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Buy YouTube Likes & Comments (Stand-Alone Service)

buy youtube likesWe can guarantee high-quality, natural YouTube likes, dislikes and/or relevant comments on your YouTube video within a few days. Whether you want to kickstart a brand new video or want to balance out all the dislikes and negative comments you’ve received, we can help!

All Likes, Dislikes and Comments are performed manually by real people, using unique high-quality YouTube accounts. Every account is aged, Google Verified, has a profile picture, bio and unique history of engagements for authentic and natural results every time.

Buy YouTube Like and Dislikes

You can purchase Likes and/or Dislikes for any video. The likes and dislikes will come in gradually over a few hours to a few weeks (depending on the size of the plan selected). Purchasing more likes is a perfect option for those looking to boost their video’s positive image, search ranking and encourage others to like as well. Buying YouTube dislikes can be used to accompany a large purchase of YouTube Likes (eg. 1000 YouTube Likes with 50 YouTube Dislikes), or purchased on it’s own for other reasons.

Buy YouTube Comments

If you select an option with YouTube Comments, we give you the option to provide custom comments or have us write the comments for you.

1. Custom Comments – You can provide us with your custom written comments for your video in the textbox under the drop down box. This is highly recommended if you want users talking about something in particular, or want to ensure comments are to your standard. We recommend this option for most customers, especially businesses and professionals.

2. Industry-Specific Comments – With this option, you can select the industry (niche) that your video is in and we’ll have users leave industry-specific comments on your video. If your video isn’t in any specific industry or you just want general comments, just choose General as the Industry.

3. Relevant Comments – This is our Premium YouTube Comments option where our team and commenters will watch your video and write unique, one-of-a-kind comments relevant to your video. This is a more personal option but has a 50% premium.

An examples of 30,000+ Likes, 250 Dislikes and Relevant Comments on a video:

buy youtube likes

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29 reviews for Buy YouTube Likes and Comments

  1. Jerry

    I ordered 25,000 views a few days ago, with the works. I added US region targeting, 500 likes and 100 shares and hoped for the best. After about 5 days, it was completed. Way ahead of schedule with over 29k views, 864 likes, and over 200+ sh

  2. Ashley Vaz


    Great Job

  3. Bonnie Jones

    more than what I expected awesome , I’ll be using again!

  4. Rose Griffin

    Wrote my own comments, sent it their way and they had my order processed pretty quickly.
    Great job done!

  5. Sandra Long

    These guys are notorious for over-delivering, and they sure didn’t leave me behind!
    I received a little more of both: likes and comments!

  6. Catherine Sanders

    I have ordered several times. Its always prompt and exactly what I need. Comments are written with pin point precision. Love working with these guys!

  7. Ann Ramirez

    Amazing service and an amazing support team. I got my likes, dislikes and comments on time and on point.

  8. Anne Bailey

    Ordered my likes and took a little bit cuz of some technical difficulties but the staff kept me informed and my order was completed. Overall, I am satisfied with my purchase. Thanks

  9. Denise Cooper

    I am glad I purchased likes and dislikes from I am going to order comments now.

  10. John J Smith

    Likes and comments are attracting many interact with my videos.
    Good service

  11. Serena R Tyrrell

    I’v gotten enough my order and you gave me bonus. It’s stable now.
    i’ll get in touch with you.
    Thank you

  12. Okeg Maiya

    Really good service, i’m loyal customer of your company, hope i can get support with the best.

  13. Marcela Tamka

    It was really easy to grow my account with your company, i’ll gain 500 likes in 2 days.
    Thank you so much.

  14. Patricia

    ikes and comments it’s very important in my channel and you understand we need it. Thank you very much

  15. Cheryl E

    My channel is growing thanks to you. Thanks very much 😀

  16. Georgia J Vierra

    I was surprised when it was more effective than what I expected. Ty

  17. Audrey Goulet

    it’s really effective to raise ranking of my video

  18. Bethany

    The support team is very good

  19. Herbert J

    Lots of likes in a short time. Meaningful comment

  20. Susan

    Thank you. Likes and comments are very important to my channel. Not only that, you support me a lot

  21. Johnson

    This is my most exciting experience. When now has a lot of scam services, thank you very much 😀

  22. Amanda M

    A great service, I can believe that my request is made quickly and cheaply

  23. R Sheetz

    Amanda M that is what I want to say xD

  24. Jacob Barnes

    It’s good that everything is okay, I’m not banned by youtube

  25. J Allison

    My page received a lot of likes after I ordered. Thank you very much

  26. Corey M

    I was very impressed with AG, which created the unexpected

  27. S Vandemark

    I have used the service many times and the result is still great. They always support us more than we pay them. The best AG

  28. James Perry

    You have done very well in developing AG services. I appreciate it. I have been using your service for 2 years now I have found the service constantly updated and fixed

  29. Althea Albrecht

    I was very happy to receive a lot of likes and comments in my post, this is really a high quality service that needs to be developed strongly.

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