Top 12+ ways to pull youtube watch hours quickly and safely


Currently, the question for a lot of you YouTubers is how to pull YouTube watch hours quickly and safely? This article will answer everything you want to know about how to pull YouTube watch hours organic.

First of all, you need to remove the use of tools, bots, or proxies from the list of safe and healthy ways to pull YouTube watch hours. 

In every joke, if you just keep cheating and hope you are the winner, there is no sustained victory.  Two things that you need to keep in mind are confidence in your passionate ego and secondly, to always persevere until the end of the other person has fallen.

If you want to develop a channel you first need a cold head and a hot heart.  You need to stay away from the seduction or deception of scam services about the view that is both cheap and quality. 

You need to trust your intuition and ignore the confidentiality to pull YouTube watch hours quickly and safely.  If you want to play fair in the fight pull view and sub then this is the article you must read once.


Ways to Pull YouTube watch hours.

First of all, some things that you need to pay attention to if you are just a newbie to this YouTube industry.

Things you need to pay attention to pull YouTube watch hours quickly and safely

Do you know all the outstanding factors that the YouTube algorithm is constantly looking for to refresh their platform? If not then you need to know right now. 

There is nothing better than that you capture information and statistics that you need to know before starting to grasp the top 12+ ways to pull YouTube watch hours quickly and safely. 

Here are the factors that the YouTube algorithm relies on to enhance your video ranking:

1. Title 

If you do not cleverly incorporate the main keyword and secondary keyword into the title of the video, your video will not beat other professional competitors. 

You should also make jokes or add words to sensationalize the reader and click immediately.

2. Content 

The content of the video is one of the factors that the YouTube algorithm attaches great importance to.

You can make thumbnails to stimulate your viewers’ click ability. But only good content stops readers and increase YouTube watch time.

Once your YouTube watch time is 50% higher than the video viewing time, you will be considered useful under the YouTube algorithm’s attention.

3. Interaction with video viewers 

When you are the one who posted the video, are you always excited about how the viewer feels about the video? You can rely on comments, likes/dislikes to know if they like your video or not. 

You can also determine their opinion through shares, subscribers, save to playlist, and whether they watch other videos of the channel or not.

Besides, if the quality of your video is good, it will make viewers become loyal fans immediately. This is the motivation for you to strive for and try to be better continuously in the future.

4. Your brand


Your brand

If you have a good brand and are known by many people, users will interact more with you. They will actively look forward to and watch your video for their support. 

In other words, if there is a lot of traffic in a certain period, your channel will receive a large number of viewers actively searching for your keyword/brand name on the YouTube search bar.

5. User’s return rate

If your viewers come back a lot and the rate is high, YouTube will have a good rating on your channel. The user’s return rate reflects the quality of the video.

If the user does come back many times, you can in the shortest time step up to the top. Cases of “plowing” views or cheating do not count toward the user’s return rate.

Top 12+ Ways to pull YouTube watch hours quickly and safety

#1. Create a YouTube channel and update all information

Channel creation is not as difficult as you think. But how to let more people know about your channel is not easy at all. 

If you don’t put the effort, time, and money into setting up and developing from day one day two, the prospect of earning tens of dollars a month or a year will never happen. 

How much brainpower you spend, it will be much in return if you know how to market effectively.

#2. Keyword research makes video worthwhile

The keyword research you need to do well. Because if you do not research the keyword for value, many other videos will pass. 

If you do YouTube in areas like music, movies, or businesses, then keyword investing is like sharpening an ax. To make the ax so sharp and effective, it takes more time to sharpen the ax than someone else. 

Keyword research time is like the time it takes to sharpen an ax. Therefore, you should look for the keyword with the most visibility in the video title, tags, and description.

The most commonly used tool for keyword research is These keyword research aids are now popular with many people because of this tool support many types of different golf language. 

You can through know which keywords are looking for and should apply to YouTube.

Another tool is that you can use Google Trends to find the direction of a user’s search behavior towards a keyword. 

YTCockpit or YouTube Analytics Stats is also one of the few keyword research tools designed for YouTube. YTCockpit tells you “Impression Per Week”, “Monthly Searches”, …

You can evaluate if you let the keywords you choose, you can raise the top trending or not. 

This takes a lot of time, but the results are worth it. You can pull YouTube watch hours quickly and safely through analyzing and predicting the behavior of typing keywords into the search bar.

#3. Invest in rewarding content


Invest a unique and interesting YouTube content

If the content of the video is not good from picture to sound, you will probably face a lot of problems. 

A typical example is someone who is reported to have shown signs of piracy but failed to create new value from YouTube. 

You are not taking someone else’s video, but only because the part of the image in your video is low resolution, poor quality, and not sharp, so YouTube mistakenly thinks your video is a video copied from another video.

So, you should learn from experience and invest in the content and appearance of the video before uploading. 

Posting a valuable video is not easy for viewers to forget and they will save to playlist to come back for more. 

As long as you keep a quality image of the video in the minds of viewers, increasing YouTube watch hours is just a matter of time. The sound effects are also very important for the video. 

The audio plays a role in attracting users and making viewers fall in love with the content. If your content has nothing special, do not hesitate to invest in the content. 

Once the video quality is good and branding the channel, then surely viewers will trust the channel. Y

ou can collect not only YouTube watch hours but also the reputation, subscribers, shares, comments, and the towering YouTube watch time that you cannot imagine.

#4. SEO title

You need to SEO the title immediately and immediately if you see the YouTube watch hours turns flat. Video SEO is different from regular article SEO. 

If you don’t know how to do keyword research and put keywords in the title properly, your video won’t be visible to the viewer. 

