Buy Youtube Channel Eligible For Monetization


Buy Youtube Channel Eligible For Monetization

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$199.00 $159.00

👉The Channel Has 4000 Watch Hours &  +1100 HQ Subscribers ( Non-Drop )
👉Clean Channel & No Copyright Or Comunity Strikes
👉Easy To Change The Niche Without Negative Affection
👉Optimized Theme, Cover, Avatar In Professional Way
👉Livestream is Enabled
👉Delivery Within 2 Days
👉Dedicated Support

Noted: If The This Channel Isn’t Your Choice, You Can Consider The Service Youtube Monetized Channel.

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What Is Youtube Channel Eligible For Monetization?

This is a channel with 4000 Watch Hours and >1000 Subscribers but hasn’t applied for Monetization (YouTube Partner Program.)

First 4000 Watch Hours and 1000 Subscribers are one of the factors that make you hesitate to become a creator YouTube?

Don’t worry, we provide YouTube channels that have gotten 4000 Valid Watch Hours and >1000 High-Quality Subscribers from Social Media Promotion. These channels need to apply for the YouTube Partner Program because they haven’t reviewed for monetization yet.

What Will The Youtube Channel Eligible For Monetization Looks Like?

The Youtube Channel Eligible For Monetization will look like this:

Term & Condition

We are not responsible for any reason like the channel get strikes or claims from videos, songs, and images that you upload because it depends on many elements. It is nearly impossible to determine which exact problem is and why. Just comply with the YouTube policy, it will work safely.

All Sales are Final. No refunds after accounts are delivered as described.

Which Payment Method We Accept For Buying YouTube Monetized Channel?

We accept all major cards as Major Debit Cards and some payment gateways like Payoneer, Bitcoin, Paypal.

Besides, please take a look at Trustpilot the best review website, and see what people say about our company before you make a decision.


3 reviews for Buy Youtube Channel Eligible For Monetization

  1. Kepada Heykids

    Hello, in just 4 days the YouTube channel I bought from you has agreed to monetize, a very good channel, thank you AG … ???? (29 feb apply, 3 mar approved)

  2. admin


    Here’re some tips to develop your channel that many professional musicians, vlogger, speeches are using to make their videos have the chance to get viral :
    – Optimize the title of videos by keywords.
    – Improve the rank of videos by a ton of views from various sources like Social Media, backlink…etc. ( The most important part of SEO because once the rank of your videos on top, it will get a lot of interactive from organic views and it will be suggested on YouTube. )
    – Incentive thumbnail
    That’s all that you should focus on even to develop the channel because as you know, PROMOTION is king, anyone knows to use this method to develop, they surefire will be successful.

    Hope you are doing well out there.

  3. Star-click Star

    I would like buy a Youtube Channel Eligible For Monetization, I would like to know if This Youtube Channel Eligible For Monetization already had video, and i just enable the monetization without upload any video before applied for the youtube partner program?

  4. Admin

    Hi there,
    Glad to hear from you.
    YouTube Channel Eligible For Monetization is a channel that has gotten enough 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers but hasn’t applied for monetization yet.
    There’re > 5 videos on this channel.
    It’s a clean channel.
    No claims strike.
    Got 4000 hours and +1000 subscribers but hasn’t reviewed for monetization
    There’re > 5 videos on the channel and easy to change the niche.
    After you get the channel, you should upload 5-7 videos at least that make by yourself before click to review for monetization to get the best results.
    But we won’t guarantee, no refund or responsible for this service if it’s other problems like YouTube rejected for monetization because this channel just helps you shorten time to build a channel to get 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers.
    It has around 60% to be approved for monetization if you just apply for monetization without upload more videos
    We suggest you upload more videos, and we will bonus you views 3 new videos to increase the chance to get approved for monetization
    It would take 1-2 days to handle and deliver the channel.
    So, do you have any questions about that?
    Write soon.

  5. humayun aryan

    a great first i was skeptish because of bad experiences in past but this site really does their stable job.if you are also skeptish i will say first chat with ..this will help you to of them(jacob and david)is available nearly all the day.they are really very kind and channel is monetized and it is worth to write few sentences..

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