank, the more people will find you, increasing brand awareness. That means you’ll get your products, services, and marketing campaigns in front of more potential customers.

A Targeted Audience: You can be confident that high-retention views come from people who are at least somewhat interested in your content, making for easier re-targeting.

Creating Community: The higher your audience retention, the more subscribers you’ll gain. This helps build a community within your audience, giving them a place to be together – your channel.

Buying views is a good strategy to improve the visibility and discoverability for your YouTube videos. However, you should make sure that the views you are buying have a high retention rate, or you could end up hurting your YouTube rankings and wasting your time and money. Before putting in to buy views for your video, remember to do some research and choose the one you determine has the highest-quality views.

If you want to market your business as successful as possible on YouTube, it’s clear that you’re going to need high-retention views.

How To Check Retention Rates Of The Views You Already Have Bought?

Maybe you bought some views, but it was before you learned about retention rates and how important they are. If you’re uncertain about whether your vendor has been providing you with high-quality views, you can easily check.

You will need to access your YouTube Analytics Dashboard. To do this, go to your YouTube creator studio and click on the Audience Retention section (see the screenshot below). This provides you with detailed information about your views, from Average View Duration and Average Percentage Viewed, to a real-time graph of views and audience geography. This can also be very insightful for you as a creator – if you find that your videos have low retention rates, consider restructuring your videos or changing your content strategy.


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