Promote on SoundCloud: 7 Tips to Promote Your SoundCloud Music

Music is your passion and it’s a great thing. Top 7 Tips will help ensure that you’ve taken the time to advertise SoundCloud Music. But if it’s your business too, then you’ll have to spend time outside the studio promoting it. Of course, if you can achieve maximum reach with minimal effort then the better.

SoundCloud Music

SoundCloud Music

How to promote Soundcloud music

1. Consider switching to “PRO”

If it’s within your budget, $ 15 a month for SoundCloud’s Pro Unlimited account will give you a few powerful tools to help maximize your broadcast efforts in a shorter time span, helping You have more hours to do what you love: playing music.

Pro Unlimited lets you see exactly where your fans are, both in the real world and online. See who’s playing your tracks, which countries and cities are most popular for. Know exactly which pages, apps and social networks your music is playing on. This will help you focus your promotional efforts on areas where it will be effective and you won’t waste time elsewhere.

2. Perform Directly Online

Visit and connect directly with your fans. This platform will allow you to stream a live TV show from your laptop to fans around the world.

Each Stageit concert is a one-time event that’s never been archived (unless you save and share it), so your fans won’t want to miss the chance to watch. Not only watch, but also interact. Fans were encouraged to ask questions of the artist, request songs, and even chat with other fans throughout the show. You can also monetize it, by setting a ticket price and leaving your virtual “tip jar” open to anyone so inspired by your music that they feel like putting some extra cash in their pocket. your.

3. Build email list

Give your fans a chance to stay up to date on show dates, new releases on SoundCloud and other events by subscribing to your newsletter. Email is the best way to stay connected directly with your fans and there are some good tools that can help you with this, such as AWeber or MailChimp.

To capture their email from the start, offer some additional content in exchange for their email address, such as a live recording of one of your most popular songs. Here is some great advice on building your email list.

4. Online Community / Forum

Be active in online communities and forums like Reddit, Quora or music-only communities like Harmony Central or MusicDiscussion.

Your goal here is to provide valuable input and advice to other upcoming and upcoming artists. Be seen as a solid source of quality information and people will follow – and hopefully your music will too.

5. Videos on YouTube

Everyone knows that YouTube is the most popular website for music videos on the web. If you don’t have the budget for a high-quality music video, get creative (you’re a musician anyway) and make a video of yourself backstage before the show. You can even just use your smartphone or digital camera.

Other types of videos can be studio sessions, a trip to a music store to try out a new guitar or a casual chat with other musicians. Fans love this “behind the scenes” genre of looking at the lives of their favorite musicians.

6. Advertising on Social Media.

Yes, you will have to spend some time on social media promoting your music directly, as well as connecting with fans, other musicians, and anyone in the music industry. It’s called “social” media for a reason, so join the conversations to get your name.

Twitter is particularly well suited for this, as it is a very “chatty” medium and importantly provides a way to seamlessly embed your SoundCloud tracks in tweets. Once people start sharing these, it’s almost as viral as your next tweet.

7. Hire a Marketing Company.

This is a good idea for two reasons. First, because doing all the social media promotions by yourself is a very time consuming thing. Yes, you need to spend some time on your accounts, but if you can “outsource” most accounts, you will have more time to spend more time on art activities. .

The second reason that hiring a social media agency is such a good idea is because good companies will already have relationships with influencers in the music industry. All you need is a few well-timed mentions of someone with tens of thousands of targeted followers to take your audience’s awareness to the next level. This is a very effective way to get more listeners quickly. Some examples are Build My Plays and Compass to see which level is right for you.


Well, we know, you might not want to bother with all of this. You just want to lock yourself up in the recording studio with other musicians, right? OK, but what good is recording music if no one outside the studio hears it? Anyway, like it or not, it’s business. The sooner you start treating it like a person, the more successful you are.

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