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✔ 50,000+ High-Quality Plays from Real People
✔ SoundCloud Track Add-ons Available
✔ 100% Guaranteed Results
✔ 100% Money-Back Guarantee
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Optional SoundCloud Add-Ons

1. SoundCloud Likes

SoundCloud Likes & RepostsOur SoundCloud Likes option will push from 100 to 1,000+ likes to your track over a few days, alongside your 5,000+ plays. We recommend adding at least 200+ likes with the 10k Plays plan, as we don’t guarantee users will like your track. It also ensures your track receives reaffirming Social Proof and helps encourage others to listen and like as well (sparking engagement).

2. SoundCloud Reposts

With our SoundCloud Repost option, we can get hundreds of high-quality SoundCloud users reposting your track to their profile. Plans range from 100 to 1,000+ repost, all delivered over a few days. These plans are ideal for improve social proof, spark engagement, attract more plays and gain more fans.

3. SoundCloud Comments

Get high-quality, authentic SoundCloud users commenting on your track about anything you want. You can choose a comment plan, ranging from 10 to 100+ comments. You can than customize the comments you want to receive, or have users create postive comments themselves.


1. You must provide the link to one (1) individual track (No sets).
2. Your track must have statistics enabled. We need to be able to see your play, like and repost stats.


44 reviews for Buy 50,000 SoundCloud Plays

  1. Isiah J. Lewis

    I strongly recommend purchasing the add ons because they really make a significant difference. Great investment.

  2. Wazza!

    love your work my friend i be coming back for sure

  3. Jamesty

    company now!

  4. Garry N

    Thank you thank you thank you! AudienceGain works so well for me

  5. Abbey

    Did a great job! im SATISFIED

  6. Vic

    These guys are GENIUS! It’s been real working with them. They had my tracks up nd running in no time. No one even knows I purchased this service :X

  7. Max

    Provided excellent communication. Delivered on time.

  8. Helen


  9. Kevin

    AudienceGain was very responsive to my inquiries and the work performed exceeded my expectations!

  10. Victoria

    Amazing results and super fast delivery will definitely work with you again

  11. Lilia

    Like magic! I don’t know how they do it, but they do a phenomenal job! That’s all that matters to me honestly.

  12. Jamesty

    This was the best freakin service ever way better than the other seller that helped me!! Ur officially my go to company now!

  13. Samuel

    fast! I recommend… 100% secure!

  14. ClaudeF

    FP = fast and perfect!

  15. Deborah

    SIMPLY The BEST Turnaround Time and always Over Delivering! EXCELLENT Overall!

  16. Jing


  17. Eden Z

    Quality service

  18. Clinton

    very professional and works hard to fulfill what you need….would recommend to anyone

  19. DJ King

    LOVE AG. They offer high quality quality service and were very responsive to my inquiries.

  20. Jose

    Very nice. I got way more plays than I even paid for! Awesome experience.

  21. Declan

    They over deliver EVERY single time, it is just amazing! Thanks for all the hard work you put into my order!

  22. David

    Very efficient, would be happy to order again in the future!

  23. Wallace

    Split the plays between my tracks, everything was delivered as promised. Super pleased with the results that this has brought upon my account!

  24. Pedro

    Not seeing the plays quite yet, but I got some interaction with people which is what I wanted!

  25. Donna

    Wonderful job as always! 🙂 🙂 Thank you so much

  26. Nio89

    Delievered again splendidly as always! 🙂 Thanks so much!!

  27. Ronald

    Now, i never write reviews… never. but this amazing company deserves one. I bought the 5k plan to get my track boosted and a bit more noticeable. sooo now after 4 days of putting my track out i have well over 10,000 plays!? I honestly didnt believe this would work and went into it as if i was throwing away 12 bucks. but that was the best 12 bucks i’ve ever spent!!! i will for sure be using this again i think everyone should! just dont like how people buy plays and dont market or do anything with the track after the plays rake in. with devumi it makes it 5x more likely someone will click it just because its been played alot in a short time.

  28. Maxine

    Buying the 50,000 SoundCloud Plays package was perfect for me because I had so many songs to choose just one and it allowed me to split my plays amongst 5 different songs. It also comes with free extras which is awesome. Will buy again.

  29. William

    Awesome product, I am placing another order now, thanks

  30. David

    Plays delivered accordingly.

  31. Eric

    Ordered and split plays between 5 tracks and it was great because some got a little more than the others so it made it look more natural.

  32. Margaret

    Ordered and split plays between 5 tracks and it was great because some got a little more than the others so it made it look more natural.

  33. Gilbert

    Ordered this package and didn’t care about the add-ons at first. I read about the add-ons and became intrigued to see if they really worked. They did! They really helped drive more traffic to my page, so I decided to order a little more. I am a very happy customer.

  34. Matt

    Quality service provider. I look forward in doing this again soon.

  35. Daniel

    Magnificent seller!!! SoundCloud plays had a fast delivery, I am very happy with the results

  36. Jose

    Awesome, excellent communication and delivered as requested. Great job!

  37. Charles

    fast! I recommend… 100% secure!

  38. Gilda

    Hey bro, I appreciate it! Much love.. I’ll be around more. Great Job!!!

  39. Joel

    love your work my friend i be coming back for sure

  40. Steven

    SIMPLY The BEST Turnaround Time and always Over Delivering! EXCELLENT Overall!

  41. Andrew

    Wonderful job as always! ? ? Thank you so much

  42. Robert P Espinoza

    I wondered is it good or not, but i found it’s really when you’re providing for me. Highly recommended!

  43. Geraldine

    This service is very good, it makes my job much more convenient

  44. Melissa D Hake

    i vote five stars for you 😀

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