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✔ 20,000+ High-Quality Plays from Real People
✔ SoundCloud Track Add-ons Available
✔ Premium Sponsored Mentions
✔ 100% Guaranteed Results
✔ 100% Money-Back Guarantee
✔ Buy 1 Get 1 Free



Optional SoundCloud Add-Ons

1. SoundCloud Likes

SoundCloud Likes & RepostsOur SoundCloud Likes option will push from 100 to 1,000+ likes to your track over a few days, alongside your 5,000+ plays. We recommend adding at least 200+ likes with the 10k Plays plan, as we don’t guarantee users will like your track. It also ensures your track receives reaffirming Social Proof and helps encourage others to listen and like as well (sparking engagement).

2. SoundCloud Reposts

With our SoundCloud Repost option, we can get hundreds of high-quality SoundCloud users reposting your track to their profile. Plans range from 100 to 1,000+ repost, all delivered over a few days. These plans are ideal for improve social proof, spark engagement, attract more plays and gain more fans.

3. SoundCloud Comments

Get high-quality, authentic SoundCloud users commenting on your track about anything you want. You can choose a comment plan, ranging from 10 to 100+ comments. You can than customize the comments you want to receive, or have users create postive comments themselves.


1. You must provide the link to one (1) individual track (No sets).
2. Your track must have statistics enabled. We need to be able to see your play, like and repost stats.


4 reviews for Buy 20,000 SoundCloud Plays

  1. James L Long

    Amazing. I got it, the most of them from real people in USA and it’s so useful to me. Thanks for gave me bonus.

  2. McConnell

    Very good service. Further my posts are not banned. Thanks very much

  3. Dorothy O

    excellent, thank you. You helped me a lot xD

  4. E Stewart

    I used. The gift is very interesting 🙂

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