According to research people only get 15 to 25% of video traffic from search. Therefore, you should choose keywords with less search volume and put in the title to increase visibility in the eyes of the viewer.

#5. SEO tags

YouTube tags will accelerate a video’s top trending process. You cannot wait for a viewer to accidentally drop by your video or channel. Instead, the most effective way of pulling YouTube watch hours is SEOP tags. 

The YouTube algorithm determines whether the video content is what viewers are more likely to look for. 

If viewers type a lot of keywords in the tags of your video, increasing the YouTube view will be a matter of time. 

Nowadays, many people use Google Chrome extension TubeBuddy to know exactly the keywords that competitors use for their videos. 

Through TubeBuddy, you will optimize the tags and produce a quality video to pull YouTube watch hours more.

#6. SEO description section

Description SEO is like a title and tag SEO in video SEO. If you are stuck with your ideas and don’t know how to find keywords, you should use and register to use YouTube Dashboard. 


SEO description section

Once Tubular Labs connects to your YouTube channel, you can get to know your leads when they’re not watching your content. 

It can be said that the description SEO shows the professionalism of a YouTuber. 

You don’t need to drag, but don’t just write a few meaningless lines. Instead, for the YouTube algorithm to determine if your content is being searched by many people. So let’s insert your keywords and social network links in the description to stimulate compatible viewer cooperation and exchange.

#7. Exchange with other channels with comments

Commenting not only responds to the comments of the viewers but also helps the viewer answer their questions. 

If you work on a topic you love from your perspective, someone who likes it will also hate it. 

It is not difficult to understand. It is important that when communicating with viewers you can pull 4000 watch hours on Youtube and your reputation. The re-comment shows the interaction and exchange in terms of thinking.

If you never interact or socialize, viewers will easily feel down and the affection for the channel seems to be a one-way street.

#8. Create playlist

Creating a playlist is simple, yet powerful. Once the videos in the playlist have videos with many views, you can also pull along the views of many other videos. 

Because if the video they watch is good, then they tend to search for the videos similar or the same channel to satisfy curiosity. 

Creating a playlist takes only a few minutes, but once created, the video in the playlist will play automatically without the viewer clicking on it.

#9. Optimize video before upload


Optimize video before upload

Optimizing a video before uploading it on YouTube is a final browsing process of whether your video is flawed or not. Let’s remember the following factors after right-clicking on a video file and choosing “Properties”:

  • Optimize file names

Optimize the file name by recording the video title, the main keyword that needs SEO, and writing in the form without accents. The words are connected by “-“.

  • Optimize the details tab

After completing the file name optimization, you must optimize the details tab. Subtitle you can enter or not. The tags section is full of main keywords and related keywords. You should also give a five-star rating in the details tab.

#10. Optimize video while uploading 

Video optimization during upload includes keyword issues. Keywords must ensure standard video SEO in titles, description tags, tags as well as thumbnails to attract viewers. 

The thumbnail image is a big part to help YouTubers impress viewers. You can use photoshop or Canva software to edit, collage, and paste photos so that it’s fun to pull YouTube watch hours.

#11. Promote videos after publishing

Another method of pulling YouTube watch hours organic is to use other traffic channels. The first visitors of the channel may be people coming to you from platforms other than YouTube. 

Video promotion makes your channel even more popular. Social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr … are an intermediary to help you connect with more viewers around the world. 

You do not need to spend a lot of money to do epic marketing on celebrity or sales websites, you just need to know the know-how and diligently seeding each site, group, or individual association at the platforms. 

Another good promotion that many YouTubers are doing today is that an email list follows the file is available and email notification of a new video every time you post a video. 

You can include a thank you for the subscribers who have been following you for a long time. Another way to promote a video is to insert a blog on the website. The traffic to the site will be in a fixed amount. 

So if you know which websites your target video regularly visits, you can use that website to share and increase time on page.

A high amount of interaction increases, increasing YouTube watch time will be inevitable. 

If you have a high commercial video and want to pay a certain budget, consider running ads. When you run paid traffic ads with Google Ads or Facebook ads, Instagram Ads, you will pull YouTube watch hours quickly.

#12. Go backlink for your video

Each video link is like the website path. Backlinking is always aimed at improving your video’s ranking higher and helping YouTube to evaluate the video quality more objectively. 

You should create a 100% unique article and insert a video link and post it on ter6n LinkedIn, Medium, Slideshare. You also spy on where your competitors build backlinks. 

You can build backlinks from an outbreak link building website. Through backlinking, you can check the brand name mentioned, guest blogging, and create a good relationship with influencers in the industry you’re working with.

Above are the top ways to help you pull YouTube watch hours quickly and safely.

In addition to the above methods, there are still many other ways but they are dangerous and bring a little bit of risk to you. For example, exchanging sub or cross view through software. 

Previously, many YouTubers used tools, bots, or proxies to pull YouTube watch hours quickly. But YouTube’s algorithm is increasingly complex and evolving constantly. 

You can never know if the “fake” view and subscriber that you created with the previous software will be deleted by YouTube or not.

You can choose another way to pull YouTube watch hours that is both organic and safe, which is to use the service AudienceGain. 

AudienceGain will do what you do not know, want, and cannot do on your behalf to maximize the potential of your video and channel.

Final Thoughts

You have all the information and top 12+ ways to pull YouTube watch hours organic, right? 

Hope all your wishes will come true and you choose the right path for your development. If you have difficulty with pulling YouTube watch hours, please stop by and ask AudienceGain’s consultants to answer!

For more information, please contact AudienceGain via:
Hotline/WhatsApp: (+84)70 444 6666

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